Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Victor Reacts as Ashland Suffers a Heart Attack While Jabot’s Plants are Shut Down

Canadian Y&R day ahead recap from the Wednesday, April 21, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Thursday, April 22. The previous episode had Rey leaving Sharon. On today’s episode, Jabot takes a big hit, Ashland has a health crisis, and Nikki warns Victoria about Victor’s new deal with Cyaxares.

Victor greets Nikki who returned from a walk. He accuses her rightly so of scoping out the grounds to find Adam. She doesn’t deny it and comments on the scotch that was out. He was harboring Adam and now he isn’t. He won’t turn his back on his son! Nikki asks if he’s also interfering in the sale of Cyaxares. He tells her she’s reframing the question wrong. He doesn’t like that Victoria bid against her. “We’re family.” Victor says Adam needs help. He’s innocent. Nikki asks why he has to buy this company. Victor tells her this is between Victoria and him and they’ll work it out, “As we always do.” Later, Victoria arrives unannounced. She tells him that Locke is putting off signing with her. She accuses Victor of working at undermining her. Victor finds that distasteful. She brings up Adam, his delinquent son, and he tells her to leave Adam out of it. She calls Locke a fool to let his name be dragged through the mud with Victor and Adam’s. Nikki appears and Victoria takes off in anger. Nikki half-heartedly tries to stop her. When she’s gone, she’s angry to learn that Locke is on his way over to discuss Victor purchasing Cyaxeres.

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nikki accuses victor young restless

At Society, Jack, Ashland, Tara and Kyle come together. It’s tense when Kyle says they need to talk. Tara pulls him aside. He had her calls forwarded to call answer. He knew she’d be in touch with Kyle. Meanwhile, Kyle wants to confess to Ashland. Jack calls it a bad idea. The men have a stare-off. Tara asks Ashland to go back to New York. He accuses her of protecting Kyle. Ashland takes off. He’s late for a meeting. Tara goes after him and Jack thinks he’s lucky that he didn’t confess. Summer rushes in and is glad to hear that Kyle hasn’t confronted Ashland yet. Jack and Summer side against Kyle falling on his sword for the company but this can backfire. “So be it,” Kyle says. Jack argues that confronting him is not what they need to do. Jack will try to negotiate with the man. Jack gets a text. They need to get back to Jabot. “Now.”

kyle wants to confess young restless

Lola runs into Nate at Crimson Lights. He’s watching open-heart surgery videos. Even if he cant’ perform surgery, he still has an interest in it. He’s surprised she’s not squeamish. She accuses him of being a workaholic. He says Elena has told him that she spends her free time working on recipes. She laughs. “Touché.” Nate shows Lola an old surgery photo. “Maybe someday I’ll show you a photo of me deboning a chicken,” she says. They discuss Abby and Chance’s surrogacy. Both find it incredible. Nate thinks she has good friends. She tells him about Rey’s poisoning. Talk turns to Elena and Devon and how things are still strained between him and Devon. She reminds him that Rey and Arturo went through something similar. Nate thinks there’s hope for him and Devon yet. Elena arrives and Lola goes to her to play matchmaker between her and Nate under the guise of her mom’s friend Flora having a high fever and high blood pressure, achy joints, a rash everywhere…It’s obvious that they’ve been had when Lola says for them to discuss it, while she goes to call her mom. They sit together anyway and have dinner. Elena respects Nate’s decision not to date her again. Nate smiles. Lola was just trying to help. He takes off. Lola returns. She can tell things didn’t go as she planned. Elena thanks her for trying and goes home. Later, Lola stops Nate to apologize for the setup. Nate needs to take a break from romance. She gets it. She’s on sabbatical too. Nearby, Nikki finds Victoria who complains about her father’s interference. Nikki warns that he’s cutting a new deal with Ashland now. Nikki urges Victoria to acquiesce to his will because he’s not going to change. Victoria sighs but knows what her mother is saying. She flashes to talking to Victor about her having good judgment. She calls Billy and leaves a message to ask for a family dinner and game night with the kids.

victoria angry young restless

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At Jabot, local inspectors in Hartford cited the company with health and safety violations. Kyle’s rocked. There’s no evidence that Ashland is involved. They’ll have to expand production to Chicago. Jack gets another call. “The hits keep coming.” The Chicago plant has been shut down, too. Jack calls around to put out the fires and the calls keep coming in. Summer has a suggestion but Kyle has to make a call to San Diego. Later, Kyle tells his dad that their manufacturing group is in chaos. Jack says they’ve faced these issues before. They agree Ashland definitely had a hand in this. Kyle’s upset that this is impacting families working in the factories. They need to reverse the shutdowns. It reminds Jack of the tainted face cream fiasco.

jabot going under young restless

Ashland arrives at the ranch and Victor notices he’s agitated. The man has a lot on his mind. He takes the double bourbon from Victor. He wants Victor to sweeten the deal and they can sign. Victor doesn’t get it. Ashland calls his son a liability. He seems to have issues breathing and he squeezes his hand and drinks up. Victor gives Ashland the contract and tells him to sign. Ashland takes another drink and shakes his hand a few times. “The deal is off. Cyaxares is no longer on the market.” Ashland clutches at his heart and winces. Victor asks, “What the hell is the matter with you?” Ashland thinks he’s having a heart attack. “What should I do,” Victor asks calmly. Ashland asks him to call for help. “I suggest if you want that you sign the damned contract,” Victor says.

ashland heart attack on Young and Restless

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