Brady Reveals His Feelings to Chloe — & Sami asks Lucas to Seduce Chloe

Thursday, April 22, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Sami convinces Lucas to play along with a crazy scheme, Chloe is shocked at Brady’s feelings, and Vivian almost spills all to Brady.

From the park, Sami is on a call with Kristen who rushes her to hurry up and get Chloe away from Brady. Sami reveals her plan is to get Lucas to seduce Chloe. Lucas walks up. “The hell I am!” He doesn’t like that she’s “pimping me out to my ex-wife.” Lucas calls this her problem. “Only one of us is married.” Sami tries steamrolling him and he calls her out on it. “You can’t control my life anymore.” Sami crosses her arms and says he owes her. This is his fault! They accuse each other of kissing the other first and Lucas corrects Sami’s grammar. They laugh and keep their banter up. Lucas teases her about EJ finding out since it’s a big betrayal. If Lucas cared about Chloe, he should want to seduce her. As long as she’s interested in Brady, “She’s got a big ole target on her back.” Lucas freaks out. “You think she’d kill Chloe?” Lucas will do it but he wants it known he’s against it. He doesn’t want to pretend he has feelings for her. It’s wrong! Sami remembers that it was hard breaking up with her before he returned to Italy to help her. Lucas admits it was hard leaving her.

sami lucas argue days of our lives

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At the townhouse, Brady asks “Susan” to watch Rachel so he can go to Statesville to see Vivian Alamain, who has something important to tell him. “Susan” tries not to show how nervous she is. “Susan” has a doctor’s appointment. She can’t care for Rachel. She urges him to stay there and she’ll be back soon. He can visit Vivian afterward. She takes off.

At Hope’s house, Claire talks to Theo about Ciara, by asking him to give her some space. Give Ben and Ciara a chance to find their way back to each other. Theo doesn’t think that’ll happen because she’s leaving Salem. Claire yells that this isn’t right that he’s taking her away from her husband. Theo calls it Ciara’s idea. Claire yells that Theo doesn’t understand Ben and Ciara’s bond. Theo has to leave so they say goodbye and hug. She thinks he’s making a mistake. “If I am, it’s my mistake to make.”

theo leaves salem days of our lives

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At the hospital, Ben’s shocked Ciara’s leaving Salem with Theo as soon as she gets a clean bill of health. She reveals Hope hasn’t been tracked down yet.  She needs a fresh start. She likes being around Theo. He makes her feel safe. She calls him kind and decent and he’s never murdered. She reveals she and Theo are more than friends. Ben reminds her she’s married. “Technically,” she says. He can’t believe she’s jumping into a relationship after a few days but Ciara lets him know they’re going to take it slow. Ben wants them to take a deep breath. She is. “Are you?” He says he’s trying. He cries as he tells her he’s giving her the space he needs but he begs her not to leave Salem yet. Ciara listens until Theo runs in. “Ben, what the hell are you doing here?” Ciara explains Ben was just leaving. Ben asks Theo not to do this but Theo corrects him. It was Ciara’s idea. Ben tells his wife she can run away from him but she’s still his wife. That’ll never change. Ciara cries.

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Kate meets Jake at the square for drinks. She thinks hes’ buttering her up and she’s right. He confesses he was jealous of Gabi and Philip. Kate asks if that means he wants to end things. He doesn’t. He just wanted to be honest with her. Kate didn’t like hearing it but she’s glad she knows. He wants to take Kate on a trip so they don’t run into Gabi and Philip all the time. Jake will call Tony to see if he can take over the reins while they’re gone. Kate likes that idea. She runs off to pack.

jake jealous of gabi on days of our lives

Gabi arrives at Basic Black on Philip’s behalf to terminate the lease for the company to keep their stock at the Titan warehouse. Gabi asks where Brady is and learns he’s working from home. Gabi sneers and takes off.

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Kristen visits Vivian at Statesville and accuses her of trying to expose her. Vivian admits it. This is her one last chance to break up her son and Kate. Does Kristen at least have a plan? She offers to seduce him. “He’s your brother!” Vivian says. Kristen argues. “Not by blood.” Vivian doesn’t want Jake in her bed. She makes threats and Kristen warns that the last person who made threats…”Let’s just say it didn’t end well.” Vivian asks for clarification that she killed the person. “You can kill Kate,” Vivian says. She has no problem with that. Kristen says she didn’t kill the person. She left her on a desert island. Vivian says to just do that with Kate.

kristen visit vivian days of our lives

Chloe arrives at the townhouse to tell him that Gabi’s demanding the Titan warehouses back. He’ll call Philip to take care of it. Chloe admits that she thinks she’s ruined their friendship and working relationship because she shared her feelings. She thinks she needs to quit. Brady doesn’t want that and admits, “You were right. I have feelings for you too.” He’s been trying to push them down. She asks if that means there’s a chance. He admits his feelings don’t change anything. Chloe realizes he still loves Kristen. “She’s the mother of my child,” Brady says. He can’t disregard the commitment he made to her to raise their kid. Chloe accepts that. They call each other one of their best friends. He needs her at work.

When Kate leaves the square, Jake drinks to Gabi being out of sight, out of mind. He turns around and there she is.

Chloe sits in her room at Salem Inn crying over Brady. Lucas arrives.

lucas seduce chloe days of our lives

At home, Brady takes a call from Vivian who says he doesn’t need to come down. She was worried about Kristen but she spoke to her and she assured her that she’s fine.

“Susan” arrives at the mansion and startles Kate who is packing.

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