Melissa Claire Egan and Elizabeth Hendrickson Interview on Babies & Their Roles, ‘I dodged the bullet’

Melissa Claire Egan and Elizabeth Hendrickson talked about both of their fertility issues. Egan had two miscarriages. She had a lot of love and support from family, friends including Hendrickson, and from strangers — fans. “I had issues as well and I was watching all my friends.” Of course, Melissa Claire Egan is currently pregnant having just announced her happy news.

“You’re in this constant battle of ‘I’m ready’. Sometimes you’re just not in control of anything.” She talks about being a mom, “It’s just the best in the entire world.” She knows it’ll be the same for Missy. She recalls giving birth last March. They had just shut down the show for COVID-19. Greg Rikaart was sick the last day, “And I dodged the bullet that day, thankfully.”

Locher Room

How did they get their roles on Y&R?

Elizabeth Hendrickson was asked by Alan Locher about how she got her role as Chloe Mitchell: “It was just supposed to be a few episodes and was actually during a writing strike. It was a wild, weird time in the industry. Somehow eight episodes turned into eight-plus years. I was really lucky.” She had the role originated for her and said “I decided I wanted to make her feisty and have something to say, AKA bitchy.” She talked about playing the girl next door but she wanted to cause trouble.

Meanwhile, says it was the fall of 2011 and Maria Bell was meeting and talking to actors about the role. “I didn’t have to audition. I felt so lucky and that was nine plus years ago now.”

Current stroke storyline?

They discussed Chelsea’s stroke and the revenge plot. The women say they’re having fun scheming together. Hendrickson said, “She’s such a pro,” and admitted she didn’t think she could do it [play a part in a wheelchair].

Egan called it, “A new challenge. As actors, you use your body as a tool.” The director had to tell her to stop frowning in one scene early on with Mark Grossman (Adam Newman). She mentioned all the research she did into stroke victims and people who can’t speak.

Both actresses touted Grossman’s acting skills and how he knows his dialogue “Backwards and forwards.”

Hendrickson admits she and Greg Rikaart (Kevin Fisher) talked Maria into making them a couple since they knew each other outside the show. She told Alan Locher that it was hard doing scenes with him since he made her laugh quite a bit. Today was the first day she’d worked with him in months, coincidentally, Rikaart posted on his Instagram that he was back to work today. We haven’t seen him since January.

Why did they become actresses?

Hendrickson studied at Syracuse Musical Theatre and comes from a family that was in the business, “Everybody on my mother’s side of the family was really involved in the arts. I was lucky from a young age that was really supportive.” Her grandfather was in the business, he took her to her first professional audition and helped her get headshots and scripts. The actress transferred schools once she got a job at All My Children. “I was on my own at twenty years old and have been ever since.”

Egan’s story was the opposite. Her family wasn’t into theatre, but her mother took her to the theatre since she was obsessed. “I loved it. It was a hobby.”

Dream roles?

Hendrickson says she’d love to play Roxie in Chicago. “It was one of my favorite dream roles growing up.”

“The Female lead in Jekyll and Hyde or Mimi in Rent. Or Cosette in Les Misérables,”  but she admits she can’t sing.

Watch the full interview for more in The Locher Room on YouTube. They discuss more about their pregnancies, and what it’s been like during the pandemic.

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