Ridge Kicks Quinn Out of Eric’s After a Screaming Match, Calls Them ‘Sick and Perverted’

In the Monday, October 4, 2021, full episode recap of Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge can’t take it anymore and kicks Quinn out after a big argument gets worse, and Steffy and Liam mock Sheila. If you missed out, Soaps Spoilers has Friday’s B&B recap when Eric and Ridge fought over Quinn’s relationship with Carter.

At Eric’s, Ridge barks at Eric and Quinn about her “cheating.” Quinn argues that it’s not cheating if it’s Eric’s idea. Ridge can’t understand how this can be okay with his dad. He thinks Quinn needs to leave. He can’t believe Carter is going along with this and tells Eric he’s no longer friends with the man. Eric defends Carter. Ridge listens but in the end, still thinks Quinn needs to go. He doesn’t believe she loves his father but she argues that she does. He motions toward the portrait and tells Quinn to take “this ugly picture” and get her things and go. He calls this “sick and perverted” and Eric gets angrier and tells him to go home.

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In the Forrester offices, Brooke thinks Eric must not be thinking clearly. Katie thinks it’s crazy to give Quinn a hall pass. Brooke wonders how she could possibly agree to this. “How could Quinn sleep with Carter again?” They go over and over and over it at length. They believe it’s wrong and that Quinn’s disrespecting Eric on a “very deep level.” They think she should just be with Carter and let Eric go. Brooke’s glad that Katie lives next door to Eric. She can be there for him. They talk up how handsome and sweet he is. “That’s why I married him all those years ago,” Brooke says with a grin. Katie talks about this emptiness about him. Brooke blames Quinn and Katie thinks the loneliness is driving him to stand by her.

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At the cabin, Hope hugs Finn. Liam and Steffy appear. They dropped the kid at a friend’s house. Steffy asked if they missed anything. They chit-chat about having ice cream and Hope jokingly asks why they didn’t bring her back any. As they chat, they are happy that they’re able to be friends like this. They talk about motherly love and the children and Steffy and Liam mock “She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named” as they refer to Sheila, being a horrible mother. Finn looks a little sad as they poke fun at Sheila. Hope looks nervous and says mothers bond with their kids. “With Sheila? It’s obsessive,” Steffy says. She hopes Sheila never comes into their life again.

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At the hotel, Sheila talks to herself, hoping Finn will text her back. Keith, the assistant manager, shows up with her sweater. She left it in the lobby. He asks if she contacted her son and she reveals she’s waiting for him to return a text. He asks what the issue is exactly, knowing it’s Finn’s wife. Sheila doesn’t get into details. His boss told him that they need the room for tomorrow but Sheila doesn’t care. She gets close to him and tells him she’s there for one thing. To get what she wants and see her son and grandsons. “I get what I want,” she assures Keith. He smiles widely and goes off to tell his boss. Later, Sheila paces and looks at her phone. She texts Finn and Hope can tell it’s her though he says nothing.

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