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Soaps Spoilers has the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for the Monday, October 4, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Tuesday, October 5. (Recaps uploaded live by 5:45 PM EST daily.) In the previous episode, Victoria compared Ashland to Billy. In this episode, Mariah yells at Tessa, Billy gets more information on Camila’s will, and Ashland’s ready to tell Victoria the rest of his secrets.

At Society, Adam gloats to Billy that Victoria finally found a man worthy of her. He looks forward to toasting at her wedding. Billy looks glum. When he learns Adam was invited, he doubts it when Adam shares that his sister invited him herself. Billy hints at having inside information that she has pre-wedding jitters. Adam has more faith in his ex than he does. “I think my sister’s deeply in love. For the first time in a long time, she knows what she’s doing.” Later, once he’s alone, Adam calls his dad to update him that Billy may not leave things alone with Ash and Victoria’s wedding. Victor asks his son to help stop him. He’s not sure he’s the right one for the job. Victoria’s barely tolerating inviting him to the wedding. Moneybags attempts to convince him that helping to stop Billy Boy will go a long way to making Victoria feel easier.

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In her room at Grand Phoenix, Sally shows Chloe the dress she created for Victoria. Chloe is bowled over. “It is to die for!” Chloe asks how she’ll see it. Sally says once she does, she knows Victoria will love it. Chloe offers to call her and slightly lie to get Victoria over there, even to take a look at the gown. It’ll put Newman Media’s fashion department on the map. Chloe calls Victoria and learns that she and Ash are already in Tuscany. Sally is crushed. She decides to go to Tuscany to bring the dress to Victoria.

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Alicia shows Victoria and Ashland the Palazzo. They tell her that she and Nikki did a wonderful job. It’s beautiful. As beautiful and breathtaking as the woman he wants to marry. She shows them the bedroom and they swoon over the beauty and character. Alicia says, “Congratulazioni,” and goes. Victoria admits to Ash that her dad deeded her the palazzo to them as a wedding gift. Ash finds that quite a gift and thinks this means there will still be a wedding. Victoria still has questions about him. He doesn’t want to push things. Victoria says despite learning about his past, she still loves him. He realizes now he should have been more forthcoming. Vicky gets why he didn’t but she hates lies. She grew up with a father who kept things from his father and lived with Billy and his gambling and lies for many years. Ashland knows he’s made huge mistakes. He wants to set them right — to make this work. “There’s one more thing that I need to tell you.” He wants to tell her how he made his fortune but knows she must be hungry. He asks her to shelve this for now. “You’re probably going to want a glass of wine or two.”

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Rey and Sharon flirt at Crimson Lights and he tells her he smells the lovely perfume that he gave her. Mariah strolls in and talk immediately goes to babies. She tells them that having a baby isn’t off the table yet. They’re going to wait to discuss it further after the wedding in Tuscany. Sharon thinks it’s a great idea. They could use the time — Mariah interrupts her. She doesn’t want a lecture. Mariah’s headed to see Abby today to explain why she moved out. “Are you sure you’re ready for that?” Sharon asks. Mariah assures that she’s feeling stronger. She doesn’t want her mama to worry. She goes and Rey thinks her daughter is back on track. Sharon asks, “But is she, really?” She knows Mariah specializes in keeping things to herself. Tessa strolls in and she asks her outright if she thinks her girlfriend is doing well. Tessa thinks she’s doing a little better and that they’re off to Italy soon. Sharon agrees that the vacation is exactly what they need right now.

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Abby wakes up with a start, hearing Dominic cry. She goes to him. Devon wakes up. They note his temperature is down and his breathing is fine. “I think Dominic is going to be okay,” Abby says as she and Devon grin at each other. Mariah turns up when Abby’s in the other room and Devon shares what happened last night. She runs to his side to see for herself how he is. She’s upset to hear they had to call the pediatrician. “Poor baby.”  She seems surprised to hear Abby called him. Abby appears and Mariah tells her she wanted to explain that she moved out because she’s struggling and that she’s feeling a little better. She asks what Abby did to treat Dom. “He’s fine. Yeah, we got it treated,” she says, uneasily. When he cries, Abby lifts him up and gives him a bottle. Mariah tells them she’s scheduled to leave for Italy soon but she’ll pump a lot before they go. Abby admits she isn’t going. Dom’s too young to go and she doesn’t want to leave him with a nanny. She also thinks it’s a good time to switch Dominic to formula. Mariah’s shocked. She says it’s fine. Abby wants to make this easy on her but urges her to share her feelings. She won’t be offended. Mariah thanks them, with tears in her eyes, for being so understanding. Mariah says she should go. She takes off and Abby shoots Devon a look. Later, the baby won’t take milk so Abby calls the pediatrician. She tells Dr. Bradley that the baby is active and alert and feeling better but isn’t drinking. She disconnects and tells Devon that she didn’t seem too concerned. Abby calls herself an overactive mom. Devon agrees that it’s a learning curve.

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At Chance Comm, Billy is on a call talking about Camila Rhodes’ will. “Ashland Locke, you SOB,” he says. A woman comes to his office and they discuss how Camila’s bank records are missing. She did get paydirt on another angle of the investigation. They got a bead on Jesse Gaines. “Where is he?” Billy asks. He bets Gaines has all the information he needs on Locke.

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Sally and Chloe stroll on into Society, discussing getting Victoria to look at the dress in Italy. “This is our make it or break it moment,” Sally tells Chloe. This could be the publicity they need to turn Newman Media into a fashion house. Chloe admires Sally Girl’s determination and wishes her luck. Chloe goes to take a call and Adam appears. Sally asks when he’s leaving for the wedding. “Why?” he asks. She wants to bum a ride to Italy. Adam sighs. He still wants things professional between them. She agrees. He reluctantly says there’s no real reason to fight him on this. He agrees to it. “I owe you one,” she tells him. Once she’s gone, Adam meets with a PI to find out everything on Ashland Locke.

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Mariah sits at home alone and holds Dominic’s bib as she flashes to telling Tessa that having another baby would be her way of getting through being without Dom. Tessa shows up and Mariah fills her in on her visit with the baby. Mariah gets upset and raises her voice. She can’t possibly leave the country without knowing if he’s okay. Tessa thinks the baby is in amazing hands. “You don’t have to worry about him.” Mariah yells that she can’t stop caring about the baby just because they don’t live with him anymore. She’s not going to Italy, “In case Bowie needs me.”

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