Victoria Calls Ashland as Unpredictable as Billy and Asks if There are More Secrets, While Billy Looks Into Camila’s Will

Soaps Spoilers has the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for the Friday, October 1, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Monday, October 4. (Recaps uploaded live by 5:45 PM EST daily.) In the previous episode, Nikki confronted Ashland over his lies. In this episode, Devon saves the day, Adam and Sally discuss her new spectacular design, and Victoria and Ash are ready to go to Milan.

Billy spots Nick at Society and asks what came of his trip. Nick refuses to discuss it but Billy reminds him his sister’s about to get married. “We want the same thing.” Nick doubts that. Still, Billy wants the truth and has a theory on Ashland’s money. “Let it go,” Nick says, causing Billy to think it wasn’t good. Billy says they’re not co-conspirators. He thinks their motives differ. Billy tries to tell him he sounds like Victor and says that’s not at all how he feels. Billy says he’ll see him in Tuscany. Nick looks away, which makes Billy wonder if he’s going. Nick takes off.

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At Grand Phoenix, Ash explains he got a room there to give Victoria space. They head inside and she tells him she understands. He hopes she doesn’t blame Nick for trying to protect her. “I find admirable,” he says admitting that’s not what he grew up with. Victoria didn’t come to talk about Nick. “I want to talk about us or at least who I thought we were.” She’s not there to judge his desperation as a kid. She can see it haunts him. He can never forget, he muses. She doesn’t get the choices he’s made since they’ve been together. It reminds her of being with Billy, a master at lying to her face. She fell for Ash because she thought he was nothing like that but now, “You’re just as unpredictable as Billy is.” He lied to her face and asks what else he’s hiding. He avoids the question and she again asks for the whole truth. Why was Jesse Gaines in Genoa City? He’ll tell her everything and asks if they can do it on the flight to Tuscany. He wants to believe she hasn’t stopped loving him. She hasn’t and couldn’t. She thinks it’s a good idea. She goes downstairs and finds Nick. They get into it about Ash. She feels betrayed but he doesn’t see it that way. Now that she knows the truth, he asks if she has more doubts about him. Ashland appears and Victoria goes home to pack. Ash and Nick rehash his role in the truth coming out. Ash asks him to keep what he knows to himself.

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At home, Amanda and Devon play poker. She’s happy that they’re winding down this way and shares that Naya’s feeling a lot better. She asks if he’s going to call her bet. He calls and raises a few stacks of chips. “Oh I got you now,” she says, laughing. He has a tell. He smirks and his eyes smolder when he bluffs. He flirts. Maybe that’s just how he looks at her. He grins wildly as she lays out her cards. She won! She tells him he’s unlucky in cards but lucky in love. “I’m feeling lucky now,” he says smiling.

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Abby rocks Dom at home, wishing Nina was there to help but she’s in L.A. “And your dad…” she says, trailing off. She wants to call Mariah and the baby cries as she instead calls Devon. Devon takes her call and claims she’s calling to ask about Naya. Devon says she’s fine. He hears Dom crying, and she admits she’s tried everything and she’s sorry to pester him but he was the Baby Whisperer, last time Dom was like this. She feels guilty and apologizes. “Go, she needs your help. Go work your magic with the baby,” Amanda says with a smile.

Adam walks in on Sally on a call with someone talking about measurements for Victoria’s wedding gown. He approaches and confronts her. She tells him it’s giving credit to Newman Media and they can do a lower price point version and the world will be filled with Victoria Newman Lockey look-alikes. Adam thinks shes’ gambling with his money and she argues that it’s an investment. Adam assumes she has a dress but Sally calls this one the perfect dress for her. She’ll fall in love with it and won’t want to walk down the aisle in anything else. Adam doesn’t see how she’ll see the design since she doesn’t like Sally. Sally hopes she’ll see beyond her feelings. It’s risky but she won’t let it stop her. She shows him the design. He’s stunned. “It’s spectacular.” Still, he wonders how Sally will get it to Victoria. He thinks Sally’s playing with fire. Sally knows he likes that about her. She calls it a dress that makes a career.

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Amanda wanders into Grand Phoenix and sees Phyllis. Phyllis plays with her, acting hurt that she didn’t even tell her she was leaving so she couldn’t throw her a goodbye party. “Fair enough,” Amanda says. Phyllis is so happy for them. Amanda says their celebratory dinner was planned and then her mom had an emergency. She’s fine but Devon had to help Abby with the baby, so she had free time. She wanted to hang with Phyllis before the weddings in Italy. Phyllis is in. She asks about how Devon is handling the baby thing. Amanda admits they have a deep connection.

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At Chancellor manse, Devon rocks the baby. It doesn’t work. Abby frets. Devon says he sounds sniffly and warm. Abby calls the pediatrician who suggests saline drops. She asks if he can watch the baby who has calmed down. She runs to get the drops. Once she’s gone, Devon calls Amanda with an update. He finally went to sleep after being congested. He explains Abby went to get drops and he’ll be a little while. They say I love yous and disconnect.

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Back at Grand Phoenix, Amanda tells Phyllis that Devon went to see the baby who was having a rough night. He worked his magic and he’s feeling better. Phyllis warns Amanda to be careful that this could cause problems between her and Devon. Amanda supports him being as big a part of the baby’s life as he likes. She doesn’t see it as competition. Phyllis nods. “That’s great.” Amanda asks about her and Jack and what happened with them. Phyllis calls it complicated and doesn’t want to get into it in her lobby. Amanda’s intrigued.

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Billy greets Amanda and Phyllis at Society. He tells Phyllis she missed Nick. She can tell they spoke. Billy says he was fired up about wedding issues. Phyllis asks if he has to meet with Lily somewhere. He says she’s in L.A. and he’s free at the moment. Amanda invites him for a drink if he won’t press their buttons. He’s in and drinks are on him. Phyllis goes to take a call from the desk manager and Amanda fills Billy in on her new venture with her sister. He briefly tells her about Ashland’s backstory without naming names. He asks how hard it is to change a will once the person is dead. Didn’t she work on something like that when she first came to GC? Amanda recalls the case.  The lawyer who wrote it up could change it but they’d risk disbarment or jail time. If someone came forward with a document to claim the deceased wanted something different, it could be changed. Phyllis returns and she gets rid of Billy. Amanda laughs and thinks that when they were together they were intense. Phyllis laughs it off. She regrets how they destroyed Jack. Phyllis opens up about what happened between them. She holds him close to her heart she says, sipping her martini with a twist.

Abby returns home with the drops and they give them to the baby. Abby thanks Devon for everything. The baby falls fast asleep and she promises to perfect this parenting thing. He doesn’t mind. Devon would take any excuse to come visit him. Talk turns to Mariah and that they have to let her take time to move forward. She says she started video journalling again. She feels bad that he’s missing these precious moments. The baby cries and Devon jumps up to get him. Later, Devon has fallen asleep on the sofa chair.

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Victoria arrives at Newman and stares at her portrait.

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Back at Chance Comm, Billy calls someone to ask them to get a hold of Camila Rhodes’ will so he can find out if Ashland got his hands on her money.

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