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In the Tuesday, January 11, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Hope offends Taylor and Steffy, and Zende throws himself a pity party. We also have Monday’s B&B recap where Grace, Paris’ mother showed up unexpectedly, and Hope blamed herself for Brooke’s predicament.

At home, Steffy gives Taylor some pie. She reveals she texted her dad to entice him to come over with the pie. Not that she has to entice him. “Obviously there’s something going on between you,” she says. Hope yells a hello from the door.

She’s looking for Douglas’ football. They invite her in for pie and she declines. They tell her Ridge is coming over and she doubts that since he’s with Brooke. “She needs her husband,” Hope relays.

hope offends bold beautiful

Steffy looks at her phone and says Hope’s right. He is spending time with Brooke “at her house.” Hope snaps, “It’s his house too.” Steffy knows. She didn’t mean anything by that. Taylor notes how uneasy Hope looks and asks what’s going on.

Hope doesn’t like that she brought added stress to their lives because of her need to see Deacon. “I want to give them space and for you not see it as an opportunity, Taylor.” Taylor looks stunned as Steffy gives her stink eye. Taylor asks for clarification and Steffy thinks there was no football.

She came here to warn her mother away. Hope denies it but thinks it needs to be said. She knows Taylor has blamed her mother for “stealing” her family from her. Steffy asks her to get to the point. Hope’s glad Taylor’s home but hopes she and “her daughter” remember that Ridge is no longer married to her. “He’s married to my mother.”

The women stare at Hope, looking displeased. Steffy says most of what her dad has been through is because of her and Brooke. “Instead of listening to his warnings, you and Brooke are welcoming Deacon with open arms.” She comments on Brooke being caught in that scandal and doesn’t seem to care that Ridge is caught up in this.

Hope just wants Taylor to respect her mother and Ridge’s marriage. She doesn’t want anything to disrupt that. “I want to make sure that is understood by both of you. Is that clear?” The women look at her like she has two heads.

steffy annoyed by hope bold beautiful

At home, Brooke flashes to telling Deacon that they needed to keep their night together a secret. Ridge calls her name and  gets her out of her head. He knows she was thinking of New Years’ Eve.

She cries and bemoans all those years of sobriety going up in smoke in one night because of her mistake. Ridge says she’ll “do everything in her power” to ensure it never happens again. He’s proud of her for telling everyone the truth at the AA meeting. She looks away.

He asks her to stop beating herself up over this. She says she will and they kiss. She can’t imagine her life without him. He’s glad. “You’re stuck with me.” He thinks that since they’ve been together for such a long time that it says something about their love story.

Brooke thinks of Hope and doesn’t like that she feels responsible. She can’t figure out why she’d drink. She cries some more and kisses Ridge, who holds her close.

ridge talk aa meeting brooke bold beautiful

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At Forrester Creations, Grace is glad she’s with her daughter and says she wouldn’t have been without Zende’s help. She calls him a great guy, sweet and charming. If she was a younger woman…Paris exclaims, “Mom!” Her mother laughs. She’s amazed at what her daughters have created for themselves. She brings up Zende again and advises not to make the same mistakes she did. She should choose her significant other with strong morals and integrity. It’s not just about money. She asks point blank if that’s Zende.

paris glad mom home bold beautiful

She keeps up the Zende praise until Paris gets quiet. She wonders if she’s misreading things and asks if something is going on that she should know about.

From the design room, Zende complains to Carter that he thinks there might be another guy where Paris is concerned. Carter looks at him silently. Zende wants to know who he is and what he’s up against. He says he’s very protective of her and won’t give up if there is another guy. They talk about her mother taking a job at the university. They embrace.

carter guilty bold beautiful

He rants about how it was if someone told her and then barks about how her not wanting to marry him was like a kick in the gut. He talks about throwing himself a pity party. Zende calls Carter a good friend to them both. He knows Paris thinks highly of him. Carter flashes to kissing her. Again, Zende focuses on the possibility that Paris is into someone else. Who could that be?

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