sonny lectured by carly GH

SoapsSpoilers’ General Hospital recap for the Tuesday, January 11, 2022 episode. Today, Carly and Sonny argue about how broken their relationship is, Marshall gives Curtis some more details, Austin goes out on the town with Britt, and Willow offers Nina a deal. We also have Monday’s GH recap where Carly slapped Nina and warned her away from her husband while wanted the Cassadines to come together.

curtis tired marshall lies general hospital

Marshall thanks Curtis for coming back to his place to talk. Curtis isn’t into the niceties and just wants to know the real reason he left him behind. His father is getting tired of his attitude. Curtis is tired of him dodging the truth and giving him vague excuses. “It’ll never be safe, man!” blurts Marshall.

marshall listen curtis GH

Curtis needs an explanation. His father warns that knowing more would put him in danger. “Don’t come near me or my family again,” Curtis says. Before he can leave. Marshall caves and explains he got in trouble and left his family. Then his trouble became Curtis’. “Explain trouble?” Curtis asks. His father explains he got involved with things that should not have been his concern and lost control. The only way he could keep his family clear was to leave.

curtis won't listen marshall GH

Curtis asks if he was mixed up with the mob. His father isn’t big on giving specifics. He says that these things are in the past, but they can come back if you’re not careful. Curtis says he has contacts in the underworld and can make calls. But first he needs a name. They won’t have a future unless he keeps talking. He just wants to protect the family. Marshall won’t say anymore and suggests he leave it be if he wants to keep Stella and TJ safe.

sonny lectured by carly GH

Carly arrives in the Corinthos kitchen as Sonny is making pasta and humming “I Could Have Danced All Night.” He gets her to taste his sauce and offers her bread and cheese. She’s not having it. Sonny wonders if they are too far gone to talk.

When they sit down, she tears up bread. He admits he’s been trying to distract himself with cooking. He adds that Luke died. She wants to call her mom but he explains that Lucas gave Bobbie something to go to sleep. When he encourages her to go and see their baby, she tells him she can’t act like their life isn’t falling apart. He insists they can beat this and he will outlast his feelings for Nina.

carly sonny life falling apart GH

She brings up his spending New Year’s Eve with Nina and how she admitted she wouldn’t turn him away. He says that doesn’t matter: he wants to stay with his wife. Carly reminds him that he almost slept with Nina. It was Nina who stopped it. Sonny doesn’t see the point of discussing things that didn’t happen. Carly suggests that he wants to go and check on Nina. Declaring that they can’t work this out, she orders him out by tomorrow or she will move.

nina apologizes willow general hospital

In her office at Crimson, Nina puts an icebag on her face, swollen by Carly’s hand. Willow shows up. Reluctantly, Nina lets her in. Willow apologizes for not honoring her promise and for accusing her of setting her up at the hearing. Nina’s sure that makes Tait feel better. She apologizes for the position that she put Willow in with Michael.

nina asks willow for suggestion GH

Willow says the situation with Michael is causing too much friction and it’s bad for Wiley. She offers to work on lowering the tension if Nina agrees to give up her legal claim over Wiley. That doesn’t go over well. Willow is sure that Michael will come around eventually if Nina makes the gesture of relinquishing her rights. “What fantasy world do you live in?” Nina asks. She would need pretty strong assurances before she would consider something like that. Willow can’t make any promises.

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britt tries to have fun dating general hospitatl

Austin and Britt arrive at The Savoy and she gives him tactical commands on how to proceed with their evening looking for dates. She orders them cosmos so he’ll look unthreatening. He admits that he doesn’t know how to mingle but has volunteered to be more social. She’s not that keen to mingle either.

britt annoyed dating general hospital

He sits back and watches as she tries to talk to various men and fails. Eventually, Britt Austin at the bar and drinks. She tells him he’s the worst wingman ever. When she asks him what he tells his mom when she quizzes him about his dating life, he claims he tells her he’s already met a nice girl. He admits he may be single but he’s not available… and neither is the women he’s interested in. Britt grills him until he eventually admits it’s Maxie. She squeals. He says Maxie has a lot on her mind and there’s no room for him in her life. She says that could change one day.

maxie mom concerned unwell general hospital

Maxie and Felicia arrive at Charlie’s. They decide not to have anything frou-frou while they are drinking to Luke. As they sip whiskey, Maxie says that Robert has taken the bad news hard. “So much loss,” says Felicia. Luke wasn’t easy to get along with but was there when it counted. Maxie worries about they will tell Lulu when she eventually comes out of the coma.

felicia offer maxie help GH

They toast to Luke but can only handle one whiskey each. Felicia has a sober subject to discuss. She’s concerned about her daughter; she should be having a breakdown given everything that’s happening. Maxie says she has the best support system in the world. She lists her family and then thinks about Austin. Felicia senses she’s strategically leaving someone out and starts to probe. Eventually, Maxie admits it’s Austin. He saved her life and has been great ever since.

laura raises eyebrow at victor GH

Laura is startled when she returns to the penthouse and discovers Victor is there. She heard about the deal he cut and notices he’s as smarmy as ever. The mayor reminds him of what he and his brothers put Port Charles through. He claims what they did is an ugly stain on the Cassadine legacy.

victor and laura discussion home general hospital

The Cassadine claims he is there to seek atonement. Laura is never going to advocate for him. He’s prepared to wait and focus on smaller things. Spencer and Esme join them. Heading toward the door, Victor says he only wanted to see his great-nephew before he goes to Spring Ridge and offers to leave but Laura says he can stay for tea and cookies. Victor doesn’t want to impose given the loss that Laura has suffered.

As they sit down, Laura asks Victor how he plans to make amends. He claims she’s returned to help with his family and protect them. She looks at him cockeyed. As she walks him out, he tells her they can find common ground with Spencer. Laura is sure that what he wants for him differs from what he does. When he tells her how tragic Luke’s loss was, she shuts the door in his face.

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