B&B Recap: After Popping Some of Her Mom’s Happy Mints, Stoned Luna Stumbles into Zende’s Bed and Imagines He’s RJ

Friday, Feb 9, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Eric and Donna make toasts, Poppy repeats Bill is not Luna’s father, and Luna leaves the party stoned.

Thursday’s Early B&B recap: Eric and Donna got married in a whirlwind ceremony and Poppy told Bill he’s not Luna’s father.

At Eric’s, Donna’s guests commend Carter on pulling that wedding ceremony out of the hat.

carter gets commended

He says words coming pretty easy for people who love each other like Eric and Donna.

RJ pulls Luna into the hall to tell her he loves her. He’s surprised when she pulls away to pop a mint before they can kiss.

rj luna kiss

They join the bride and groom. Eric tells them how important they are to them. He can see a big future ahead for them.

eric donna chat luna rj

When RJ and Luna are dinking, he notices how relaxed she is.

rj says luna looks relaxed B&B recaps

Katie congratulates Donna as Zende and Carter congratulate Eric on his wise choice.

katie donna at wedding

Ridge declares his father has proven that he’s the master of romance yet again. Brooke was swooning.

Eric couldn’t go another day without being Donna’s husband and kisses her.

eric donna kissing

As Luna adjust herself in a mirror, Zende swans over. He asks where RJ disappeared to and tells her how beautiful she is.

zende tells luna where his room is

She’s giggly and he mentions he lives right there on the property.

Eric makes a toast to his bride, declaring that being loved by her is the greatest thing.

eric and donna thank everyone

Brooke tells them never to go to bed angry. Donna says they never do.

Eric jokes about her annoying him when she denies him his evening martini.

Donna thanks all the guests and she thanks Eric again for this wonderful surprise.

He’s with the kindest, most handsome man and that she has more time with the one true love of her life.

RJ notices Luna seems off. She claims she’s just tired and pops another pill.

rj and drugged luna

As RJ goes off to see his grandfather, Zende follows Luna across the room and tells her she’s glowing.

He’d really like to get to know her better and his door is always open right across the courtyard.

zende tells luna where his room is

She starts giggling as he walks away. RJ returns and she’s yawning. She thinks she should go home and slurs about how much she loves him.

He offers to drive her home but she says she’ll just order a ride. She assures him he’s a dream boyfriend and she’s sure they have a beautiful future.

She slips out and he looks confused.

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When Luna stumbles outside, she gets thirsty, spots water in the window if Zende’s quarters and walks in.

She starts drinking a bottle and sits on the bed, giggling to herself.

luna drinking water

Back in the house, Zende tells the bride and groom how happy he is for them. He decides to call it a night and takes off.

zende congrats eric donna

RJ comes over and tells them Luna was tired and went. Donna jokes they are outlasting the young people and Eric adds not to let that terrific girl go.

Zende arrives in his quarters. He undresses and sits on his bed, then notices the shoes on teh floor and the water out.

Looking at the bed, he notices Luna is in it, naked.

zende finds luna in bed

She perks up and says she’s been waiting for him. She hallucinates that he’s RJ.

Luna thinks zende is rj

At Il Giardino, Poppy tells Bill that he’s making her uncomfortable. He doesn’t mean to but the stakes are pretty high.

bill poppy at dinner

He asks again if there’s really no chance he’s Luna’s father. He can’t help feeling like she’s covering and assures her he would so all he could to make up for lost time.

He asks again.

bill assures poppy he would be ok

She’s impressed by his willingness to step up and wishes he was the father, but he’s not.

She’s happy with the way things are with her daughter but she’s touched by how much he would have accepted her.

They both think Luna is acceptable. She couldn’t be happier now. Bill solemnly nods.

He says that her sister clearly doesn’t know her. She’s obviously not a gold digger.

Poppy has always been content having very little.

Bill smiles and orders a drink. She looks in her purse and notices her pills are gone.

poppy looks for pills

“Your little happy mints?” he asks. She has no idea where she left them.

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