GH Recap: Jagger Issues Sonny a Warning, Brick Tells Sonny He Suspects Dex, and Spinelli Wins an Evening with Maxie

Fri Feb 9, 2024: Today on General Hospital, Jordan and Brick have a meeting, Michael and Willow talk forgiveness, and Carly urges Drew to drop the revenge.

Thursday’s GH recap: Jagger explained mob bosses are being targeted, Gregory wanted to move in with Finn, and Nina enlisted Martin in her fight with Carly

Willow tidies up at the gatehouse as Michael arrives. He knocks and she reminds him he lives there.

willow welcomes michael back

She’s happy he’s there and still wants him to stay the night. He asks if she’s asking him to come home for good.

She admits that part of her worries that if they rush this, they will end up back in the position they are in now.

He worries about that too. He’s trying to put things right and came clean with Sonny earlier.

michael conflicted

It will take a while for them to get back to where they were.

She says hope is where it all starts. He wouldn’t have even gone to talk to him if it wasn’t for her.

Willow doesn’t believe in lost causes. She knows his intentions were good and what counts is what he’s doing to make things right.

willow can't forgive nina

They discuss how the pain Drew was in has changed him. He’s become cruel.

Michael can’t have any part in all that. He’ll accept whatever kind of relationship she wants to have with her mother.

She hates what Nina did and is sure she’s self-centered. They can’t let her mom destroy their relationship.

Trust is rebuilt slowly and they can work on theirs.

Wiley rushes down to show his father his magic tricks and they tell him his daddy is staying.

willow wiley and michael on couch

He takes Michael upstairs.

When Michael returns, he finds Willow sleeping on the couch.

At the axe throwing place, Spinelli messes up his throw. Maxie reminds him they are there to unwind.

spinelly maxie throwing axes

Cody suggests they make it interesting. He thinks they can split into teams and compete for a night out on the town.

Spinelli doesn’t see why it should be a competition over strength but Cody says it’s about finesse.

cody and sasha at axe throwing

They negotiate what the winner will get and Spinelli asks Cody to step aside.

Cody admits that he’s trying to get him a date night with Maxie. Spinelli doesn’t want the help.

cody tells spinelli plan

He claims he’s not interested in Maximista but Cody doesn’t believe that.

Spinelli explains they tried years ago and it didn’t work. He stares at her longingly.

spinelli cody look at maxie

Maxie pulls Sasha aside and asks if she’s talked to Cody about how she feels/

Sasha tells her to take off her romance colored glasses. They have talked but are just staying friends…for now.

sasha and maxie talk cody

Maxie says if a great guy were into her, she would be with him in a heartbeat.

Meanwhile, Cody gives Spinelli instructions on how to throw. He drops hints that he’s going to lose on purpose to guarantee him a night with Maxie.

spinelli and cody talk maxie

Spinelli tells Maxie he will do whatever it takes to win and offers to do whatever he can to help her as a tenant.

She admits that having him live with her had her skeptical, but now she’s starting to think that she never wants him to leave.

cody maxie talk living together

They call over to Sasha and Cody as they flirt.

Sasha’s surprises them all with his first throw. Cody is impressed. She explains she comes there a lot to work out her aggression.

sasha and cody talk throwing

She notices his game was off. It’s almost like he didn’t want to win.

Maxie and Spinelli win and hug. Cody gives them the thumbs up.

spinelli and maxie hug

At Carly’s, Joss is going through old photos of Spencer with Drew and her mom. She can see how cute he used to be.

joss and drew go through pics

She’s not sure she should be posting all these pictures of him. It’s like she’s making it about her loss.

One minute she’s fine and the next she has tears streaming down her face. Her mom says you gotta feel what you feel.

Joss worries that posting photos could upset Trina but they are sure she knows that she suffered a loss too.

Drew tells her that her message is straight from the heart and that should be out there.

drew carly joss talk spencer

She posts it and they tell her it’s beautiful. Being his friend meant a lot to her.

People immediately start liking it and sharing their memories.

Drew runs off to take care of it when another advertiser pulls out of Crimson.

They feel so lucky to have Drew in their lives. He’s great.

carly and joss talk drew

Drew returns and Joss declares that she’s headed to The Savoy to see Dex. She gives them hugs and leaves.

joss talks to mom and drew

Carly wishes she could spare her daughters the grief she feels and tells him how much Joss thinks of him.

He hopes he can live up to her expectations. When she brings up the advertising contract, and he explains that he expected advertisers to react to changes at the top.

He’s talked them all around so far and convinced them that she’s the right person for the job. They only need to show some stability.

carly and drew talk advertisers

He gets her to admit that she likes the work, but she worries that Nina will sabotage her.

He can’t believe that woman and wants her stop her. He’s going to get Michael to reconsider.

drew angry about nina

She’s surprised that he wants Michael to help him make Nina pay. She thinks the best revenge is just to move on.

He doesn’t think they should let her get away with what she’s done.

Carly points out Nina is living proof of revenge backfiring. She’s already lost. He thinks she can lose more.

carly likes new job

Carly tells him that if he wants her to stay at Crimson, he needs to leave Nina alone.

He offers to put things on hold. She wants to build something great with him. Not get revenge.

He loves the sound of that and they hug.

drew and carly talk crimson

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Jordan meets with Brick at The Savoy. He’s calling in his favor and warns her that people aren’t always what they seem.

jordan meets with brick

He spots Dex and walks over to the bar. Dex offers to buy him a drink and Brick warns that could be above his pay grade.

Brick is surprised when he pulls out his credit card for an offshore account. He claims he’s been saving for a rainy day.

brick and dex at bar

Brick brings champagne back to Jordan and starts to dole out the compliments. He feels lucky to be sitting with her.

Brick tries to tempt her with promises of unexpected pleasures like sheet cake.

jordan brick talk threat

They talk daffodils. He gets a text and glares over at Dex.

Joss joins Dex at the bar and he orders her some cranberry soda. He asks if she really wants to be there.

dex asks joss if she's up for this

They decide they’d rather be alone and take off.

dex and joss at club

Brick leaps up and tells Jordan he regrets it but he has to go. She has his private line.

brick talks about bigger picture

Joss and Dex go back to his place and cuddle in bed.

dex and joss cuddle

In Sonny’s office, Jagger shows Sonny his FBI ID and tells him he goes by John now. They were never pals in the past but maybe they can change that.

sonny faces jagger

They immediately start arguing about Stone.

John says he’s not there to argue about that so Sonny assumes he’s there to warn him.

John wishes that was the case, but he’s not there to warn him but to save his life.

john warns sonny

The mobster doesn’t want to rehash what happened thirty years ago with Karen. Sonny reminds John he cheated on her and Sonny says he did worse to her.

Sonny says he’s done taking shots and thirty years ago he wouldn’t have even allowed this.

sonny john argue

John says it’s his duty as an FBI agent to warn him that he’s in danger. He brings up the Metro Court shooting and says they know more than he thinks.

They believe the bullet was meant for him. Mob bosses across the country have been targeted.

jagger says he can end this

Sonny claims he’s only a coffee importer and his biggest enemy right now is climate change.

The Fed says that if he wants to end this, he needs to co-operate so they can end it neat and fast.

Sonny says if he wants his help, all he has to do is ask.

John expected him to refuse to help, but if he won’t help him to save his own skin, how will Curtis and his friends react?

john and sonny not helping

Sonny hates what happened to Curtis and accuses the Fed of trying to provoke him.

Jagger warns that the shooter knows his world and is already in his house.

The mobster says they can’t meet like this again. If he wants to talk, he has to go through his lawyer.

Once John is gone, Brick runs in and says that someone in his organization has an offshore account with too many zeroes in it.

Sonny guesses it’s Dex.

brick tells sonny about dex

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