Brooke Tries to Make Peace With Taylor, and Sheila is Determined to See Finn for Christmas

In the Wednesday, December 22, 2021, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke asks Taylor to make peace, Sheila tells Deacon how much she wants to spend the holidays with her son, and Ridge insists it’s Taylor’s choice to stay or go. We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where Brooke accused Taylor of being judgmental and Sheila gave Steffy a warning.

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In the Cliffhouse, Brooke suggests to Taylor that they follow their daughters’ examples and make peace. They are no longer rivals but grandmothers. Brooke says it would be nice to know the tug of war is over for good.

Sipping tea, they talk about how much they’ve changed and how much Douglas loves his video calls with Taylor. The doctor says it’s not the same as being there. Brooke sees her grandchildren every day and never takes it for granted. Taylor says knowing she’s been getting more hugs from Douglas is hard. She’s grateful that Hope stepped up to help with Douglas, but she thinks he should be spending more time with his father.

The topic turns to Deacon. Taylor is surprised to hear that Brooke is okay with her daughter getting to know him again, especially considering how Ridge feels about him. Brooke insists they always work through their problems. “I sincerely hope you do,” Taylor claims.

They recall all the obstacles that Ridge and Brooke faced, particularly with Stephanie. Taylor says she was one of the wisest people she ever met. They admire how hard she fought to protect her family. Stephanie may have wanted her son with Taylor, but eventually, she realized he was happy with Brooke. She pointedly asks the doctor where and when her next adventure will be.

Taylor is a bit defensive but explains she hasn’t made any firm plans yet. She thinks she’s going to stay. It would be good for her future. She thanks Brooke for coming by. Her time overseas has taught her how important it is to move on from the past and forgive. It’s too bad they only think this way on the holidays. Brooke invites her to Eric’s, but Taylor says she’ll be with her daughter and grandchildren. She hopes they can be friends.

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In the Forrester Creations office, Ridge tells Steffy that his memories with Taylor are amazing, but he is with Brooke, no matter what Deacon throws at them. As they discuss how good it is to have her mom back for the holidays, Finn joins them.

They talk about how Taylor has been away for years doing important work. Steffy doesn’t want her to miss any more important moments with her grandchildren. Ridge is glad she’s sticking around too but insists she makes her own choice about it. Finn tells his wife to just enjoy this time.

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At Il Giordano, Sheila assumes that Deacon is giddy to have Taylor back in town. She could be the key to him getting back with Brooke. He insists that he’s not wishing for Brooke’s marriage to implode. She imagines he wrote to Santa to request that.

They talk about the holidays. This will be the first Christmas she can spend with her son and it’s all she wants. He’s not sure he wants to see her being sentimental. She doesn’t seem like the festive type to him. Sheila admits that holidays are difficult for her. She almost tears up as she thinks about all the events she missed in Finn’s life. Her return could be heartwarming if only Steffy and her family would allow him into her son’s life. He doesn’t see that happening. She’s miffed that he’s being such a downer.

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Sheila complains about Steffy keeping her out of the house. Deacon doubts there’s enough Christmas magic to get her in. She won’t let this go. She texts her son to let him know she wants to see him. He reminds her that she tried to kill his stepmom. He’s worried she’ll have a blue Christmas. he rests her head on his shoulder.

Back at Forrester Creations, when Finn and Steffy are left alone, he asks if her mom will help him wrap his gifts. He gets a text from his mom and admits to Steffy that she wants to see him at Christmas. Steffy rolls her eyes, sure she will use his kid to guilt-trip him into allowing her to visit. She doesn’t think her mom wants to see the woman who shot her.