GH Spoilers March 18 – 22: Brook Lynn and Chase Get a Shock, Cody and Sasha are on the Same Page

General Hospital spoilers from Monday, March 16 to Friday, March 22, 2023.

What’s coming up on General Hospital this week

Natalia has a revelation, Sasha makes a huge decision, and Maxie calls Lucy out.

In the weekly spoiler video, as John starts questioning Jason’s friends and family about him. Jason calls in Diane for help.

General Hospital Spoilers Monday, March 18:

In Monday’s GH recap, Joss dumps Dex.

Dex makes a confession to Joss.

Joss didn’t realize that Dex has ended people’s lives and can’t be with him.

Tracy shares a moment with Sonny.

Diane offers encouragement to Alexis.

Kevin explains what might have led to Marshall’s misdiagnosis.

Stella goes off about racism and sexism

Stella has an unlikely encounter with Tracy. 

Trina consoles Joss.

trina comforts joss

General Hospital Spoilers Tuesday, March 19:

Joss opens up to Carly.

Dex confides in Anna.

Sonny offers Natalia some valuable insights.

Jason gets a visitor.

Brook Lynn lays into John.

carly and joss talk drew

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General Hospital Spoilers Wednesday, March 20:

In Wednesday’s GH recap, Valentin tells Nina to move on.

Tracy sees a new side of Cody.

Alexis informs Molly about her plans.

Molly asks her mom to promise not to drink if she goes back to being a lawyer.

Natalia has a revelation after talking with Sonny.

Anna makes an admission to John over drinks.

tracy tells cody it won't help

General Hospital Spoilers Thursday, March 21:

In Thursday’s GH recap, Nina points out Drew’s a hypocrite.

Drew has a proposition for Nina. He wants her back at Crimson. 

A photo shoot at Deception goes wrong.

Laura and Heather find some common ground.

Willow is worried by her actions when Liz learns medicine went missing from GH.

Kevin checks on Heather.

Lucy tells Cody he’s a terrible model.

Cody quits Crimson. 

kevin asks if laura is okay at General Hospital

General Hospital Spoilers Friday, March 22:

In Friday’s GH recap, Jason turns himself in!

Jason reaches out to Diane for help.

Maxie calls Lucy out.

Cody and Olivia comfort each other.

Sasha makes a huge decision. She quits Deception.

Cody learns Sasha quit too.

Chase and Brook Lynn are stunned to see Jason.

lucy refuses to lose company


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