General Hospital Spoilers May 10-14; Sonny Makes and Amateur Mistake

Soaps Spoilers is back with all-new General Hospital spoilers! The week of May 10 – 14.

Last week refresher!

Gunfire erupted at General Hospital and the hospital went into lockdown. Liz learned that Peter poisoned Chase and is the one who murdered Franco, Carly and Spinelli freaked out as the hospital surveillance went blank during the breakout. Phyllis interrupted an ‘almost kiss’ between Sonny (Mike) and Nina, Carly attended the meeting of the five families, Brando wanted to know if Sasha regretted the other night but she let him know she’s was distracted. Meanwhile, Cyrus grilled his man on how Jason Morgan got away, and when he explained, Cyrus killed him anyway. Meanwhile, Jason was shot and Britt began to operate to remove the bullet until Jason went into shock. Carly offered to donate blood and things were looking up. And Dante was rough with Spinelli, which forced Sam to step in during interrogation.

General Hospital spoilers for the week of May 10-14.

Monday, May 10 

Britt and Jason grow closer.
Joss tries to make Carly feel better.
Peter bumps into Cyrus at the Metro Court.
Maxie reaches out to Sam for help.
Ned is apologetic.

Tuesday, May 11

Jordan and Portia have a poignant conversation about the challenges they face.
Trina shares her experiences of racism with Cameron.
Sam insists on helping to find Jason.
Michael and Willow put their relationship on hold. Maxie is deceived.

Wednesday, May 12

Big news. Kimberly J. Brown to General Hospital. Remember her as Mariah on Guiding Light?

Jax confronts Carly.
Britt opens up to Jason.
Dante makes a decision about his future with the PCPD.
Nikolas puts a plan in play.
Curtis and Portia grow closer.

Thursday, May 13

Sam has to change course.
Carly and Jax clash over Joss’s safety.
Nina goes on a date with Elijah.
Gladys overhears a private conversation.
Alexis offers to help an inmate.

Friday, May 14

Sonny makes an amateur mistake.
Sasha and Cyrus have a hostile encounter.
Michael diffuses a conversation between Ned and Valentin.
Maxie’s doctor surprises her with information about the baby.
Brook Lynn is blindsided by Valentin’s latest idea.

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