GH Recap: Joss Breaks Up With Dex, and Trina Comforts Joss While Stella Calls Tracy Out For Her Privilege

Mon March 18, 2024:  Joss opens up to Carly while Dex confides in Anna, Sonny has some insight for Natalia about having a child who is gay and Kevin explains Marshall’s misdiagnosis.

Friday’s GH recap:  Heather Learns Her Hip Replacement is Poisoning Her, Nina Snitches on Dex to Joss & Diane Offers to Make Alexis Her Partner

At Dex’s apartment, Nina finishes throwing Dex under the bus and leaves while Joss confronts Dex as to why he was at the hospital with scrubs on.

joss confused GH

Dex answers one word responses to Joss who finally learns that Sonny told him to go to GH to take out Cyrus.

Joss is disturbed and can’t believe he’d agree to this.

Dex tried to talk him out of it but he was going to do it.

“Sonny stopped me.” It was a test and he’s lucky Sonny changed his mind.

joss is surprised that her mob boss boyfriend would have killed for Sonny

Joss says she never thought he’d cross this line. She pictured a life with him that isn’t possible.

She feels she doesn’t even know him. Dex denies that. This was about a defenseless old man in a hospital bed and Dex being okay with taking lives.

Dex tells her he’s done it before. She knows.

She’s put him on a pedestal and says this changes everything. “I can’t do this anymore.” She runs out.

He grabs a bottle and puts it down before calling the police non-emergency line.

joss dumps dex

At General Hospital, Sonny sits at Dante’s side and tells his son he won’t give up on him.

He doesn’t want him to give up.

dante in coma

He holds his hand and chokes up.

sonny holds dante's hand GH

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy puts a blanket over a sleeping Olivia in the living room.

Sam and Scout are asleep in her bed so Olivia can’t go to bed.

tracy helps olivia with coffee

Tracy surprises her by offering to make coffee. She leaves and Lois appears with the coffee Tracy made.

She had to run an errand. There’s no word from the hospital and Olivia’s not sure if that should terrify her.

They reminisce about the past and relate it to why Dante’s the best cop ever.

They talk about BLQ marrying a cop and how Lois finds it terrifying.

Olivia reminds her friend she was once with Sonny, a mobster and Dante is the one in the hospital.

lois has coffee for olivia

Trina and Ava are at the gallery looking at images online.

Trina’s wistful about Paris being such a creative place.

trina with ava at the jerome gallery

Ava thinks being here isn’t helping with her grief.

Trina knows but isn’t sure what will. Ava knows it’ll just take time.

Nina arrives and Trina gives them space.

trina is wistful about paris

Nina rants about the story being published but Ava says Sonny doesn’t care if that’s her concern.

Nina tells her about the conversation with Joss. 

She probably made things worse but needs a way to get to him.

She’s running out of options and asks Ava for help. Ava’s not sure what she’d say. Nina cries.nina begs ava for help to get to sonny GH

She wants her to tell him that he should let her comfort him, be his wife again. She knows Sonny trusts Ava.

If she advocates for her, he’ll listen. Trina comes back to tell her a delivery is coming early.

Trina will log it and close up, she says when Ava asks since she has to go out. Her and Nina take off.

nina will get help from ava GH

In Alexis’ office, she and Diane discuss lying under oath. Diane says the charge of perjury against Alexis came after Dr. Burns’s hearing in 2020.

It’s from Julian and Britt, known perjurers — criminals who are dead. Why didn’t Alexis do anything about this?

Alexis says it was true. Diane yells, “Irrelevant!”

Alexis didn’t think she had anything left to fight for at the time.

Diane tells her to shake off the “poor mes.”

alexis doesn't know what diane is talking about GH

It’s time to leave the magazine.

They talk about how the medical profession hates lawyers.

Alexis does too but wishes she was one more than anything.

Diane has to file an appeal with the Appellate Court before she files the same appeal.

alexis talks about no defense

It’s redundant and Alexis understands. She forgets why she threw her career away.

Diane says she wants to be a hero for others but is the arch-villain in hers.

Diane tells her to get rid of her new gossip columnist before she takes off.

alexis with diane

In Kevin’s office, Marshall admits he was angry at the world when he was a young black man.  

Stella says they don’t characterize low-income people as poor.

She thinks his feelings were justified.

Kevin says his misdiagnosis was about the doctor categorizing his anger as being mentally unsound when he was rightfully angry with the system.

Kevin asks if they’ve heard of “The Youngest Science?” Stella read it and says it’s about medicine evolving as a science. 

marshall talks being angry with the world GH recaps

Kevin calls it a personal historical accounting of 20th-century medicines. Kevin says psychiatry hasn’t come a long way.

Scientists and researchers fall into the trap of proving what they believe.

Dr. Braddock wasn’t alone in his beliefs and though Kevin won’t defend mistakes, he knows that in their search for what the “normal behavior” was, they went with a church-going, predominately white cultural group.

kevin talks about racism

The medical community deemed anyone not the same, mentally unsound.

marshall talks anxiety

This was especially if someone deemed society was out to get them. Marshall realizes his anxiety was a symptom of his anger.

Kevin says women were prescribed valium, a muscle relaxant.

He says LGBTQ+ people were tranquilized, hospitalized, or worse, electroshocked into quiescence — if they had health insurance.

Marshall says those unable to pay for insurance were in bars, hiding from loved ones out of concern they’d hurt them.

kevin talks misdiagnosis

Kevin calls it the shame of the medical community, not him.

Stella rants about how this has been going on for decades.

Women are still not taken seriously by the medical community, not to mention the crisis for women of color.

She’s tired of the fight. Kevin and Curtis call her an advocate in every sense of the word.

Marshall’s grateful to Kevin for letting him know the truth. They shake hands.

marshall glad to have the truth

Tracy visits Dante and Sonny at GH. Sonny tells her there’s no news.

She asks him not to tell anyone about her softer side in checking on him.

She’s emotional, thinking of Luke being hospitalized.

tracy visiting dante


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Tracy goes to Stella at the nurses’ hub to request a call if Dante’s condition changed.

Stella will note that and wants to talk to her at some point about the board. Tracy says now is fine.

Stella tells her she hasn’t had her complimentary wellness exam.

Tracy doesn’t think it’s necessary.

Stella pressures her to do it and becomes angry.

stella has a request

People are literally dying for medical care and there she is refusing to get an annual exam.

Tracy’s eyes widen. She’ll get the exam but she’ll have to check her calendar. She’s snippy and then apologizes and asks Stella to call her Tracy.

Stella admits she was worked up already and Tracy’s been rude before. Tracy starts to laugh and Stella grins.

tracy and stella share a laugh

Marshall and Curtis talk in the physio lab and discuss Stella’s rant and how they’re all human.

Marshall wishes they could act like it and rants about the past. He has to forgive that dead doctor.

It’s what Curtis’ mama would want him to do. He knows forgiveness is for ourselves more than the person we forgive.

Marshall’s glad he’s alive and with his family. 

marshall rants about the dead doctor

Joss runs into the gallery and hugs Trina.

She cries and Joss tells her she hopes Dex leaves town and never comes back.

“What?” Trina asks and her friend hugs her. Joss talks it out, saying maybe he’s always been this person and she never saw it.

She can’t and won’t live with that. Trina embraces her again.

trina comforts joss

Ava arrives in Dante’s hospital room. She says a nurse told her there was no change. He’s surprised.

They’re not supposed to give any information out.

She guesses they thought she was Nina and Sonny asks her not to say that name. 

nina waits with sonny

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