GH Recap: Valentin Tells Nina to Move on From Sonny, Anna Tells John He Was Right, and Molly Worries Alexis Will Start Drinking

Wed Mar 20, 2024: Molly urges Alexis not to return to the law, Chase wonders to BLQ if he should quit being a cop, and Sonny gives Natalia parenting advice.

Tuesday’s GH recap: Anna turned Dex away when he confessed that Sonny ordered him to put a hit on Cyrus, and BLQ taught Danny to lawyer up.

Tracy arrives at the stables and finds Cody teaching James about lassoes.

She asks the stable hand about how her horse is doing.

tracy questioned by james

James accuses her of being mean to him while his friend is in the hospital.

He explains he’s there to cheer Cody up.

james asks if tracy bad boss

Tracy tells him he’s a really good friend. She explains she went to see Dante today.

They send James off to sweep and she notes how much kids seem to like Cody.

She’s surprised when he mentions he’s been giving the kids riding lessons.

cody and tracy talk kids

James has been coming by to see him after hearing what happened to Dante.

James calls for help after spilling some oats.

He and Cody clean them up and James asks Tracy to help.

She says she’s the boss and the kid says a boss should help too and hands her a broom.

tracy cody james bucket

Once they clean, James gets a high-five from Tracy and tells her she’s a good boss.

She invites them to the house for hot chocolate.

BLQ goes home, complaining about cops before noticing Chase is thinking.

She assumes something is wrong.

chase updates blq

He says there has been no chance with Dante.

The cop worries about his partner and what happened and she tells him not to worry about what-ifs.

He did his job and Dante is still breathing.

Chase wonders if he shouldn’t be a cop anymore. She says he should quit and they can pick up his singing career where it left off.

chase doubts being cop

He doesn’t want to be a singer. He wants to be a cop.

She tells him what a great cop he is because he follows all the procedures.

She starts complaining about Cates interrogating Danny.

blq listens to chase's doubts

That sounds out of character to Chase. She thinks that Cates is a jerk.

He’s startled to hear she threatened the Fed. He points out that’s a federal crime.

chase tells blq she threatened a fed

He’s on her side, but she should be more careful. She agrees to show mercy.

Chase admits he wishes he could have seen her lay into him. He loves it when she’s hot and fired up.

Molly joins her mom at the cafe. Alexis tells her she might not be missing the law for much longer.

moly tells mom not to do it

She explains that Diane may have found a loophole to get her back to the law.

She never had the chance to defend herself and can attack the character of Julian and Britt.

Diane has filed a petition to get the appeal going. All Molly can say is wow.

molly alexis talk law

Her mom expected more. “Don’t do it,” Molly suggests.

This surprises her mother so Molly explains that she grew up wanting to be her.

If this were just about the law, she would support this.

But she likes her better sober than drinking. If this doesn’t work out, she could fall off the wagon again.

alexis asks how molly would charge

Alexis admits that it will likely end in disappointment but Diane’s suggestion got her heart beating again.

If there’s even the tiniest chance that she could do what she loves them most, she need to take it.

alexis wants to take the chance

Molly agrees to support her if she wants to go ahead with this, but begs her to monitor herself and keep going to meetings.

Her mom promises to stay the course but she can’t promise that she won’t drink. Molly feels selfish but her mom tells her to be selfish.

“I really need my mom right now,” says Molly.

molly asks for promises

Valentin arrives at The Invader office.

Nina complains that Alexis is supposed to be there to meet with them but blew them off.

valentin and nina talk alexis

She explains that Alexis is trying to force her gossip columnist to quit and pitches what a great idea it was to bring him in.

Alexis decided to delay his pieces until they were old news and irrelevant and published an extremely biased article against Sonny.

nina listens to vakentin advice

Valentin thinks the paper went too easy on him. She worries Sonny could think he’s lashing out.

Valentin says the article won’t make any difference if the mobster wants her back.

Nina can’t control the divorce but thought she could control the newspaper.

He wonders why a brilliant woman is torturing herself with Sonny.

He hates to see her bend over backward for an erratic hypocrite who isn’t worthy of her.

It was a relief to him to hear she and Sonny were headed for divorce.

He doesn’t feel worthy of her either.

But he hopes she can remember who she really is. A marvel and a rule-breaker.

valentin tells nina marriage not to be saved

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At Charlie’s, Sonny tells Natalia she was brave to come there to apologize to Kristina.

natalia and sonny talk parenting GH

Natalia wants to do right by her daughter and talks about how complicated parenting is.

They talk about her daughter’s career and how fearless their children are. That’s dangerous since they are also dreamers.

Natalia has been managing her daughter’s business but that’s meant she’s ignored other things in her life.

sonny and natalia talk blq

They chat about BLQ and Natalia wishes that she had acted to stop Linc instead of leaving it to the Quartermaine.

Sonny wonders if she’s overcompensating for that now.

He explains that he and Kristina didn’t always get along. He and her mother were overprotective and that caused her to rebel and spiral.

sonny says can't act on info you don't have

That made it clear to him he had to let her stand up to make her own decisions.

Natalia wants to guide and protect her daughter and he says the kids just need to know they love them.

natalia and sonny talk strategy

Kristina returns and asks if there’s something Natalia wants to talk about.

Natalia explains she came to ask for her help with Blaze but now realizes she needs to deal with this on her own.

She thanks them and exits.

natalia thanks sonny and kristina

Kristina isn’t sure how to react or what to do. She doesn’t know if she should leave mother and daughter to work things out on their own.

She contemplates what to do and decides to wait. She’s giving Natalia credit for reaching out.

He admits it kind of hurts him to know that she was worried about how he would react to her coming out. They hug.

kristina and sonny discuss what to do

Anna shows up at Jagger’s Metro Court suite and tells him he was right.

She wasn’t seeing Sonny clearly, but she is now.

john and anna talk sonny

After they have a drink, she apologizes for laying into him for his unprofessional attitude to Sonny.

She admits she’s rationalizes the mobster’s behavior and only seen what she wants to see.

But she’s done convincing herself of all that.

anna says she sees sonny now

They have another drink and she says her eyes are open about the level of violence Corinthos can create.

Her blindspot about him is all because he was there for her daughter when Stone was dying and she was nowhere to be found.

ajgger pours dirnk for anna

Her daughter was losing the first love of her life and possibly facing her own death and she was gone.

Robin still loves Sonny for being there.

John hates to admit it, but he knows in Stone’s eyes that Sonny was more a brother to him than he was.

That’s one of the reasons he hates him.

john and anna talk sonny GH

Anna admits her guilt has made her convince herself Sonny is a better man than he is.

He hopes she nails Sonny. If he finds any evidence on him, he will pass it on to her.

His job is to protect him, even if he’s not worth it.

She tells him he’s a better cop than she is.

“Not today…not today,” he says.

john says he's not a good cop

He admits he questioned Danny without an adult but luckily got stopped but some woman who lit into him.

That forced him to realize he crossed a line.

He was disappointed in himself. She adds today wasn’t her finest day as cop either and they toast to a better tomorrow.

anna listens to john talk danny

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