GH Spoilers Feb 5 – 9: Trina Refuses to Return to Paris or School, and Gregory’s ALS Worsens

General Hospital spoilers from Monday, Feb 5 to Friday, Feb 9, 2024.

What’s coming up on General Hospital this week?

Carly and Drew discuss his vendetta against Nina and how he’s going to ruin every single thing about her life, Willow and Michael take a step towards reconciliation after that big fight, and Finn makes a realization about Gregory.

In the weekly spoiler video, as Spencer’s friends and family say goodbye to him, Dante is determined to bring in who tried to kill his father, and Anna asks Jagger to work with her.

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General Hospital Spoilers Monday, Feb 5:

In Monday’s GH recap, Dante arrests Nikolas.

Laura intervenes.

Alexis begins to feel guilty.

Sonny takes a moment to confide in Dante.

Dante is called to arrest Nikolas.

Nikolas turns himself in.

Scott consoles an upset Lucy.

Scott and Lucy kiss.

Tracy’s ready to tell Martin the truth about Scotty.

Anna makes a proposition.

Jagger arrests Anna and Jordan.

lucy kissing scott

General Hospital Spoilers Tuesday, Feb 6:

In Tuesday’s GH recap, Anna decides to become police commissioner

Brick expresses his doubts to Sonny.

Brick comes clean.

Tracy has a confession to make.

Martin gets a big surprise. He learns the truth from Tracy and blows up.

Martin catches Lucy and Scott after sex.

Anna makes a big announcement.

Michael tasks Dex.

brick fills sonny in about betty

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General Hospital Spoilers Wednesday, Feb 7:

In Wednesday’s GH recap, Spencer’s family and friends say goodbye as their loved one is presumed dead.

A surprise mourner appears for Esme. We know it isn’t Ryan since he’s dead or Heather since she’s in prison (unless she gets furlough), so could this be Maggie, her nanny or someone else? Give us your theories in the comments!

Dante is conflicted. He isn’t sure if he should tell Sonny about the case.

Finn makes a realization about Gregory. He’s not long for this world.

Willow and Michael take a step towards reconciliation.

Trina wants to quit school for good.

Trina refuses to go back to Paris. 

Heather shows up at Esme’s marker.

finn talks brownies

General Hospital Spoilers Thursday, Feb 8:

Chase has some concerns.

Carly gets an assist from Brook Lynn on the job.

Nina has an ask for Martin.

Michael appeals to Sonny.

Willow is worried about Drew. Seems like everyone is worried about Drew these days. Should they be? 

nina tells martin she's being blackmailed

General Hospital Spoilers Friday, Feb 9:

Sonny learns about a recent string of mob hits.

Carly and Drew discuss his vendetta against Nina and how to ruin her.

Brick makes a discovery.

Cody helps Spinelli. (With Maxie?) Let us know in the comments if you want Maxie with Spinelli. 

carly worries to drew about mag

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