B&B Recap: Donna’s Speechless as Eric gets Ridge to Help Him on One Knee to Propose to Her, While Poppy Misplaces Her Special Mints

Wednesday, Feb 7, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Poppy misplaces her pills, Donna tells Eric how grateful she is, and Zende eyes up Luna.

Tuesday’s Early B&B recap: The Logan sisters shared a special moment while party plans were made, and Luna told Poppy about her magical night.

RJ drops by Zende’s place as he’s getting dressed.

He wanted to make sure there’s no tension between them at the party.

rj checks on zende

Zende reassures him and asks about Luna. It will be a different vibe from Eric’s goodbye party.

zende getting dressed

In the Forrester design office, Luna shows off a dress for her mom.

luna in dress

Poppy does her make-up and says she looks as beautiful as she does on the inside.

poppy helps luna get ready

As she helps her get ready, Poppy accidentally mixes her pill box up with Luna’s mints on the desk.

They get hidden by a wallet.

Poppy's special mints on B&B recap

She urges her daughter not to let anything come between her and the man she loves.

poppy tells luna have good night

At home, Eric is dazzled when Donna comes in wearing the special dress he had sent over from Forrester.

She feels like a princess.

eric and donna dress up

She’s always ready for a party but worries about him overwhelming himself. He promises a wonderous night.

Ridge and Brooke arrive eager to celebrate.

Eric declares they are celebrating darling Donna today.

Thomas and Hope have work and Steffy and the kids are sick. It will be a small gathering.

Carter and Katie arrive followed by RJ and Zende.

rj and zende join party

Eric thanks everyone for coming and promises them a memorable evening.

eric promises good night

Zende watches with his eyebrow up as Eric and RJ talk about how great Luna is.

zende listening in

Eric declares to the guests that tonight will be fun.

He admits to Ridge he’s a little disoriented. At the last party, he collapsed.

eric and ridge talk death

They talk about the choice Ridge made. He claims he did the right thing. Would he rather be dead?

Eric tells him how indescribably beautiful the other side is. When his time comes again, he’s not afraid and doesn’t want him to be.

He loves this life and wants to live. Ridge kisses him.

eric isn't afraid

Luna arrives. RJ kisses her and tells her she’s stunning.

They go over to Eric and he thanks him for including her. Zende stares at them and smrirks.

zende listening in

Donna tells her sister that all the symptoms are gone. She’s just crossing her fingers that it stays that way.

donna talks honey bear health

She doesn’t know what she’d do if she lost Honey Bear.

Eric tells Carter he’s happy he’s there and he’s family. He’s an integral part of tonight.

eric tells carter he's family

RJ tells Luna he’s glad they waited to take the next step in their relationship.

rj and luna talk waiting

She says it made it more special and she can’t wait to be with him again.

He’s getting hot and walks off to get them drinks.

Zende immediately walks over to her and says he’s enjoying the party a lot more now.

zende chats to luna

As he tells her how beautiful she is, RJ returns. Zende gives them props for all they did for Eric.

Eric calls everyone to attention and Ridge and Zende tease him.

Before Eric can say anything, Donna wants to.

She feels like she’s been with him forever but they are only getting started. He nourishes her soul and has transformed all of their lives.

They are there to honor him.

donna tells eric how grateful she is

Eric thanks her but says this is not about him…it’s all about her and their future.

He wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for the kindness of all of them, but especially her.

eric tells donna tonight is about her

He knows it hasn’t been easy but she never gave up on him and he will never give up on her.

Eric wants to live every day by her side until the end. It’s time for him to give back to her.

After getting Ridge to help him to his knees, Eric tells Donna she is his well of happiness and he wants her to be his wife.

eric on one knee

Ridge hands him the ring and Eric asks if she will marry her Honey Bear.

eric proposes to donna

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Bill and Liam are eating at Il Giardino.

He tells his father Eric has been given a clean bill of health.

bill and liam catch up

Liam notices his father is distracted and can guess why.

Bill tells his son that he wants to see where things go with Poppy.

bill talks poppy

Their brief time was very impactful and he thinks it’s something they can build on.

Liam doesn’t think he’s ever seen him so enamored with a woman before.

“I felt this way about your mother too. She was an all-around knockout,” says Bill.

liam sees bill distracted

Liam knows he’s not a “foo-foo la-la destiny guy” but thinks Poppy has come back into his life for a reason.

Maybe she has something he didn’t even realize he was missing? Bill thinks he could be right about that.

Bill sends his son away and calls Poppy over.

They talk about how her daughter is doing and how happy she is with RJ.

Bill didn’t know they had progressed to the love stage. She says that dealing with Eric’s health bonded them.

Bill is happy everyone is happy and kisses her.

bill and poppy dinner

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