GH Recap: Martin Catches Lucy with Scott, Anna Takes the Police Commissioner’s Job, and Brick is Confident Dex is the Traitor

Tues Feb 6, 2024: Today on General Hospital, Brick and Sonny consider who is betraying him, Tracy tells Gregory he’s made her too nice, and Michael asks Dex to find the traitor.

Monday’s GH recap: Jagger arrested Anna and Jordan, Nikolas was arrested, Alexis struggled writing Spencer’s obituary, and Martin dumped Lucy.

Martin is with Tracy at the Metro Court. He admits to her that he’s ended things with Lucy. She tells him she’s the reason why.

martin and tracy talk lucy

Gregory watches them from across the room.

The lawyer tells Tracy that his relationship is none of her business. Tracy says she’s trying to stop the game. She’s been misleading him about
Lucy and Scott because they are plotting against her.

She’s sorry that he got swept up in this. He accuses her of being self-centered and she tells him he can waste time berating her or go after Lucy.

He tries calling her but she doesn’t pick up. He feels like an idiot and doubts she’ll forgive him.

Tracy tells him to stop wallowing and he asks her not to help.

tracy tells martin she's to blame

But maybe if they could fall apart this easily, they aren’t meant to be together?

The lawyer wonders why she’s confessing now.

martin hears tracy say she's the reason for the split

After he takes off, Gregory arrives. She’s not in the mood for dinner.

gregory offers listen tracy

He senses she had a fight with Martin and asks what has her so upset.

“I don’t have a problem with Martin. I have a problem with you,” she says. He doesn’t understand.

tracy tells gregory he's the problem

She explains that his friendship is making her soft and she doesn’t like that. She’s been helping people she doesn’t like.

That’s all his influence. He’s making her nice.

tracy says she's getting nice

Gregory doesn’t think that’s so bad. “You don’t have to live with the consequences!” she blurts out before apologizing.

He starts to laugh. He hasn’t laughed this hard in a long time. It’s nice not to be handled with kid gloves.

gregroy thanks tracy for laugh

At the studio, Scott kisses Lucy. She pulls away and asks what this is. “What we’ve always wanted,” he declares, taking her into his arms.

scott kissing lucy

They fall into the hay bale. Eventually they come up for air with hay in their hair.

lucy scott haystack

Zipping up her dress, she wonders how this happened. Scott tells her they did nothing wrong since they are single.

She’s not very proud of this. He says she’s emotional and this was unplanned.

Scott tells her to be honest with herself and him. The spark they had is still there, so why fight it?

Pacing, Lucy points out they have done lots of damage to other people and always failed at their own relationship.

lucy startled by scott

He thinks that this is their time.

She admits she feels close to him and is more her real self with him than anyone else.

scott tells lucy spark still there

As Scott tells her to stop fighting it, Martin walks in on them.

“Buster, we’re busy,” says Scott. Lucy tells Martin he doesn’t get a say on what she does because they broke up.

martin and lucy argue

Her ex points out that was just a few minutes ago. He came because he realized he’d made a mistake and their problems had been manufactured by Tracy.

martin came to apologize

Martin tells them that Tracy was manipulating them. Lucy curses Tracy but Martin thinks that the Quartermaine was right about her.

Lucy tries insisting that what she did with Scott was a mistake but Martin thinks the mistake was him coming there to ask for forgiveness.

She wants the chance to make this right. They love each other, but Martin doesn’t want to see her again and walks off.

Scott tells her she deserves better than Martin. “No, I don’t,” she says. She’s a horrible person and orders him out.

lucy scott feel bad

At the PCPD, John calls for a vehicle to transport his prisoners. Robert shows up and recognizes him as Jagger. “It’s John now,” says John.

john and robert catch up

They catch up about Robin and Emma. Scorpio wonders why he’s in town.

John glosses over that and congratulates him on becoming the DA. Scorpio is there to sort out Anna being arrested.

“I’m the one who arrested her,” Jagger admits. The DA gets why but he suggests Anna must have a good reason for what she’s doing.

robert pressures john to back off

John explains they have been undermining his investigation and withholding evidence.

They are on the same page about Anna protecting Sonny, but Robert still wants him to drop the charges.

He agrees no one is above the law but he has Anna’s back. The DA offers to get them to share what they know if he drops the charges.

robert pressures john to back off

Jagger agrees as long as Robert keeps them in line. Robert thinks he should be proud of the man he’s become after his years of making trouble.

john and robert make deal

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Anna and Jordan are locked in in the cells. Jordan thinks they should just tell John what they know but Anna thinks they need to keep it as leverage.

anna jordan locked up

They hope their friends intervene to keep them out of court.

Dante shows up and asks what landed them in there. They aren’t forthcoming but he points out they need to tell him everything or he can’t help.

dante needs anna jordan info

They fill him in and he wishes they’d come to him before they got into this mess.

Jordan says they were close to finding the truth and Anna adds this is all related to a larger federal investigation.

They ask him to get them out, claiming they are in a better position to protect Sonny than the Feds.

anna jordan behind bars

The cop will talk to Robert and walks out.

Dante goes to Robert, who informs him the charges against Anna and Jordan are being dropped.

Robert asks John to meet up with him before he leaves town.

As Dante introduces himself to John, the Fed recognizes him as Sonny’s son.

dante meets john

Dante guesses he’s related to Stone.

Robert goes down to the cells and tells Anna and Jordan that he convinced John to drop the charges but they have to back off.

robert tells anna jordan charges dropped

They have no right to be involved with this and should co-operate with Cates.

Anna suddenly decides to take Laura up on her job offer.

anna gets idea

She goes upstairs to see John and announces that she is not co-operating because she is the new commissioner.

Anna declares that no one can stand in her way now. If he wants to continue, he will have to co-operate with her.

anna new commish

At the Aurora office, Michael gets off the phone with Drew when Dex bursts in to announce someone tried to kill Sonny.

dex fills michael in

After he assures him that everyone is fine, Michael worries that things are spiraling for his father.

Dex explains that Sonny hasn’t been able to process the shooting and Spencer’s death.

Michael would like to see him but he doesn’t think he’s welcome at his house right now after all that happened with Nina.

michael thinks sonny doesn't want to see him

He’s sure his father is angry with him because he was right about Nina all along.

They talk about the attack and how to handle it. Dex says he will do everything in his power to keep everyone in the family safe.

It’s risky to investigate people in the organization and Sonny might end up thinking he’s the traitor.

dex will do what he can to help

Michael orders him to find out who the threat is and report back to him.

Sonny calls Brick over to his penthouse and tells him he needs people he can trust.

sonny questions brick

The person who came after him in Puerto Rico must be someone on the inside of his organization.

Brick can’t imagine who it could be. Sonny suggests it might be him.

This makes Brick angry but his boss reminds him of all they have been through, admitting that some people have a breaking point.

brick accused

The boss doesn’t think it was him but he is questioning everything right now. Brick understands.

sonny needs people he can trust

He confesses that he did a favor for Jordan and that means she owes him now. Sonny thinks that’s good but it doesn’t help them with this.

They mull over the fact that someone Sonny trusts wants him dead.

They run through who it could have been. Brick suspects Dex but Sonny stands up for him.

This isn’t convincing Brick, who thinks it fits. Sonny continues to doubt it.

brick and sonny ponder traitor

Brick suggests that Dex has been manipulating him. Sonny tells him to look into everyone.

If it turns out Dex is guilty, Sonny promises he will make him beg for death.

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