Willow Gets Sam Sasha’s Toxicology Report, and Olivia and Anna Search for the Missing Footage

Thurs Sept 21 GH recap: Ned is having trouble finishing his song, Olivia and Anna wonder how the surveillance footage vanished, and Sam asks Willow to get Sasha’s toxicology report.

Wednesday’s GH recap: Charlotte read tarot cards as Valentin and Nina struggled with not knowing what to do about her, and Anna filled Sonny in on the attack.

BLQ finds Ned playing his guitar in the Quartermaine living room.

After they complain about Tracy, she tells him she’s on the way back to her career as a musician’s manager.

blq interrupts ned with guitar

She goes on about Blaze and he says she’ll take the deal if she’s smart.

BLQ suggests she can take him on as a client too.

Ned doubts that’s a good idea.

He was offered a show at The Savoy but can’t finish his song.

She suggests he sing the classics and invite Olivia.

blq and ned talk song

He thanks her for the advice and says she’s pretty sharp. She smiles.

blq suggests ned be her client

In her office, Olivia daydreams about a date with Ned until Anna interrupts.

She asks to see the security footage from the break-in.

olivia thinks about ned date

This is the first Olivia has heard about it. Anna fills her in.

Olivia wonders why Nina didn’t tell her.

She apologizes and offers her whatever she needs.

Anna is fine and assumes this was done by the same person who burned her house.

olivia apologizes to anna

Sitting down, she asks her to check if the footage is really missing or if it can be pulled from another source.

Olivia searches and is shocked to discover that the footage has been erased.

Only she and Nina had access to it.

Anna assumes someone must have hacked in.

This all sounds professional to Olivia.

anna looking glum

Valentin paces at Nina’s place, planning to make some arrangements for Charlotte. Nina asks him what he will do about his daughter targeting Anna.

valentin and nina talk charlotte situation

He feels like he’s neglected his daughter and she’s targeting Anna for his absence.

Nina reminds him he will have to confront her.

Valentin knows but needs to know the extent of Charlotte’s crimes first.

Did she burn Anna’s house?

valentin and nina talk charlotte crimes

He wishes this was all a misunderstanding.

Charlotte was supposed to be at camp when the fire happened but could have snuck back.

He’s frustrated to realize he has no idea what his daughter is doing when he’s not around.

nian tells valentin he hasn't neglected charlotte

Later, Olivia calls Nina and asks about the break-in.

Nina meant to tell her but got distracted. She admits she pulled up the footage but it was already gone.

She bluntly ends the call as she spots Charlotte.

nina gets a call from olivia

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At Kelly’s, Carly gets a call from Drew.

He’s been asking around but hasn’t come up with anything yet.

carly calls for news from drew

They chat about their kids and she assures him Diane is working every angle to get him out.

drew on the phone with carly while cyrus watches

When he gets off the line, the guard he bribed pops up and tells him that Austin came to see a prisoner who was beaten.

guard tells drew who austin saw

When the guard walks off, he meets Cyrus, who thanks him and assures him his son will get a lot more than an internship at Aurora.

cyrus bribes guard

Cyrus goes off and corners Drew.

He warns him that the warden is on a tear and may put the place on lockdown.

He urges him to stay invisible.

cyrus gives drew a warning

Robert joins Diane at the Metro Court.

He tells her he may have found a way to help Drew.

He also just wanted to see her.

robert and diane meet to talk drew

The DA explains that he did some back-checking on the judge in Drew’s case and he seems to be trying to get promoted.

He’s sure this is about Sonny, not Drew.

They speculate on what could have happened.

When he spots Anna, he has to cut this short and abruptly walks over to her. Diane does not look impressed.

robert has idea to help drew

After he gets Anna seated, he walks back to Diane and tells her they need to do this some other tie.

She laughs and say it’s not necessary, angrily scarfing down some toast.

diane watches anna and robert

Excited Robert hands Anna a gift. It’s an album of old photos.

She chokes up looking at them and tells him he’s brilliant.

robert excited by gift for anna

Robert is glad. She means the world to him.

Willow arrives at General Hospital in her nurses’ uniform.

Deanna tells her how much everyone has missed her.

willow arrives at gh as nurse

Sam steps off the elevator and gets a call from Dante.

It’s going to take him some time to get subpoenas to go after Gladys’ records.

She says that’s time Sasha doesn’t have.

dante on the phone to sam

They talk about needing to get a toxicology report.

Sam spots Willow and gets an idea.

sam o the phone to dante

She asks the nurse for a favor.

Willow will do anything for Sasha.

willow agrees to help sam

Sam explains that she and Dante suspect that Montague has been drugging her.

Willow asks what she needs.

The PI asks for the toxicology report from the day Sasha stabbed Cody.

sam and willow talk sasha

Willow walks over to a computer and pulls up the report, surprised to see the drugs that Sasha tested positive for.

She sends a picture of it to Sam.

sasha's tox report

Nina brings Charlotte to Kelly’s and they chat with Carly.

Nina is surprised to hear that Charlotte eats their regularly with Jake.

nina brings charlotte to kelly's

When Charlotte goes off to wash her hands, Nina asks Carly who she has seen her in there with.

Carly has only seen him with Jake a few times and maybe alone once.

Charlotte returns and guesses they are talking about her.

Nina claims they were just talking about how she’s grown up.

She reminds Carly of Lulu.

carly and nina caught by charlotte

Carly spots Diane and rushes over to her. The lawyer tells her about her chat with Robert.

As Nina and Charlotte sit at the bar, the teen tells her how much she misses her mom. Being with her papa makes her feel better.

She’s just happy they’ll soon be together again full time.

She’s clearly less enthusiastic about Anna.

charlotte wants her pap

At the PCPD, Dante calls Anna, wishing he didn’t have to hear about the break-in from a police report.

Valentin corners him, eager to talk about Charlotte.

He’s realized that he and his daughter have been apart too much so he’s taking steps to make sure they can live together again.

valentin and dante talk charlotte

He thanks Dante for looking after her. The cop asks about the break-in.

Valentin says someone is trying to unsettle Anna.

After the Cassadine leaves, Sam arrives with the test and tells Dante this is the first step in getting what they need on Montague.

sam rushes in to see dante

She explains how the meds must have put her over the edge.

dante and sam look at tox

Ned arrives at Olivia’s office as she yells at the security firm over the phone.

She’s short with him so he wonders if this is a bad time.

olivia walks in on agitated olivia

He sees she’s intense. She’s passionate about her hotel.

Ned fills her in on getting a gig at The Savoy.

She’s thrilled and throws her arms around him.

That’s awkward so she backs away and says she has a lot of work to do.

ned says he'd done

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