GH Spoilers Oct 2 – 6: Gladys is Driven out of PC, and Carly’s Shaken, While Sonny and Nina Share Their News

Full list of spoilers Monday, Oct 2 to Friday, Oct 6, 2023.

What’s coming up on General Hospital?

Coming up on GH includes Carly being shaken, Spencer and Trina affirming their feelings, and Nina bringing news to Valentin.

In the weekly spoiler video, Anna doesn’t know what Valentin is hiding, Valentin tips Laura off about Charlotte, Sonny needs a favor, Tracy says too much to Chase, and someone walks in on Montague trying to kill Sasha.

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Monday, Oct 2

Monday’s GH recap: Gladys is confronted

Sasha’s not sure if she can do this again.

Valentin confers with Martin.

Kevin shares his theory.

Laura is insistent.

Anna voices her suspicions.

Anna and Jordan discuss Valentin’s possible secrets.

Gladys is in the hot seat.

Laura blames herself for Nikolas.

Laura gets bad news from Valentin.

laura blames herself for nikolas

Tuesday, Oct 3

Pre-empted for MLB

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Wednesday, Oct 4

Pre-empted for MLB

Thursday, Oct 5

Thursday’s GH recap: Sasha is saved, Gladys is scared out of town

Spencer and Trina affirm their feelings.

Spencer and Trina return to PC.

Sonny issues a threat.

Frank takes Gladys out of PC.

Tracy has a slip of the tongue.

Chase learns by accident about his dad’s ALS.

Valentin surprises Anna.

Anna is sad but understands that Valentin can’t let her move in because his kid needs him.

Charlotte eavesdrops.

Sasha is in danger.

Sasha’s saved.

trina and spencer in ny

Friday, Oct 6

Friday’s GH recap: Nina and Sonny ask everyone to their elopement

Michael and Willow ponder a decision.

Carly is shaken.

Anna makes a request.

Nina shares news with Valentin.

Kristina is filled with anticipation.

charlotte asks if papa is hiding something

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