Sonny and Nina Announce Their Elopement and Invite Their Children, and Alexis is Enlisted to Dig Into Judge Kim

Fri Oct 6 GH recap: Sonny asks Carly if he can take Donna to the island, Nina tells Valentin she’s leaving town, and Michael asks Willow if she’ll attend their parents’ wedding.

Thursday’s GH recap: Cody rescued Sasha from Montague, Sonny kicked Gladys out of town, and Tracy blurted to Chase that his dad is sick.

Sonny drops by Michael’s office.

His son wonders why.

onny needs a favor from him.

sonny asks michael for a favor

Sonny goes down to the Metro Court and meets with Anna.

They chat about the shooting and whether there have been any more threats.

sonny tells anna he'll be out of town

He explains that he will be out of town for a few days but is only a call away.

After he leaves, Robert joins her, complaining about Sonny’s goons offering her protection.

robert lunch with anna

She tells him she’s living their before she moves into the house Valentin bought for them.

Scorpio asks why he kept her out of the process.

What is he hiding?

She knows he’s full of surprises and then tells him about all the problems that Charlotte has been facing.

She needs her father’s attention and Anna understands that.

anna needs something from robert

Scorpio isn’t happy she’s roughing it in a hotel. She’d hardly call it “roughing it.”

Anna asks him for help with something crucial.

They discuss the shooting and she explains she thinks she’s being targeted in a different way.

She’s sure what’s happening must be revenge from inside the WSB and she needs his help getting inside information.

His help would be limited at best given how things have changed.

Anna thinks that’s better than nothing.

anna asks robert to use influence

Sonny stops by Alexis’ office and asks her for a favor.

He wants her to put her paper to good use and save a man’s life.

sonny asks for a favor

After the mobster leaves, Gregory pops up to ask what he was doing there. She says he just asked for a favor. He wants the paper to target the judge who sentenced Drew.

alexis and gregory talk outcomes

He asks if she really wants to do Sonny’s bidding and teases her about how ruthless she is.

They talk about his illness and he thanks her for all her help.

He still hasn’t told Chase but can’t put it off much longer.

She says he will tell him when he tells him.

Gregory thinks he’s just being selfish to avoid being looked at with pity.

They go back to discussing Judge Kim.

As they look through his record, she guesses he’s angling for a promotion based on his summations.

Maybe there’s a way for them to get him some attention?

alexis and gregory talk judge

Gregory guesses she has a plan.

She’s sure the judge would be susceptible to publicity.

They can lure him into an interview and ask about Drew’s sentence.

At Charlie’s, Kristina agrees to do whatever her father wants.

How could she not after all he’s done for her lately?

kristina says she'll be there

As they hug, Dante arrives.

Once Sonny is gone, Dante tells his sister that he can’t go to the wedding.

She reminds him he is supposed to be the best man.

dante and kristina talk wedding

He has a lot of things going on and she seems more upset about this than their father.

She’s still determined to go and adds that Michael may be going.

They talk about the tension between Michael and their dad.

dante tells kristina he can't go

Kristina admits that spending a few days with their brother and Nina doesn’t sound great.

Blaze wanders in and Kristina introduces her to his brother.

Blaze knows him. He was her hero at the Nurses’ Ball.

blaze dante kristina chatting

Kristina is surprised to hear them recalling all the times they have bumped into each other.

She tells Blaze she’s flying off to a wedding.

Dante thinks that’s wise. A big wedding in Port Charles would be asking for trouble.

Michael stops by General Hospital to see Willow.

As he waits for her, he flashes back to his father telling him about the elopement.

Sonny told him that nothing would make Nina happier than spending time with Willow and Wiley.

sonny and michael talk wedding

Nothing would mean more to them than having their kids at the wedding.

Michael has to talk to Willow about this.

Willow pops up, knocking him back into the present.

He explains that Sonny and Nina are eloping and they are invited.

It will be a small family affair.

michael willow talk test

This seems like a lot to her. It would really be putting things to the test.

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Sonny shows up at Carly’s as she gets off the phone with Diane.

They discuss the Drew situation and then he announces that he and Nina are eloping.

sonny tells calry eloping

She thought they were going to have a blow-out wedding. He shrugs that off and says a wedding should be about a celebration, not a deadline.

He’s planning a small ceremony on the island with whichever kids can go.

He’d love it if donna could go…if she’s okay with that.

sonny hears carly is eloping

She agrees. He’s tried calling Ava to get Avery but she’s not responding.

He adds that he’s working on that favor she asked for Drew, explaining that he asked Alexis to use her paper to dig into Judge Kim.

That won’t happen overnight.

They have to find a vulnerability and take advantage of it.

sonny asks to take kids to island

She suggests they get Alexis to interview the judge and get him some PR. That could be a way in.

Before he leaves, she asks if he found out who Austin was visiting in Pentonville.

He admits they haven’t turned anything up.

Carly asks him to take some pictures of the kids at the wedding for her.

She admits it’s been a painful couple of years, but she wants him to be happy.

He feels the same way.

sonny tells carly about plan

At home, Valentin searches of therapists when Nina shows up for an update in Charlotte. She guesses something is wrong.

nina stops by valentin's

He feels lost. He and his daughter used to be close and now he has to find her a therapist.

Valentin tells her they’ve always been able to talk.

She assures him they can figure this out together.

He still hasn’t said anything to his daughter, unsure of how he would react if she lied to him.

She assures him none of this is his fault and says teenage girls are complicated.

He thinks it’s the Cassadine curse.

nina tells valentin she's leaving town

When she asks what Anna thinks, he admits he hasn’t told her.

He’s afraid his daughter could face criminal charges.

Nina is sure that Charlotte is crying out for help.

He says it’s more than that. Is he doing the wrong thing by not telling Anna?

valentin hears nina is leaving

They agree talking to the police would be a mistake.

They need to find another way to get through to Charlotte.

He appreciates her support and doesn’t know what he’d do without it.

She tells him he’ll have to because she’s leaving town.

When she fills him in on the wedding, he wishes her well.

nina offers valentin support

Valentin adds that Laura will be back soon and they will figure out what to do with Charlotte together.

Charlotte arrives and asks if he is keeping something from her.

She’s just happy to see Nina is there.

charlotte asks if papa is hiding something

Nina tells her she has to leave town for a few days. Charlotte wishes the three of them could go to Europe.

Nina doubts Anna would be okay with that.

Nina says they can plan a girls’ trip and Charlotte enthusiastically hugs her.

nina and charlotte hug

Charlotte tells her how much she has missed her and gets her to promise to come back after her trip.

On her way out, Nina tells Valentin they will figure this out when she gets back.

Sonny calls Nina. He senses she’s upset but she downplays it.

He tells her to get packing. They’re getting married.

“Yes we are!” she agrees.

nina and sonny wedding call

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