GH Spoilers Nov 20 – 24: Thanksgiving Comes to the Quartermaine’s, the Davis’, and Emma Surprises Anna

General Hospital spoilers from Monday, Nov 20 to Friday, Nov 24, 2023.

What’s coming up on General Hospital this week?

Ned is irritated with Michael and Drew, Robert has a surprise for Anna, and Alexis is horrified.

In the weekly spoiler video, Anna gets a shock, Valentin tells Charlotte he knows, and Gloria (Ellen Travolta) arrives for the holidays at the Quartermaines.

Get your GH spoilers two weeks ahead! GH spoilers Nov 13 – 17.

General Hospital Spoilers Monday, Nov 20:

In Monday’s GH episode recap, Spencer caves to Trina’s demands. 

Carly makes a decision.

Ned is irritated with Michael and Drew.

Blaze invites Kristina to her recording session.

Alexis counsels Finn. She tells him to get Tracy Q’s help with his case.

Joss helps Adam, and takes him to GH to get examined when he breaks down during the exam.

kristina makes a pitch to blaze

General Hospital Spoilers Tuesday, Nov 21:

In Tuesday’s GH episode recap, Charlotte reveals to Nina all the bad things she’s done to Anna.

Sonny confronts Cyrus.

Nina tries to get the truth from Charlotte.

Anna is heartbroken when she learns what Charlotte did because of Victor.

Curtis tells Jordan about his revelation.

Drew pays Carly a surprise visit.

Diane won’t become Finn’s lawyer.

Maxie tries to convince Cody to work with Sasha.

diane can't defend finn

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General Hospital Spoilers Wednesday, Nov 22:

In Wednesday’s GH episode recap, Valentin and Anna fight when she’s discovered in Charlotte’s room.

Anna and Valentin have a confrontation.

Sonny has an offer for Sasha.

Jordan asks for Laura’s help.

Alexis suggests Martin take Finn’s case.

Dante discovers a lead in Anna’s case.

Alexis is horrified.

Anna IDs a suspected murder victim as her stalker.

Martin will become Finn’s lawyer.  

Nina agrees to help Curtis with his investigation.

anna explains herself to liz

General Hospital Spoilers Thursday, Nov 23:

Thanksgiving begins in Port Charles! Read our recap!

Lois’s mother, Gloria, (Ellen Travolta) arrives at the Quartermaines to help with the turkey! 

Robert has a surprise for Anna. Emma is back.

Valentin gently confronts Charlotte.

Kristina invites Blaze to Alexis’s for Thanksgiving.

Sasha and Cody get asked if they are dating.

sasha cody feed horse

General Hospital Spoilers Friday, Nov 24:

GH will be pre-empted for sports.

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