BLQ Lashes Out at Tracy, Sonny and Nina Plan Their Wedding, and Sam Agrees to Commit Cody

Friday, August 25 GH recap: Gregory tells Liz he has ALS, Kristina vents to Willow about the surrogacy situation, and Alexis questions Molly’s surrogate.

Thursday’s GH recap: Cody asked Sam to get him into Ferncliff, Gladys flipped out after Deception’s assets were frozen, and Portia moped about Curtis.

On the phone, BLQ is furious when she learns what’s happened with Deception.

blq could kill tracy

Finn and Tracy sit down to play backgammon. She reminds him of how far ahead she is. They chat about his father and she admits she had dinner with him. The food is better now that Carly isn’t running things. She also noticed his father isn’t well.

tracy and finn play backgammon

He asks her not to ask because he doesn’t want to lie to her.

They talk about Ned and then about Chase.

When he mentions his brother thinks she’s stopping BLQ from doing music, she asks him not to ask about that.

They mull over things to discuss. He brings up Luke.

That is hard for her to talk about.

She forgets he’s gone. It’s impossible to wrap her head around him not being there to drive her crazy.

tracy loves to win

She’s at loose ends and focusing on business.

He guesses she doesn’t want to discuss that.

BLQ shows up and throws their backgammon board on the floor.

finn escapes from tracy and blq

The doctor runs away and BLQ demands to know why Tracy went after her friends.

Tracy explains that Lucy stole The Deceptor plans from a company she’s working with.

Her granddaughter wonders why she has this vendetta against Lucy.

blq confronts tracy

BLQ lectures her. Tracy is unimpressed. She’s determined to weaken Deception so that it will be ripe for a hostile takeover. Appalled, BLQ stomps off.

Liz is surprised when perky Willow shows up at General Hospital, declaring she’s ready to get back to work.

Liz can’t wait to have her back but they have to wait until her doctors agree.

willow drops by to see liz

That’s why she’s there.

After Willow skips off, Gregory shows up. He wants a word with her.

gregory asks liz for a word

When she goes on break, they sit down. He apologizes because he has been keeping something from her. Gregory explains that he fell while he was looking after Violet.

He announces that he has ALS and hasn’t found the strength to tell Chase yet.

He’s worried that Finn will act like his doctor and son and will forget how to feel.

He’ll need Liz to keep him in touch with his feelings. Knowing Finn has her makes him dread what will happen a little less.

liz asks gregory why he's apologizing

She admires his strength for facing this alone for months.

He’s still afraid to tell Chase.

It keeps hitting him that he is really going to die.

The nurse tells him there are good days ahead and she will help him enjoy them.

As they hug, Finn watches them.

gregory liz talk sickness

In the stables, Sam tells Cody this is a terrible plan.

She won’t commit him. He suggests she become his medical executor.

She still thinks this is a bad idea. Plus, it will make Sasha worse.

sam refuses to help cody

She reminds him that Sasha had a psychotic break.

He repeats that he’s sure Gladys is behind this.

Sam points out that if he gets in, Sasha might attack him again. Is he willing to risk traumatizing her more?

cody wants sam to be his executor

He’s sure nothing could be more traumatic for her than being stuck in Ferncliff.

The cowboy recounts her history of mental illness and the strange timing of her latest breakdown.

He’s sure that Gladys is a gambling addict and a liar.

Is she going to leave Sasha to rot in Ferncliff or is she going to help him? With some prodding, Sam finally gives in and agrees to have him committed.

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At Crimson, Sonny calls Brick to check if the information he planted with Betty has been downloaded yet. Nina shows up, surprised to see him there.

He convinces her to head over to the desk.

She gasps when she sees that he’s given her a necklace.

sonny gives nina a necklace

After he slips it on her, he tells her how beautiful she looks.

She wonders why he’s so happy. He was pretty tense the last time she saw him with Ava.

She admits she was feeling excluded and he reminds her that some things in his life are better unknown for her protection. Nina feels like an employee when he closes his office door to her.

She can accept and love all of him, but she wants him to let her in and claims she can handle it.

“Some things are best not knowing,” he insists.

nina begs sonny to let her in

She has dinner delivered and he points out they haven’t set a wedding date.

She tells him she wants a winter wedding and she wants him in a burgundy tux and the ceremony can be in Crimson.

He doesn’t like the magazine idea but a winter wedding sounds good. She thinks they need to wait so Willow is ready.

sonny and nina discuss wedding

Sonny suggests her prayers are being answered.

He knows how important it is for her to have her daughter there. She’s sure it will be a long road to repair the trust. He’d be happy if his son came.

They are doing better and you have to have hope.

“Things seem to be looking up for us,” he says.

sonny asks nina if she's sure

Sonny walks out to take a call.

By the Metro Court pool, Alexis and Molly meet with Andrea the surrogate.

Kristina spots them. Alexis sees her so she runs.

alexis spots kristina

Andrea tells them all about her living situation.

Alexis asks what the surrogacy will mean to her. Andrea just wants to pass on the joy of parenthood.

andrea the surrogate

Alexis says that contracts can’t spell out the enormous meaning of having a child. She thanks her for the gift that she is giving her daughter.

alexis asks what it will mean to them

After Andrea leaves, Alexis tells Molly that she likes her and she’s sure that Molly and TJ will be fantastic parents.

Kristina rushes over to General Hospital and bumps into Willow.

They chat about her recovery. Both of them are there to see Terry.

willow bumps into kristina

They wander and talk about the youth center Kristina is starting.

She’s realized she’s not in the right headspace to talk to Terry tonight. She’s feeling really left out of her sister’s life.

kristina and willow chat at gh

She tells Willow all about Molly’s infertility issues and how she offered to be her surrogate. That didn’t go over well and her sister was insulted and shut her out.

Willow tells her she has a right to her feelings and babies are great bridge builders.

Once the baby arrives, the old wounds could fade.

Kristina hopes she’s right and hopes the same for her and Nina. Willow likes the sound of that.

kristina willow talk nina

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