GH Recap: Liz and Carly Bond, Lucy Confesses her Jealousy of Bobbie, and Sonny Gets Bail

Mon Jan 8, 2024: Today on General Hospital, Liz and Carly bond over memories of Bobbie, Josh is furious with Michael, and Lucy and Scott share a charged moment. 

Friday’s GH recap: Dante Arrests Sonny for Assaulting Cyrus, and Felicia Confronts Cody About the DNA Test as PC Mourns Bobbie

Kelly’s is closed and Carly stands inside the empty restaurant and thinks about Bobbie telling her she’s a good mama.

Someone arrives and she yells out, “We’re closed.”

kelly's is closed on GH

They don’t stop so she stomps over and sees Liz, who heard about Bobbie and is sorry for her loss.

Carly thanks her but they’re closed.

Liz wanted to be there, closer to Bobbie.

She doesn’t want to intrude but would like to do something for her if she can. “I loved your mom,” she says. Carly tears up and asks her in for coffee.

It’s uncomfortable and Carly offers to make her food.

Liz knows they’ve never been close and it’s for the best but just wants to listen if she wants to talk.

carly and liz at kelly's on GH recaps

She goes to get a pastry and swears. The sink in the kitchen isn’t working.

Liz gets a wrench and bangs something underneath and it’s fixed.

She reminds Carly she used to work there and this happened all the time.

carly's sink not working liz fixes it

Carly breaks down into tears.

She wants to make her mom proud. Liz knows she always did.

“Thank you,” Carly says.

carly sobs mom dead

They take a seat in the other room and talk about how compassionate Liz found Bobbie and that Kelly’s was a safe refuge.

Liz chokes up talking about counting on Bobbie and wanting to feel that security.

liz confides in carly

Carly cries and thanks Liz for being her friend.

It’s what her mom would have done.

liz and carly hug

They embrace and Liz goes.

Carly thinks back to when Bobbie learned Luke died.

bobbie flashback to when luke died

Maxie tells Felicia she didn’t just cross the line, she ran over it and then torched it.

Cody never gave her a DNA sample. Felicia admits she took strands of his hair from the Home and Heart set.

“Looks like deception runs in the family,” Cody says.

Felicia defends herself. Sasha interrupts and Maxie asks her to go.

Cody allows her to stay since she knows about the DNA results.

sasha, felicia and maxie talk to cody on GH

Felicia tells the room that her instincts were wrong and that Cody is not Mac’s son. Cody looks guilty.

He asks why she told him.

She says he’s important to her family and she wants to do the right thing.

He appreciates that. “We’re good.”

cody guilty he's keeping the fact that he's mac's son to himself on General Hospital

Maxie and Felicia take off together and Cody wonders what the hell just happened.

Sasha admits she saw Felicia take the hair and got someone to take the hair to the lab.

She swapped out the hair with her own.

Cody appreciates it but she shouldn’t have done it, shouldn’t have committed a crime for him.

sasha surprised by cody GH

It’s a risk but Sasha says it was her call. He wishes she’d have given him a heads-up.

He almost confessed to Felicia. Sasha assumes she really cares for him.

He too is fond of them all and hates lying to them.

He wishes he had guts to spill it. She knows.

He calls her his partner in crime.  

cody feels bad GH

On a call, Lucy struggles with tears as she calls the florist, trying to get the flowers Bobbie liked.

She wants the arrangement to be epic.

lucy calls for flowers on bobbie's memorial

They talk about how much she and Bobbie fought but likes to think deep down there was mutual respect.

She cries that she can’t make it right with Bobbie.

They both realize they’ll regret that the rest of their lives.

Lucy hates to speak ill of the dead but Bobbie was no saint. Scott knows.

scotty and lucy talk about regrets general hospital recaps

When she brought her brother to this town, his life changed.

Lucy doesn’t want to judge but she does. People forgave Bobbie but not her.

Scott thinks if she was a nurse, she’d have been forgiven.

Lucy starts to cry and asks him to swear not to tell anyone this. They pinky swear and Lucy confesses she was jealous of Bobbie.

People looked up to her and she wanted that for herself. Respect and admiration.

Maybe she and Bobbie weren’t that different after all. Maybe they would have been friends if she had gotten over her pettiness. Scotty agrees. Lucy forgot the forget me nots and worries.

She needs to focus on marrying him off to Tracy Q and bringing her down. Scotty runs a hand through his hair with a sigh.

lucy shares a secret with scott


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Tracy doesn’t listen to BLQ who talks about work.

Brook Lynn knows this is hard to lose Bobbie, especially after losing Luke.

Tracy watches as Martin arrives.

She asks him where Lucy is.

He tells her Lucy’s not in the mood for a lunch date because of Bobbie’s death.

She and Scott are planning something for Bobbie’s memorial.

Tracy laughs uproariously.

tracy laughs at martin

If he heard the sordid story about what Lucy did to Bobbie he’d be surprised. Scott knows every single despicable act Lucy did.

Tracy tells him not to be collateral damage for Lucy.

She goes back to BLQ and tells her that Tracy and Lucy and Scott are trying to get one over her but she sees right through them.

They forgot who she is. “You cross me and I destroy you.”

BLQ smirks knowingly. Tracy thinks they’ll dig their own graves.

Brook Lynn hopes this doesn’t distract her from missing Luke. 

blq smirks

Willow arrives at Carly’s and hugs Joss.

Things are strained between her and Michael.

He’s thankful they can lean on each other.

Willow wants to see Carly but learns she’s at work.

willow provides comfort to joss

Joss goes to see if the kids need her.

Willow and Michael embrace.

He missed her and wants to fix things but Willow’s not sure he can.

michael and willow hug

He really hurt her and she’s looking at their relationship with new eyes.

He tries to defend himself but she doesn’t care. She needs time, but she’ll help him through his loss.

She’ll bring the kids over after work.

She goes and Joss returns and can see he messed up bad.

joss lashes out

He admits he found out Nina reported Mom to the SEC and kept it from everyone.

Joss asks why he did it. He didn’t want to break Sonny’s heart.

He thought he was protecting them.

Hasn’t she ever lied to protect someone?

michael explains to joss why he lied

Dante comes into the interrogation room at PCPD and takes the cuffs off his father.

He’s not there to discuss the assault on Cyrus. “Bobbie Spencer died.”

dante tells sonny bobbie is dead

Sonny’s reaction is a puzzle but his son is there for him.

Sonny’s quiet and confused that his son’s there for him.

Dante reminds him he’s always his son and he’s scaring him right now.

sonny odd reaction to bobbie death

Diane arrives and Dante takes off.

She assumes it was self-defense but Sonny says no.

Cyrus never raised a hand. Diane calls the hospital and learns that Cyrus is in guarded but stable condition, which means she may be able to get him bail.

Sonny is appreciative.

sonny, dante and diane at pcpd on GH

Diane asks if he wants her to start divorce proceedings. Sonny just wants to get out of there.

His family suffered a loss with Bobbie’s passing and he needs to be there for him.

Diane knows and is sorry but they need to discuss Nina.

sonny upset bobbie dead

He says she’s not a priority. His family is.

Diane leaves for a bit and returns with Dante.

She was able to secure bail for him.

Once he’s ready, he should call her and they’ll discuss the next steps in their earlier discussion.

She leaves and Sonny tells his son he appreciates what he said about him. He exits.

diane with dante

Maxie and Felicia visit BJ’s grave with flowers and tell her they miss her.

They embrace, sobbing. 

felicia and maxie visit BJs grave on general hospital

As Carly’s leaving Kelly’s, thinking she has to do this alone, Sonny turns up on the doorstep, surprising her. 

sonny goes to carly after bobbie dies


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