Y&R Recap: Angry Kyle Hauls Off and Punches Tucker and Claire Asks Cole and Victoria to Help Her Face Jordan

Tues Jan 9, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Ashley discovers Cole is back, Summer asks Chance out, and Sharon tells Nick that she’s happy and moving on from Chance.

Monday’s recap: Audra exposed Kyle to Tucker, Nikki met her sponsor, and Victor made his sons Co-CEOs.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Jan 9. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Summer finds Chance drinking tropical punch at Society.

He thinks he should have stuck with coffee.

summer and chance with tropic punch

She asks if he’s having second thoughts about hanging up his cape.

He’s feeling weird. There’s a lot to process.

chance and summer talk newness

She suggests that he feel the part of an exec on the rise and offers to help.

summer has suggestions for chance

She takes off and soon returns with a bag of shirts and ties from Marchetti.

He can’t afford this but she says she has the CEO discount.

summer bring bag to chance

Summer senses he’s not himself and prompts him to tell her anything.

“There’s not much to say,” he says.

She urges him on and she suggests they talk over lunch.

summer urges chance open up

Sharon is surprised when she walks into Crimson Lights and finds Adam and Nick toasting to being Co-CEOs at Newman.

nick toasting bro

She walks over and needs an explanation.

sharon spots nick and adam

They fill her in on their new positions at Newman and she thinks it looks like they are on the way to a beautiful partnership.

Adam heads off to the office, saying they don’t need luck when they have each other.

Nick thinks that’s a bit much.

sharon chats with adam and nick about jobs

Nick admits to Sharon he didn’t see this coming.

She says there are signs when you are on the right path.

He wonders what that means.

She announces she broke up with Chance.

sharon tells nick about breaking up with chance

Nick is sorry to hear that and she says there were no hard feelings and now he’s free to find a serious relationship.

Her days are busy, exciting, and wonderful.

Part of Nick wishes he could share in her success.

She reminds him of how much he helped but he thinks she deserves all the credit and can’t wait for the launch.

sharon says she's busy

He’s worried about her maintaining work-life balance. It’s good dating is behind her.

She’s not giving up on love.

When the right guy comes along at the right time, she will know.

Sharon just doesn’t want to make the same mistakes she’s made before and convince herself a relationship should be more than it is.

They are lucky that they both know what the real thing is and she’s happy to wait for that.

nick and sharon talk love

He’s very excited for her and her big launch.

When Ashley walks onto the patio, she spots Cole and flashes back to him telling her how special Oxford could be for them.

ashley sees cole on patio

She thought they should separate instead because of the bond he shared with his ex which was deeper than she could live with.

cole flashback

She snaps out of it and gingerly approaches him, surprised he’s back. He says it’s complicated but a private family thing.

He asks about her recent marriage and is sorry to hear it didn’t end well.

ashley chats victoria

She wishes things happened differently. It’s never easy to say goodbye and hopes he’s had better luck.

cole and ashley catch up

He hasn’t but he’s sure he was too good for her ex.

Victoria interrupts. Ashley asks about the “hush hush” thing going on and the Newman asks her to respect their privacy.

victoria interrupts cole and ashley

Ashley takes off and Cole tells Victoria that people will be asking questions. How long can they keep Claire a secret?

He suggests that letting the truth out now will set them all free from Jordan’s control, including Claire.

She informs him that Claire has asked for them not to visit anymore.

Their daughter keeps telling herself she doesn’t deserve help.

victoria wants to keep secret

It doesn’t make sense to her that they care when she hates herself.

It drives him crazy to think of what his aunt did to their daughter.

Victoria says the damage won’t be undone overnight.

victoria and cole discuss claire needs

They need to keep reminding Claire that they care.

She wants to show her what kind of life she deserves.

Cole assures her they will figure out a way to get through to her.

cole says truth will set them free

She thinks he’s doing very well for a new parent. He says it’s a façade and he’s clueless.

Every time he looks at their daughter, all he can think of is what they’ve missed and what that life could have been.

He can’t help wishing he’d had the chance to make it right the first time.

Memorial calls her and then she tells Cole that Claire wants to see them now.

He hopes this is another shot for them to help her.

cole and victoria talk claire call

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Adam strolls into the GCAC and bumps into Sally.

They both comment on the pep in their steps and talk about how their lives are in an upswing.

sally adam in lobby

He reminds her they made dinner arrangements but she has to reschedule them.

Adam suggests lunch.

adam asks sally to lunch

They get a booth and she tells him lunch is the safest option… aside from breakfast.

He reminds her of their borderline provocative breakfasts.

She tells him that danger follows from after dinner drinks and dancing. It’s playing with fire.

sally describes meals

He asks for her good news so she tells him about her clients.

Adam fills her in on the new position he’s sharing with Nick.

She’s impressed Victor’s threats are working and hopes it sticks.

For the moment, he says, it’s good and he thinks they will make their father proud.

That makes her smile. It’s nice to see him wanting his father’s admiration. He smiles.

adam tells sally about work

In the GCAC dining room, Audra tells Tucker that he’s stuck in the past and can’t get over Ashley.

It’s like he thinks if he can convince her that their blow-up in Paris didn’t happen the way she thinks it did, she will come back to him.

audra and tucker at gcac

He thinks she’s obsessed with his ex but she thinks he’s projecting.

She’s sure the second he thought he’d have a shot at getting the Abbott back,
their plans will go down the drain.

McCall doesn’t want to discuss this and would rather focus on their plan.

He feels like she has one foot out the door but she insists he has her loyalty and will as long as it makes sense.

tucker audra argue

If he swears she will get Jabot, nothing will change between them. “I need it!” she insists.

She doesn’t carry his weight in the corporate world and she needs to know if she can trust him.

audra thinks he would drop all for ex

He admits he doesn’t know how he will react if Ashley realizes she made a mistake. She’s the one person he will cross a line for.

Audra needs other guarantees but he can’t provide them. His life is completely in flux.

She points out they were totally in sync ten minutes ago and Ashley made that crumble.

If he wants to pine away, he can but she needs to salvage her career and that won’t happen with him.

Livid, she storms off.

Tucker goes to his suite and sees a text from Kyle asking if he’s made his decision.

kyle text to tucker

Kyle calls to see if he got his message.

Tucker tells him he knows what he’s up to and Audra confirmed it.

Kyle tries to weasel out of it but McCall hangs up.

kyle on phone to tucker

Ashley arrives at the Abbott estate as Kyle gets off the phone.

He tells her and Jack that his whole plan has fallen apart.

ashley walks in on kyle and jack

Audra blew him out of the water.

His aunt wonders why he ever trusted her to begin with.

He rushes off to “handle this.”

Jack can tell from his sister’s mood that she’s been with Tucker and worries about her seeing him all the time.

jack wants to help ash

He wants to help but she says there’s nothing he can do.

Tucker is just trying to make her believe a lie so he won’t look so terrible.

Her brother needs an explanation but he’s not getting one. She just wishes McCall was out of her life.

He’s sorry to see that Tucker has most of the real estate in her head.

ashley mopes about mccall

Kyle barges into Audra’s suite and she reminds him they are no longer on show up uninvited terms.

kyle furious with audra

He can’t believe she ratted him out to Tucker and she says she was just protecting him from McCall.

The Abbott finds that hard to believe. She tells the “golden boy” to tell her what she really thinks.

audra calls kyle golden boy

Tucker shows up, unsurprised to find Kyle there.

He asks if he’s looking for revenge.

kyle staring at tucker

McCall tells him it’s over and he doesn’t need him. He was just testing him to see if there was any potential under the hair gel.

Maybe if he could break free from him, he could become a “world-class bastard” like Jack.

tucker mocking kyle

Kyle punches him in the face.

Once Tucker pulls himself up from the couch, he mutters, “Pretty good.”

tucker kyle audra punch

Cole and Victoria visit Claire at Memorial.

They weren’t expecting her to call and want to do everything at her pace.

cole victoria want to help claire

She still doesn’t want them in her life but they say nothing has changed.

Claire wants them to go back to forgetting she exists but Cole says they have never forgotten her and offers to sit in on her sessions or whatever she’s comfortable with.

That’s not what she wants. She has a final request.

She’s already talked to Michael and her therapist about this.

She needs to face Jordan or she won’t be able to move forward.

Will they help her make arrangements?

claire not having it

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