Thomas is Thrown Into a Rage When Steffy Refuses to Let Him See Douglas After She’s Promised Hope She Would Protect Him

In the Friday, February 17, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke and Taylor fill Deacon in about the Douglas situaton, and Eric warns Thomas not to get his hopes up.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Hope and Liam said a tearful goodbye to Douglas as he moved out, and Thomas told Eric he wanted to fix things with the family.

At Forrester Creations, Thomas tells Eric that he’s okay with his son moving into Steffy’s. He’ll be able to see her whenever he wants.

B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

Eric is a bit skeptical. Steffy still isn’t over what he did. He suggests he call before going over there.

Thomas is going to take his chances. He’s determined to mend all his relationships and come back to the company.

B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

Sitting at Steffy’s, Hope stares into space and thinks about saying goodbye to Douglas.

Steffy eventually clears her throat and reminds her this is all temporary.

B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

She’s sure that the child will realize this isn’t his home.

He was just picking the option he didn’t think would hurt his parents.

She thanks Hope for being so protective of her nephew and promises to be very cautious of her brother while Douglas is there. Hope smiles.

steffy reassures hope she's a good mom B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

Douglas runs in and talks about how great it is to see the ocean from the window.

Since he’s all settled in, Hope and Liam decide head out.

She gives him a hug.

Once she and Liam are gone, Douglas tells Steffy and Finn how at home he feels.

It was a real tug-of-war between his parents and he thought it was best for everyone if he didn’t choose between them.

Bold and beautiful recaps

Finn assures him they are all family. They go off to find some binoculars.

Thomas breezes in, to his sister’s shock.

“My son lives here now. That means I will too,” he says.

She points out he just got there and suggests he give him some time and not stress him out.

steffy thinks thomas would stress his kid out

He admits that his son choosing to live with her hurt him at first, but he realized it’s not that bad.

He can see him whenever he wants.

She says that’s not how it’s going to be and reminds him that he screwed up.

Her brother thinks the best thing for their relationship is for him to spend time with his son.

thomas yells at steffy B&B recaps

Steffy tells him he needs to be patient. She is doing all in her power to make sure that Douglas is happy and safe. She’s obligated to protect him.

She needs her brother to work through his issues.

He points out that he’s apologized many times already.

As he starts railing, Finn returns and tells him he can’t barge into his house and give orders.

It would be best for him to leave.

steffy and finn against thomas B&B recaps

Thomas is miffed that they won’t even let him see his son.

He refuses to allow that.


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B&B comings and goings


Brooke and Taylor are eating at Il Giardino and feeling bad for Hope.

Brooke never thought they would be friends like this.

B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

If this situation had occurred two months ago, they would have been pitted against each other. They can’t let that happen again.

They agree the grandmas need to be united on concentrating on Douglas’ well-being.

Deacon joins them and congratulates them on their cold war. But he would love to see one catfight from them.

They joking make claws at him and then laugh before saying they’ve realized they have more in common than Ridge.

brooke with taylor B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

They tell him that Douglas has moved in with Steffy and Finn.

“Poor Hope,” he says. Taylor explains why this happened.

He says this is the kind of thing that would normally have the two ladies at each other’s throats.

They say that keeping the peace is their family is the new normal.

Hope and Liam return to the cabin. She looks at a photo of Douglas and says how much she misses him.

She wishes Beth were there but she’s at a friend’s. Liam tells her how proud he is of how she handled herself today.

liam 'proud' of hope Bold and beautiful recaps

He’s sure leaving the boy at Steffy’s was one of the hardest things she’s ever had to do.

She worries about Steffy being Thomas’ sister and whether this will give him an advantage.

Hope looks into Douglas’ room and then complains about how quiet it is. Liam assures her he will be back with all his noises.

He’s also sure that Steffy will keep the little boy safe.

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