Finn Tells Victor He Was Deliberately Poisoned and Victor Accuses Laura as Anna Barks at Lucy For Trying to Run Off

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, March 14, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Dex is back in the middle of Pikeman, Anna tries to calm Lucy’s worries about the Ball, and Maxie tries securing the Metro Court for the event.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Mac and Felicia helped Kevin through his struggle with his guilt over grieving, Dex got shot, and Dante learned Cody’s secret.

In the warehouse, Sonny tells Dex he’s determined to find out who the guy who shot at them was.

He shakes the shooter awake and demands to know who he was working for.

sonny questions shooter GH recaps March 14, 2023

The shooter says he was a contractor and the deal was anonymous. Brick brings the mob doctor and Sonny orders him to keep the shooter alive.

The shooter dies. Sonny is miffed and tells the doctor to sort out Dex’s wound.

Once Dex steps away, Brick asks his boss why Dex is always getting shot.

Dex is fine and gets bandaged up. Sonny tells Brick to find out who hired the shooter.

Brick goes through the dead guy’s pockets. There aren’t many clues.

Dex recognizes the matchbook as being from the Highsider.

“Kid might be useful after all,” Brick grudgingly admits. Sonny reminds him he just saved his life.

brick dex sonny warehouse GH recaps March 14, 2023

Once Brick leaves, Sonny tells Tony to help Dex get rid of the body. Dex nearly collapses when he bends over to pick up the corpse. He swoons into Sonny’s arms.

The boss tells him to take it easy and drink some water. They speculate on the shooting.

Sonny thinks it’s amazing that he was going to keep him out of the Pikeman deal and now he’s in the middle of it. He’s taking him back to his place.

Brick returns after checking the data on the shooter’s phone and rifle. They are both from a ghost. He’s sure that whoever hired him is a powerful enemy.

Sonny says that whoever it is will be very sorry.

Finn joins Victor in an exam room at General Hospital.

He’s identified the pathogen in his system.


The doctor explains it’s not that simple. It’s uncommon for a pathogen to cause such a localized and specific response. The pathogen seems to have a mission.

Finn explains that it’s an obligate pathogen and it’s likely that he was given it by an enemy.

Research in this area is limited and the damage done to him is not known to be reversible.

victor no cure GH recaps March 14, 2023

At the Metro Court, Felicia gives Mac champagne to toast to him making up with Kevin. She’s surprised that Cody encouraged him to speak to his friend.

mac felicia toast GH recaps March 14, 2023

He explains that things were going well with Cody until he suddenly clammed up.

He adds that Cody has been selling plasma and has been seen with Selina Wu.

She suggests that they help him.

Mac says Cody isn’t family but she has a strange feeling about that.

felicia mac talk cody GH recaps March 14, 2023

Laura tells Drew that she can’t give up Valentin’s stake in ELQ. He assumes something is up.

laura can't help drew GH recaps March 14, 2023

She says it’s too soon to make any major decisions about Charlotte’s inheritance. He understands. She says whatever happens with the shares aren’t up to her.

Laura joins Mac and Felicia. He tells her that he and Kevin had a good talk.

laura joins mac felicia GH recaps March 14, 2023

They notice Victor arriving at the bar. As he orders a drink, he thinks about how he may have been drugged. He orders a fresh bottle.

Mac storms over and asks why he’s been avoiding the PCPD’s questions about Nikolas’ disappearance.

Victor claims he’s been busy. Mac asks if he’s hiding Nikolas. Victor drinks. The cop threatens to haul him in for obstruction. The Cassadine tells him to contact his attorney if he has questions.

Mac questions victor GH recaps March 14, 2023

On his way out, Victor flashes back to one of Laura’s threats. “It was you,” he accuses her. He tells her she will pay dearly.

She’s struck the first blow and now they both have everything to lose.

victor warns laura GH recaps March 14, 2023

At the safe house, Anna and Valentin think they should plant false codes in the report Victor asked Ashby for. He thinks the way her mind works is sexy and scary.

anna valentin kiss carly GH recaps March 14, 2023

Before they can make out, Lucy stomps in, panicking that the Ball will be ruined without her. The llama situation will be a disaster.

Screaming, Lucy is frustrated that she’s stuck there for the 60th anniversary.

After she storms off, Anna tells Valentin how beautiful the Ball is and how central Lucy has always been to it.

She wishes Lucy could trust Maxie and Bobbie.

anna valentin plot carly GH recaps March 14, 2023

Lucy returns and tells them the Metro Court is booked up for the next five months.

They’re sure Maxie can figure something out.

Anna reminds her that it’s the mission of the Ball that’s important.

She’s sure it will be celebrated, even without Lucy’s brand of pizazz.

They remind her that she can’t risk being seen. The Ball will have to do without her.

Anna orders her to follow orders and zip it.

lucy worries to anna valentin GH recaps March 14, 2023

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Maxie and Bobbie arrive at the Quartermaine house to see Olivia. She’s sick so Brook Lynn has to step in. She informs them there’s a hitch.

blq stands in for olivia carly GH recaps March 14, 2023

They’re outraged. Carly walks in and they tell her that if they don’t find a new home for the Ball soon, it won’t happen.

maxie, blq, bobbie and carly talk ball carly GH recaps March 14, 2023

Maxie says she’s sure they can still have the Ball at the Metro Court. Carly guesses they need Nina to agree to it. Maxie is sure she will.

Carly is eager to help and wishes she could save them from involving Nina.

Nina strolls in and asks what Carly is trying to keep from her now.

nina blq walk in on carly GH recaps March 14, 2023

They tell her the Ball is coming up and hope she will allow them to hold it at the Metro Court. Carly and Nina sneer at each other.

Nina assures them that she and Olivia will make it work. After Maxie gives them all a pep talk, Nina asks for a minute alone with Carly.

BLQ bumps into Drew by the door. She warns him there is a “gladiator match” in the other room.

Bobbie and Maxie join them and try talking Drew into stripping at the Ball.

Meanwhile, Nina tries talking to Carly about Willow. Drew joins them. And Nina asks for an update about he daughter.

They don’t say anything but offer to speak to Willow to figure out how to share information. This annoys Nina.

Drew tries to keep things calm. Nina warns that they are no longer the gatekeepers of information and adds she knows a lot more than they think she does.

nina carly drew bicker GH recaps March 14, 2023

She walks out and Drew has to hold back furious Carly.

In the stables, Dante asks Cody if Mac is really his father.

The stableman admits he screwed up.

He lied about the original results.

dante tells cody cheating self GH recaps March 14, 2023

Cody explains that he pretended to be Taub’s son to get the jewels. His feelings for Britt ruined that plan.

Still, he thought that inheritance was his birthright after his heiress mother gave all his money to charity.

Dante wonders if Sam was right about him given his deceptions. Cody explains he got the second chance to show it to Mac.

His friend urges him not to wrap this up in another lie. If he wants to have a relationship with Mac, he needs to be totally honest with him.

cody and dante talk mac deception GH recaps March 14, 2023

Cody agrees. But he’s not telling Mac anything. Dante wonders why he would cheat himself and Mac out of a relationship.

Cody thinks that Mac will be better off. His friend asks why he keeps punishing himself.

Mac is a great guy and he has the opportunity to be part of a good family.

Dante urges him to do the right thing and exits.

danet urges cody come clean GH recaps March 14, 2023

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