Young and Restless Spoiler Speculation: Jeremy and Phyllis’ Dastardly Plan to Take Down Diane

Y&R’s bicentennial celebration spoiler speculation.

The show promises incredible drama and entertainment during the bicentennial celebration coming up in March. We’re getting another masquerade ball and several exciting returns from past beloved characters such as Mamie (Veronica Redd)

Jeremy Stark (James Hyde) has spent a lot of time in prison, thinking about what kind of revenge he wants to take on Diane since he blames her for his downfall.

He’s been watching Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) spiral down for a while and finally convinced her to help him in his attempt to get payback. 

So far we know that Phyllis will be breaking into the Abbott mansion and stealing something personal of Diane’s.

In the same episode, we saw Diane put her engagement ring into her handbag, which could mean it’s what Phyllis steals.

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Stark seems to want to incriminate Diane in some crime with the item, and since Phyllis is down on her luck, vulnerable and not thinking clearly, we’re wondering if Jeremy is using Phyllis.

What do you think? Is Stark using Phyllis when Red thinks she’s actually in on his plan for vengeance?

It seems to be possible since Stark is keeping his hands clean so far by making Phyllis do the dirty work for him.

Since some behind-the-scenes shots have been leaked with a portrait of Phyllis on an easel at a funeral.

That could mean that Phyllis is faking her own death and setting Diane up to take the fall for murder.

So far there’s no word that Michelle Stafford’s leaving her role as Phyllis, so this theory could be what we’re about to see go down.

Maybe this is the entertainment and drama that will happen at the masquerade ball.

phyllis calls stark and tells him off Y&R day ahead recaps Tuesday March 11, 2023

James Hyde posted a cryptic message on his Instagram which could mean he’s leaving the show. Does this have anything to do with the storyline? Is Stark going back to prison? Is he being killed off? Will Jeremy double-cross Phyllis?

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