Nate Refuses to Sleep with Victoria Causing her to Fantasize, Tucker Refuses to let Adam Get His Company & Victor Catches Abby and Devon Together

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Audra tells Tucker she’s after Nate but has competition, Abby and Devon ponder his options, and Nate reassures Elena again. In the previous episode, Victoria asked Nate up to her room, Nick worried about Sally’s feelings for Adam, and Phyllis’ reveal stumped Jack and Diane.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for March 14, 2023 episode airs in the USA March 15. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Victoria nervously paces in her suite at the Phoenix. She sends Nate a text to tell him she’s in room 407.

victoria waits Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

Nate receives the text and thinks back to reassuring Elena that there is nothing personal between he and Victoria. Then he flashes back to Victoria telling him how much she enjoys control before kissing him.

nate thinks Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

He does some thinking, gulps a scotch and saunters over the elevator.

Nick steps off. He’s loking for his sister. Nate says they finished earlier and he doesn’t know her whereabouts at all times.

Nate makes excuses about why he’s there and claims he’s crashing there for the night to give Elena some space. He leaps on the elevator. Nick looks suspicious.

nate bumps into nick Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

Nate arrives in Victoria’s suite. She gets him a scotch and he tells her he’s not there for sex. He wanted to tell her to her face.

nate arrives at victoria's Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

He admits that he’s interested. The problem is he’s already in two relationships: one with Elena and one with Newman Media.

With a little pushing, Nate admits he has a lot of desire for her. But he needs to rise above it. They both do for the sake of their working relationship.

nate turns victoria down Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

He hopes she’s not insulted. She’s not. His earnestness is attractive.

She asks him to go so she can drink alone and assures him they are okay.

victoria assures nate all is well Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

He exits.

Tucker bumps into Adam drinking at Society. The Newman offers to buy him a drink.

adam tucker talk sale Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

McCall warns he’s on the upswing right now in case he’s looking for someone to commiserate with.

Adma immediately begins asking him about the sale of his company. Tucker assumes he’s been hearing it about it from his family.

He thought he enjoyed being the black sheep of the family and teases him.

tucker bar Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

Adam says they have their issues but are family at the end of the day. He’s sure that McCall must understand that given his relationship with Devon.

Adam says he and his father are alike. “Miserbale, ruthless,” Tucker says.

Adam explains that he might end up being the CEO of his empire.

adam drinks Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

When he suggests they drink to it, Tucker toasts, “Over my dead body will you ever have anything to do with my company.”

Tucker makes it clear he has no intention to sell to Newman and suggests he not fall for his father’s scenarios.

tucker unimpressed by adam Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

Adam says his family doesn’t give up. Everyone has their price and he’s sure Tucker does too.

Nick interrupts to say he’s not interested in whatever this conversation is about.

When Adam suggests they are negotiating, Tucker says that he means nothing to him and walks off.

tucker ends talk Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

Nick asks his brother if he’s ready to let this go because the deal looks like it will never happen.

Adam won’t give up. If Tucker wants to work things out with Devon, he’ll make that hard. His brother still doubts this.

adam tells nick determined Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

He thinks that his siblings are too much like their father. They are toxic and weird and he doesn’t want any part of it.

Nick urges him to start his own company. Adam wants to leave a legacy for his children. That’s why he’s willing to fight for McCall.

adam nick bicker drinks Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

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Y&R Opinions

Y&R comings and goings

Nate bumps into Audra at Crimson Lights.

She apologizes again if she caused a misunderstanding with Elena.

nate defensive Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

He says that’s been sorted. She wonders why he’s there instead of on his date night then.

She starts probing about Victoria.

When he sits down, they mull over the Tucker deal.

Nate is still determined to make peace with Devon, but he has to do that slowly.

audra questions nate Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

She tells him Victoria is eager. Touching his hand, she admires how he deals with strong women. Tucker arrives on the patio and watches them.

tucker sees audra and nate Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

Once Nate exits, Tucker tells Audra it looks like she’s working late. He assumes she’s after Nate. At least that’s a step up from “boring” Noah.

She says that Nate is quite the catch and she’s got competition. She doesn’t mean dull Elena either.

He laughs when she explains she’s talking about Victoria. He wonders how she will survive if she steals the man her boss’ boss wants.

“The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward,” she says.

He knows how much she likes big rewards.

audra talks nate to tucker Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

McCall wishes he still had her help with Devon. He knows she’s a “transactional woman” and would do anything for a payoff.

She asks what he would offer.

When Nate gets home, he’s surprised to see Elena is awake.

She explains she woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep.

elena nate talk obligations Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

He says that he went out to talk to Victoria about work.

Defensively, he insists that he and his boss only have a working relationship and nothing more.

She reminds him she used to say the same thing to Devon.

She’s sure that Victoria is ruthless and doesn’t back away until she gets what she wants.

The more he reassures her, the more skeptical she gets.

Her instincts are making her suspect something he swears isn’t happening.

nate defensive elena Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

When he tells her he’s committed, she says he makes their relationship sound like an obligation. He claims he’s deeply committed and in love with her. They kiss.

Back in her suite, Victoria kisses and fantasizes about sex with Nate.

victoria nate fantasy Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

Adam drops by the ranch to see his father.

He tells him that Tucker seems very determined to make a deal with Devon.

He seemed confident it could happen.

adam worries to victor Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

Victor snaps that Tucker is full of bull.

His son assures him he’s determined to fight for this. Victor wants this for him and the family.

He asks Adam to leave it to him to make sure that Devon doesn’t make the deal. Victor will meet with him tonight and sort it.

He has a feeling the tide is turning in his favor and Adam is coming back into the family.

victor gives assurances Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

Adam reminds him it’s purely conditional and selfish. His father knows that.

At the penthouse, Devon thanks Abby for bringing him some of his favorite things to eat.

They talk about how nice empanadas and Dominic are.

abby devon talk dom Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

The kid is asleep. Spending time with him reminded Devon of why he’s fighting for his company. Abby points out their son may not even want to be part of it.

Devon just wants him to be proud of him. She promises he will be regardless. Abby wonders if he’s still considering buying McCall.

He recaps his conversation with his father. He’s sure that his reasons for buying the company trump whatever Tucker’s motivations might actually be.

abby devon talk tucker Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

She knows she’s been pushing this but doesn’t fully trust his father. He admits that he and Tucker seemed to be on the same page when they talked.

He explains that his dad wants to come on in an advisory role. He’s interpreting this as a sign that he really wants to fix things between them.

They remain skeptical.

She’s ready to go home but he suggests she stay and put him to sleep. She’s up for that. They make out and jog up the stairs.

abby devon excited Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

Soon after, Victor shows up, eager to discuss Tucker with Devon.

victor surprises devon Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

Devon admits he might be changing his mind about buying his father’s company. When he claims it’s complicated, Victor wants to hear more and wanders in.

Once the Newman sits down, Devon tells him he wants McCall Unlimited for a safety net given how badly his legal fight with his family might go.

devon explains things victor Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

He offers to consider forgetting McCall if he can sort out his legal issues.

Victor offers to see what he can do.

Half-naked Abby walks in. “Dad, what are you doing here?” she asks.

abby between victor devon Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

That’s awkward and Victor abruptly leaves. This isn’t how Abby wanted her dad to find out about them.

Devon says they aren’t doing anything wrong. She says her dad wants her to be happy.

“That makes two of us,” says Devon. They kiss.

Next week on Y&R

“You said you have an alternative for me?” Jill asks. “I think you will like what I have to propose,” Victor tells her.


“Mamie!” exclaims Jack as he opens the door to her.

veronica redd returns as mamie to see jack abbott on young and restless

“Tonight is the night! It’s finally here. The Genoa City Bicentennial Gala,” Traci says, excited.

“This is going to be an unforgettable celebration,” Nikki adds.


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