Days of Our Lives Spoilers November 14 – 18: Steve and Kayla go Undercover, Tony and Anna Talk EJ Down as Charlie Tells Ava to Kill Susan

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, November 14 to Friday, November 18, 2022.

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Ahead will include Gwen becoming suspicious of Xander’s job, Melinda pressures Chanel for a confession, Gabi is not happy with Stefan, and Sloan shocks Paulina.

Monday, November 14

Monday’s Days recap: Nicole tells Rafe it’s over

Nicole informs Rafe that she would rather be with Eric.

Jada and Eric react to some news that has them shocked.

Gwen figures out that Xander is not telling the truth about his job.

EJ and Ava have another confrontation.

rafe catches ericole sex DAYS
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Tuesday, November 15

Tuesday’s Days recap: Sloan admits she’s the client

When Allie is upset about Chanel getting arrested, Alex is there to comfort her.

Henry gets a puppet show.

Leo’s fired.

When Leo’s expectations are squashed, Sonny offers him some support.

Paulina tries getting answers out of Sloan.

Sloan admits she is her own client.

Melinda puts the pressure on Chanel to confess.

Chanel confesses to Allie.

chad talks trask days

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Wednesday, November 16

Wednesday’s Days recap: Sloan blames Chanel for killing her mom

What Sloan reveals to Paulina leaves her in shock.

Sloan’s mother fell off a rooftop arguing with Chanel who was having sex with her husband.

Things get romantic between Alex and Stephanie.

Alex is redeemed in Steph’s eyes.

Wendy and Johnny search for Rolf in Jakarta.

Li finds out where his sister went.

Gabi and Stefan butt heads when she demands that Gabi Chic be returned to her.

allie learns got slapped days of our lives recap soapsspoilers

Thursday, November 17

Thursday’s Days recap: Wendy and Johnny are in danger

Li worries that Wendy has become suspicious of him.

Wendy winds up in danger.

Johnny and Wendy are downed by Rolf.

Gabi is not happy to discover that Chloe and Stefan are dating.

Stefan is jealous of Gabi and Li.

Li figures out that his sister knows everything.

Things are uncomfortable when Eric and Rafe see each other.

Rafe gloats to Nicole now that Jada’s pregnant.

rafe catches nic and brady days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Friday, November 18

Friday’s Days recap: Tripp is rescued

Justin starts worrying when Bonnie goes missing.

Steve and Kayla go undercover to search for Tripp.

Tripp is found safe.

Tony and Anna try to talk EJ around.

EJ decides to pay Ava off.

Ava gets some nefarious advice from “Charlie.”

Charlie wants Ava to off Susan.

Susan and Bonnie talk telepathically. 

Xander is annoyed by the captives.

ava talks dead charlie days

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