Paulina’s Shocked by Sloan’s Admission as Chanel Confesses to Allie, and Chad Kills Gwen’s Story on Chanel

Days of our Lives recap for Tuesday, November 15, 2022.  

In today’s Days episode, Trask is angry when Rafe allows Chanel a visitor, Leo gets fired, Gwen gets a big scoop from Sloan, and Leo’s devastated.

In the last Days recap, EJ attacked Ava but Tony stepped in, Jada was disgusted with Eric for kissing Nicole and told him to take a hike, while Rafe told Nicole off for marrying him when she was still in love with Eric.

tony pulls ej off of ava Days of our lives


Stephanie paces her parents’ condo as she jumps on a call to put out fires about Chanel’s arrest for Paulina. Chad arrives to tell her the news about Chanel murdering someone is in the Intruder.

Stephanie’s disgusted. Chad’s had it happen to him as well. They wonder how they’ll spin this.

Steph says they can make it look like Trask has an axe to grind with Paulina.

She couldn’t try Lani so she tried for the other daughter. Chad says Jack’s in New York visiting Jennifer but Gwen’s here.

He’ll try to talk with her.

stephanie says press sharks days of our lives soapsspoilers

At Horton Square, Gwen’s upset that Sweet Bits is closed. She can’t do a cover story on it when she can’t get comments from anyone.

Sonny appears and she introduces herself as being from The Spectator.

He eyes her. He knows who she is. Gwen questions if there’s a cover-up and is Allie involved.

Sonny refuses to answer her so she asks how his husband feels about having a sister dating someone who is a murderer.

He refuses to answer that one and stomps away while Sloan saunters up, offering to answer her questions.

Gwen refuses to listen since she’s dirt. Gwen wonders how the state bar would react when they learned about obstruction of justice.

Sloan claims there was no proof of her client’s true intentions.

She was just acting in his best interests. Sloan says she gave Trask the dirt on Chanel. She’ll email her. 

sloan tells gwen knows about murder days of our lives soapsspoilers

From home, Allie makes a call to Belle to ask for help in getting in to see Chanel at SPD. Alex shows up.

He heard the news and thought she could use a friend.

They embrace. She explains that Henry’s asking where she is when it came time for his puppet show.

alex comforts allie about girlfriend days of our lives soapsspoilers

She hasn’t slept. Alex is sorry. Allie doesn’t get what it’s about and where the evidence comes from. Alex knows.

He fills her in on what happened with Sloan and the evidence.

She’s no longer a friend or anything else to him.

alex plays henry days of our lives soapsspoilers

She gets a text. Rafe says he pulled strings and she can visit Chanel but Wendy’s out of town so Alex offers to sit with Henry.

She goes and Alex plays blocks with Henry.

Stephanie arrives, happy to see Alex but says she was there to tell Allie how to deal with the press.

steph happy see alex days of our lives soapsspoilers

Alex explains he’s caring for Henry while she visits Chanel.

Henry cries and Alex promises his mommy will be back soon.

The baby cries and Steph decides to stay.

They put on a puppet show with British accents for the boy and it attracts them to each other more.

henry puppet show days of our lives soapsspoilers


At SPD, Belle takes Paulina’s call. As a mother, Belle understands Paulina wants to see Chanel but Trask disallowed it.

Belle says she and Abe need to avoid the press and stay away.

belle sorry allie can't see chanel days of our lives soapsspoilers

Trask finds Chanel in the interrogation room.

Is she ready to confess to murder? Chanel stares, belligerant.

Trask says it’ll be better for her if she confesses.

chanel belligerent trask days of our lives soapsspoilers

Belle arrives and yells at Trask. She can’t do this. She looked over the evidence and insists she drop all charges.

Trask finds that amusing. Belle says this happened when Chanel lived in the UK.

Trask has no jurisdiction. Trask obtained permission from Scotland Yard to question Chanel. Belle says a judge won’t allow it.

trask talks chanel days of our lives soapsspoilers

Until the arraignment, her client will not answer any questions.

Trask says Shawn needs to haul in Governor-Elect Price.

Price covered this up and Salemites deserve to know.

Chanel decides to answer her questions though Belle asks her not to.

chanel tells trask about martha days of our lives soapsspoilers

Trask shows her a photo. Chanel knows the woman of Martha Bedford and an incident report.

Chanel says that’s her signature — of her sworn statement. “So you admit, you are the one who  murdered Martha Bedford?”

Belle tells Trask the interview is over. Trask takes Belle outside and Allie shows up to see Chanel.

Trask allows it but bitches about him reporting to the mayor. “Mr. Paulina Price,” she says with a sneer.

They argue at length while Allie comforts Chanel and learns the truth, that Chanel’s sorry but she did kill someone.

chanel admits killer days of our lives

At the office, Leo brings Paulina coffee and a cake in a mug since Sweet Bits is closed.

“You’re fired, Mary,” she says, eyes narrowed.

“But, I’m Leo,” he says. She doesn’t care. She’s kicking his ass to the curb.

He reminds her he’s standing between her and the press.

leo brings cake to paulina days of our lives soapsspoilers

He sent them on a wild chase. Paulina will take her chances and blames him for her daughter being arrested for murder.

Leo wants to explain but Stephanie Johnson told her everything.

Leo says he opened the safe to execute her executive orders and give himself an advancement on his salary to pay back said shyster.

He didn’t know the documents were there and that the “sneaky succubus” would snatch them behind his back.

leo talks false accusations days of our lives soapsspoilers

Leo knows what it’s like to be falsely accused.

Sloan appears in the door and says that Chanel isn’t falsely accused.

Leo yells at Sloan for tricking him when his back was turned.

Sloan says his back was turned. He didn’t see anything.

paulina with sloan taunting days of our lives soapsspoilers

Leo takes it back. He’ll tell them that he saw her. Paulina kicks Leo out.

Leo rants at Sloan for ruining everything and then Paulina.

He tells her good luck finding Tumeric in this little town because he bought it all up. For her!

He leaves and Sloan taunts Paulina. She knows she lied about the murder of TR Coates and did it again with Chanel.

She thinks it’s a matter of time until she’s slapped with cuffs. She admits when pushed that this was never about money.

Paulina asks who the heck her client is. There isn’t one. Sloan wants payback.  

sloan says chanel guilty days of our lives soapsspoilers


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At Alice’s, Gwen reads Sloan’s email and says, “Oh my God.”

Chad interrupts.

gwen gets sloan email days of our lives soapsspoilers

He has a story for her and boy, will she want this byline.

Gwen says it’s not as big as the fish she just landed. Chad tells her the headline will be that DA Trask targets family over old grudge.

Gwen is doing research about her new article. She gets out her laptop.

How is this headline? “Damning evidence surfaces in Governor-Elect’s criminal cover-up.” Chad’s shocked.

She reveals Sloan gave it to her. Chad begs her not to publish it. For Jack.

She needs to decide which side she wants to be on. She admits that she would rather trash Trask and Peterson. 

chad has byline for gwen days of our lives soapsspoilers

Sonny finds Leo on the bench outside the pub and asks what’s going on. Leo’s miserable and asks to be consoled.

Sonny was doing early Christmas shopping for Ari. He should get back.

Leo calls him a good daddy. Sonny reluctantly sits when Leo talks about not having a husband, family or friends.

He hates himself and admits his new career is over.

leo hates himself days of our lives soapsspoilers

He explains everything when Sonny asks.

“I’m never going to have my happy ending like Bob Crotch-et.”

Sonny corrects him. “It’s Bob Cratchit.”

“What did I say?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Maybe it’s not over. Maybe Paulina will be visited by three ghosts in the night.

Leo says it’s over. He’s been reading self-help books and everything was beginning to go well for him.

Sonny tries to look on the bright side. He didn’t mean for this to happen. Sonny’s sorry. He takes Leo to breakfast. 

leo tells sonny about sloan days of our lives

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