Sloan Blames Chanel For Her Mother’s Death, Gabi and Stefan Share a Heated Moment and Kate Encourages Chad Not to Give up on Love

Days of our Lives recap for Wednesday, November 16, 2022.  

In today’s Days episode, Li learns where his sister went, Wendy finds the location of Rolf’s lab, Stephanie and Alex get to know one another, Kate encourages Chad not to give up on love, and Chanel reveals the story of how she accidentally killed Sloan’s mother.

In the last Days recap, Trask is angry when Rafe allows Allie to visit Chanel, Sloan outed herself as ‘the client’, Leo got fired, and Chad convinced Gwen not to ruin Chanel and Paulina by writing about what was in the Price file.

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Johnny and Wendy arrive in Jakarta after a 36-hour flight. Wendy’s exhausted and lies on the bed.

He asks her to watch his cameras in the bag next to her. As a filmmaker, he’s looking forward to documenting their trip.

Wendy snipes at him. They’re here for one reason.

wendy and johnny jakarta days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

To find Dr. Rolf. They argue and she apologizes. She’s jet-lagged and worried her brother did something reprehensible.

Johnny admits he must be used to his family doing things to get what they want. At least Li did it for love. His dad did it for power.

Wendy calls him sweet. Johnny needs a shower and rips off his shirt and goes into the bathroom.

Wendy works on emails as Johnny returns wet and half-naked from the shower. She asks if he’s getting dressed. He shrugs. He had a thought in the shower.

johnny shaves chest daysofourlives recaps

“That you should stop shaving your chest hairs?” Johnny claims he doesn’t. He says Rolf probably has a high-tech lab here.

They start looking up offices that use a lot of power and in about five seconds flat, they find Rolf’s lab.

They talk about what they’ll tell Rolf once they get there. Johnny comes up with an idea.

She goes to shower and when she returns, dressed, he fits her with a mic under her shirt. They share a moment.

wendy's shirt days of our lives recaps

At Allie’s place, Stephanie and Alex make out.

At Paulina’s office, she’s shocked that there’s no mystery client. Sloan’s the client. She wanted to make her suffer for revenge. Paulina asks for what.

Who the hell is she? Sloan says she wronged her. Sloan took that death personally. Paulina realizes who she is.

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She’s Bedford’s daughter. Sloan accuses Chanel of murdering her mom. She says she was told her mom suicided but she didn’t believe it.

She knew it had to do with her dad’s side piece. Paulina says, “Watch it!” Sloan ignores her. When her dad resigned and stopped working on his novel, he began drinking himself to death.

Paulina heard he died. Sloan says before his death he told her that her mama didn’t kill herself. She learned the truth that Chanel killed her. Paulina says, “Are you at all interested in the truth, or do you just want to be the self-righteous victim?”

Sloan knows that Chanel admitted to pushing her. Paulina says it didn’t happen. She was suffering enough. Sloan says she’s been planning this for a year.

She set up her practice in her mother’s maiden name, Peterson. Then she made her move to do as much damage as possible.

Paulina says she’s like her mother and doesn’t think she was a saint. Chanel is like Paulina. She thinks Sloan metaphorically lured her to the rooftop.

Someone charges her, she shoves back hard and asks Sloan to think about where she might land. Sloan will make Chanel pay.

paulina blames sloan through hell days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

At SPD in the interrogation room, Chanel reveals to Allie she killed someone and has lived with it for years.

Now everyone will know a woman is dead because of her. Chanel chokes up. At University in London, she had an affair with one of her professors.

She was married to him. He was dreamy Dr. Nathan Bedford. She was struggling in his class and she thought he was helping her to catch up.

chanel killed sloan mom days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

He seemed like he cared. They read Bleak House and on the roof of the University, and he kissed her. It was thrilling.

That was how the affair began and the start of the worst thing that has ever happened to her.

She says it wasn’t just the sex but that he made her feel that he listened to her. Allie says, “Yeah but he used his position and status to…”

She apologizes when Chanel flinches. She wanted to marry him and inspire him to finish the novel she knew he had in him.

He told her that the marriage was loveless and toxic. He was just there for the kids, who were grown adults.

They were together almost the whole semester until she got a text from him asking to meet on the rooftop.

When she got there, it wasn’t him. “It was the wife,” Allie says. She called her names and a homewrecker.

chanel recalls death days of our lives recap soapsspoilers

Chanel thinks she should have left but she stayed and tried to explain that he was unhappy with her and wanted to divorce her. “She slapped me,” Chanel says, after telling her that he was hers and lying to her. The woman said that Bedford was hers. “She didn’t even say she loved him,” Chanel tells Allie.

They talked about some property that they shared as a couple and the woman says he’d never let go of it. Allie calls the woman a bitch. 

Chanel reels as she says they argued and she charged her and Chanel tried to push her away. She didn’t realize how close to the edge they were.

“I can still hear her scream.” She saw Martha laying in a pool of blood. “I killed her, Allie.”

Campus police turned up and she told them it was her fault and admitted to the affair and that she said she pushed her.

Allie’s puzzled. How did she keep it quiet? There was no trial. Chanel says her mother covered it up with money.

Her statement disappeared and as far as everyone knew, she was never there. She’s not sure how Sloan got the information.

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Gabi shows up at Basic Black and demands Stefan give her company back to her. It’s her concept. She wants Gabi Chic.

Stefan refuses her and tells her to get out. She starts speaking Spanish and he does it right back.

She moves to smack him and he grabs her arm just as Li appears in the door. Gabi tells Li to ask “this minion” to give her Gabi Chic back.

gabi smacks stefan days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Stefan says no way will EJ do that. Li offers to ask anyway.

Stefan thinks he’s caught between a rock and a DiMera place. Gabi tells him to shut up and Stefan calls her Bridezilla.

Li asks where his sister is and learns she’s working remotely. Gabi stays behind to get the wedding invitations from the printer while Li takes off telling them to try to play nice.

stefan desk days of our lives recap soapsspoilers

Gabi takes loud calls and irritates Stefan while she looks for her old notes, plowing her ass into Stefan’s arm as she takes the papers from the printer. Stefan can’t help but stare at her ass.

Stefan’s done with her and manhandles her. They share a moment.

stefan wants gabi sex days of our lives recaps

From Allice’s, Chad leaves a message for Stephanie to tell her that Sloan gave Gwen the Price file but that Gwen’s not going to write anything about it in the Spectator.

chad calls steph days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

He disconnects and Kate shows up. She loves her wedding gift.

She tells him not to ask her how she is.

Roman asks constantly. Chad says they were afraid to lose her.

She asks about work and how things are between him and Stephanie.

Chad is shocked she remembers him telling her he was into Steph but says it’s a moot point.

She’s dating Alex Kiriakis. And Chad’s not sure he’ll ever be ready to move on. Kate knows Abigail would want him to fall in love again.

He thinks Stephanie and Alex could crash and burn by then. “Or fall madly in love,” Kate counters. She wants his happiness.

kate doing fine days of our lives recap soapsspoilers

Back at Allie’s, Stephanie calls the kiss with Alex “nice.” She stops it in case the kid walks in. They clean up the toys.

He can’t believe they’re together and she recalls how obnoxious she was.

The last guy she dated came on strong like him. She fell for it and he ghosted her.

She wouldn’t let anyone play her that way again. Alex admits he’s ghosted women before but was upfront that he only wanted a good time.

He thinks it was still a crappy thing to do. He was averse to love.

He says his mother was a mess. Justin left his mother for Adrienne and his mom went from one meaningless fling to another. She spiralled and had a sad life.

Steph thinks it must have been hard to watch. Alex says yes, especially since Justin and Adrienne seemed to have it all. Alex never thought he’d have what they had until he met Steph. She grins.

Li turns up looking for Wendy and Alex tells him she left town but he doesn’t know where. Li gets on his phone fast and asks someone to locate his sister.

Once he’s in the square, he gets a return call that his sister’s in Jakarta.

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