Steve and Kayla Save Tripp, Ava Demands More Money, and Justin Returns to Find Bonnie Missing

Days of our Lives recap for Friday, November 18, 2022.  

In today’s Days episode, Justin worries when he learns Bonnie left town, Alex helps him track her down, while Ava demands more money from EJ, and Steve and Kayla find Tripp safe and sound.

In the last Days recap, Rolf turned the tables on Johnny and Wendy, Chloe walked in on Stefan and Gabi in a heated moment, while Kristen and Li wondered if Wendy knew about what he did to Stefan, and Rafe was petty with Nicole after learning that Jada’s pregnant with Eric’s kid. 

rafe catches nic and brady days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers


Justin returns home to the Kiriakis mansion with an embrace. Alex tells him he kissed the woman of his dreams.

Justin asks where his dream girl is. Alex says she’s visiting Mimi.

He explains she was supposed to set up an anniversary dinner and took off. Justin’s immediately on edge.

That’s not like her. He leaves her a message.

He can’t get his mind off her so he calls Mimi, who tells him Bonnie’s not there and she hasn’t heard from her.

justin home days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

In the potting shed, Evil Clown (Xander) removes Bonnie’s gag so she can eat.

She screams that she’s being kidnapped by Pennywise. He tells her to shut it.

She’ll stay there until EJ DiMera pays his mother’s ransom.

She tells Bozo it’s a matter of time until her husband notices she’s missing.

“You ever hear of the tears of a clown?”

bonnie screams at clown days of our lives recap soapsspoilers

Xander can’t listen to her anymore. He gags her and leaves and Bonnie starts thinking that he’s a son-of-a-bitch who won’t even pay the ransom.

He mustn’t care about his mother. Susan thinks back to her, asking who she’s calling a female dog.

Bonnie freaks out, asking if that’s her in her head. Susan says it is.

They keep the silly babbling about Elvis, peanut butter and banana sandwiches and Susan wants to try to get into Elvis’s head.

bonnie freaks out days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

In the Dimera House, EJ wonders where Ava is.

Tony reminds his brother that if he paid the ransom, she could be home by now.

EJ talks about not negotiating with terrorists. Tony thinks his brother has become one by kidnapping Ava’s son.

EJ says she needed to know how far he’d go to get his mom back.

ej tony argue ava days of our lives recap soapsspoilers

Tony snipes that it’s just a standoff now. EJ overestimated Ava’s humanity.

Tony’s not judging him but his pride and stubbornness are influences his decision-making. EJ denies it but Tony says he’s trying to teach Ava a lesson.

He suggests EJ let Tripp go. Anna appears. She tells the men Susan is safe. She got her crystal heart back.

She shows the men and Tony explains what’s going on. Anna’s upset. EJ gets cranky.

“Why don’t you take a full page out in the intruder.”

Tony’s sorry but he doesn’t keep stuff from his wife. Anna sides with EJ until she learns he kidnapped Tripp. She voices her disgust and Tony agrees. Let the man go.

anna got heart back days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers


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In the DiMera crypt, Ava wonders why Steve hasn’t called. Charlie pokes his head in.

Even if she doesn’t have her precious Tripp, she still has him. He babbles and she tells him to stop talking.

Charlie laughs that she trusts a man who puts his own family over her. Ava says that’s not what happened.

charlie ava crypt days of our lives recap soapsspoilers

Charlie thinks she can trust only him. Xander arrives and Charlie disappears. He asks who she’s talking to. She thought she saw a rat.

She says EJ hasn’t paid the ransom. Xander’s pissed. It’s day two. Ava rants, “He’s got my kid, okay?”

Xander thinks they should call it off. Ava reminds him of the payoff but he no longer cares about the cash. Besides, it’s not just Susan now.

He explains he has Bonnie, too. She calls him a colossal idiot and he calls her one back. They snipe at one another.

Ava suggests they ransom Bonnie but Xander can’t do that to Justin.

He goes back to the potting shed and Charlie reappears and taunts his mother.

He claims he’s not trying to upset her but he thinks EJ will find his mom, and take out “that buffoon Xander.”

xander call off days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Outside the Serpent’s Den in Seattle, Steve in sunglasses looks at matches in his hand from the joint.

He goes inside and gets a shot of bourbon before asking the bartender if he’s seen Tripp.

He shows a photo but the man doesn’t recognize him.

steve serpent club days of our lives recap soapsspoilers

He asks why. Steve says someone kidnapped him and they’ve reason to believe he hangs out here.

The bartender asks if he’s a cop.

“You see me flashing a badge?”

bartender serpent club days of our lives recap soapsspoilers

He says this is for his boss. Kayla walks in wearing a ratty fur jacket and a leopard print dress with a wig.

She pretends she’s Ava Vitali. The bartender becomes a little concerned.

She makes threats. Steve grabs the man and shoves him against the bar to get information out of him. 

steve and fake ava days of our lives recap soapsspoilers


In some flea-bitten motel, a dumbassed goon is holding Tripp gagged and bound. He tries to open a bag of potato chips and spills them all over the bed when Steve busts down the door.

He clocks the guy, who falls unconscious, as Kayla appears.

They save Tripp. He’s glad to see them.

steve saves day days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

“What are you guys wearing,” he asks. They call the cops and give Tripp a phone to call Ava. Ava picks up. “Did you find my boy?”

Tripp says it’s him and he’s safe. Charlie behind her, seems upset.

Later, Steve closes the door, hoping they put that man away for a long time. Steve explains what little he knows about the kidnapping. They wonder what’s going on.

tripp saved days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers


Xander returns to the potting shed and listens to Justin’s message for Bonnie.

He hopes this mess is done soon. He heads inside.

From the crypt, Ava calls EJ to gloat that the man he hired is behind bars and Tripp’s safe and sound.

EJ sighs heavily. Ava wants 30 million dollars now. “Tick. Tick. Tick.” EJ agrees to it but wants to know his mom is alive.

In person. Ava will send him a location. If he double-crosses her, Susan will pay.

They disconnect and Charlie tells Ava she should kill Susan if she wants to really make EJ pay.

ava double cross days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers


Back at the Kiriakis manse, Justin finds his son and tells him Maggie showed her the texts from Bonnie.

justin talks lanterns alex days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

She was last seen going to the potting shed. The men take off outside.

They arrive at the shed and look inside. “Oh my God,” Alex exclaims.

justin and alex shed days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers


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