After Ava Threatens to Kill Susan, EJ Attacks Her & as Nicole Ends Her Marriage, Jada Kicks Eric Out, Revealing She Saw Him Kiss Nicole

Days of our Lives recap for Monday, November 14, 2022.  

In today’s Days episode, EJ goes after Ava but Tony stops him, Jada’s disgusted with Eric for kissing Nicole and tells him to take a hike, while Rafe tells Nicole off for marrying him when she was still in love with Eric.

In the last Days recap, Eric and Nicole wanted to dump their significant others and be together but Jada’s sudden pregnancy put a monkey wrench in that, while Bonnie was kidnapped and realized that the Evil Clown (Xander) knew her.

eric sarah dinner at the pub days of our lives

In today’s Days episode, EJ and Tony argue about how to best save Susan, Steve tells Kayla about Tripp’s kidnapping, Gwen figures out what’s happening with Xander, Eric learns of Jada’s pregnancy and Nicole ends things with Rafe.  

Tony and EJ are in the DiMera living room arguing about EJ’s decision not to pay the ransom to get his mother Susan back.

EJ assures his brother that he’s handling the situation.

“You call kidnapping Tripp Johnson a felony, I call it a solid defensive maneuver,” EJ tells Tony.

Ava put him in a corner so he did what he had to do, EJ says. 

Tony reminds him that Ava is unpredictable and dangerous. EJ should just swallow his pride and wire the funds to Ava.

EJ disagrees. He thinks that Susan is safer now that Tripp has been kidnapped.

Since he has Ava’s son, it’s checkmate, EJ thinks. But Tony is not so sure. Has Ava contacted him?

EJ shakes this off and says to just give her time.

“A mother who’s desperate to save her son doesn’t need time,” Tony observes. “She replies immediately by saying she’ll do anything she can to get him back.”

EJ thinks that Ava is just trying to prove that she’s tough, but Tony wonders if she’s giving a hint that she cares more about the money than her son.

Tony goes on to wonder if EJ’s actions have put Susan in more danger.

tony upset ej committed felony days of our lives soapsspoilers recap


Steve and Ava are at the Johnson apartment. He’s comforting Ava and promising her that Tripp will be found and brought back safe and sound.

Kayla walks in and is surprised to see them in a close embrace.

Steve welcomes his wife home and Ava tells her that Steve was just comforting her.

“It’s okay. I’m not threatened,” Kayla coolly responds.

Kayla wants to know what Ava is doing there. Wasn’t she moving to Seattle with Tripp? Wasn’t she having a problem with EJ?

Ava answers that EJ doesn’t get to tell her what to do or where to go. She doesn’t want to talk about EJ.

Steve tells Ava that he promised to help her, but he can’t keep his Sweetness in the dark about what’s happening.

Steve’s going to have to explain it to Kayla, Ava says and leaves the apartment.

Kayla asks what’s going on and Steve tells her that Tripp’s been kidnapped. He shows her the photo of Tripp with a gun pointed at him.

Kayla is shocked. She can’t imagine who would do this and what they would want from Tripp.

Steve tells her that he knows that EJ is behind this.

“That son of a bitch!” Kayla declares. “I’ll kill him myself.”

ava holds steve days of our lives soapsspoilers recap

She grabs her handbag and goes to leave the apartment, but Steve stops her. 

Confronting EJ is not their best move when Tripp’s safety is the priority, he tells her.

Kayla wants to know why EJ would do this and Steve gives her the incomplete story Ava told – that Ava threatened EJ and kidnapping Tripp was retaliation. 

Kayla doesn’t think this makes sense and wonders if there’s something Ava isn’t telling him.

Steve says he thinks the same, but he doesn’t know what Ava is holding back. 

Kayla says they’ll deal with that later.

Steve wants to to book a seat on the next flight to Seattle. Kayla tells him to make it two because she’s not letting him go up against EJ alone.

Steve doesn’t want Kayla in danger. She reminds Steve who came to the rescue in Hong Kong when he was brainwashed. She’s not going to stay behind while Tripp is in danger.

Steve realizes that there’s no arguing with Kayla. 

“Now let’s go pack,” she says. 

They come back out with their packed suitcases and agree that they’re not going to tell Stephanie what’s going on. They’ll just say they’ve gone on a short vacation and tell everyone the truth later.

kayla spots steve holding ava days of our lives soapsspoilers recap

Xander is walking up to the Brady Pub. He’s on the phone and leaving a message for Ava, asking what their Plan B is now that EJ has refused to pay the ransom for Susan.

He says that Ava needs to figure things out so that this situation can be wrapped up. He doesn’t want Sarah to find out what he’s done.

Later, Xander is drinking at the pub bar and looking miserable.

“Bad day?” a woman’s voice asks.

He turns and is surprised to see Gwen. She’s sitting at a table with her laptop.

xander talks call ava complications days of our lives soapsspoilers recap

Xander wonders if she’s online shopping, but she tells him that she’s working. It’s her first day at The Spectator.

She goes on to tell him the whole story of Paulina being elected and then Chanel being arrested for murder. 

He tells Gwen that he’s been busy with his first day of work and missed out on the gossip.

Gwen is glad to hear that Xander is gainfully employed and wants to hear everything.

Xander gives her the name Rednax and claims that they’re a pharmaceutical start-up, but Gwen already seems suspicious.

Xander tells her that he’s buried under a mountain of debt from the Salem Inn and that Sarah is on probation and only working part-time, so he needs the work.

Gwen starts picking apart Xander’s lie about his “job.” Wouldn’t a company like Rednax hire people who are experienced?

She admits that while they’ve been talking, she’s done an internet search for Rednax and can’t find a thing.

“It’s almost as if it doesn’t exist,” she says, clearly on to what Xander is doing.

Xander tries to make excuses, but Gwen isn’t having it. 

She asks why he’s lying about having a job. Gwen tells Xander that she knows him well enough to know why he’s knocking back drinks, but he claims that he’s just having a stressful day.

Gwen brushes this lie off and lays out exactly what’s happening. Basically, she’s right about almost everything except for the fact that Xander really does have a job of sorts.

Xandy tells his ex that the problem is that the job he took is “a wee bit illegal.”

gwen's first day at spectator days of our lives soapsspoilers recap

At University Hospital, Sarah is with Eric and Jada are in an exam room. Dr. Horton has just told them that Jada is pregnant.

Eric asks if Sarah is sure, and she replies that the test indicates pregnancy.

Jada says it can’t be because they use birth control, but Sarah reminds her that birth control isn’t 100% effective.

Is it possible that the test is a false positive, the detective wants to know.

Sarah tells her that the test is accurate, but she would be happy to run it for them again. Sarah leaves the room.

Eric doesn’t know what to say. Jada wishes that this was a happy surprise, but those are in rare supply these days.

Jada tells him that she saw him kissing Nicole.

She was at the Basic Black offices looking for Eric and saw him in what looked like a very passionate kiss with Nicole.

Jada wonders if Eric was ever going to tell her. He says he was, but then Rafe called to tell him that Jada had fainted.

eric hurting wants nicole days of our lives soapsspoilers recap

Jada says that she’s known for a while that Nicole has strong feelings for Eric but it wasn’t until she saw them kissing that she knew Eric had feelings for Nicole, too. 

“Just admit it,” Jada says. “You want to be with Nicole. Despite us, despite her marriage.”

Eric tells her that he never intended to keep the truth from her. He’s been in denial about his feelings for Nicole for a while.

He goes on to tell her that he buried his feelings because Nicole was married. He thinks that Jada is an incredible woman.

“Not incredible enough for you to forget Nicole,” Jada replies.

Eric says that he entered into their relationship with the best of intentions but he couldn’t deny what he felt for Nicole. He’s sorry.

Jada stuns Eric by telling him to get out. She says she’ll be fine and he should go find Nicole, but she’s clearly not happy about any of this.

She tells Eric not to worry about it. This pregnancy isn’t his problem.

Eric replies that he cares about her and this pregnancy. They need to figure this out together.

But Jada says there’s nothing to figure out. He wants to be with Nicole.

Eric says that he’s not looking for an easy way out. He’s not just going to walk away.

Jada relents and says she needs rest before they regroup, but he still needs to go.

Eric leaves the room. Jada cries and rubs her belly.

jada sobs pregnancy unexpected days of our lives

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Rafe and Nicole are in a waiting room just after Nicole told him that she’s going to leave him to be with Eric.

Rafe is confused because Nicole has denied having feelings for Eric up until now. Rafe asks Nicole why she married him.

“Because I loved you,” she responds.

“Past tense,” Rafe realizes.

Nicole tells him that she still has feelings for her husband and that he’s a wonderful man, but Rafe cuts her off and tells her to stop humoring him.

He asks his wife if she regretted their marriage when she realized she could have Eric back.

“I was just a substitute for your real love,” Rafe observes.

rafe yells at wife days of our lives soapsspoilers recap

Nicole again denies that she had feelings for Eric until things with him changed, but Rafe clearly does not believe her and tells her so.

Rafe knows that his wife’s feelings aren’t new and didn’t just dawn on her.

He asks Nicole if she wanted to be with Eric when they got married.

Nicole says nothing but the answer is all over her face. Nevertheless, she assures him that when they got married, she wanted to be with him forever.

“Please don’t erase that,” she begs him.

“Why not,” he responds. “You just did.”

Rafe is having none of Nicole’s excuses and explanations. He knows that he was second choice.

Nicole is all weepy and wants to explain the situation but it’s complicated. Rafe coldly tells her to give it her best shot.

She tells him that when she accepted his proposal, she wanted to be his wife more than anything. But that was before she knew that Eric had left the priesthood.

Rafe takes this to mean that their marriage was a farce from the beginning.

Nicole refuses to call their marriage a farce. She says she loved him on their wedding day and she loves him now.

Rafe reminds her of their recent argument in which he accused her of rushing into their marriage to avoid her feelings for Eric.

Nicole gives a long-winded response that Rafe takes to mean that his wife was still in love with another man when they got married.

Rafe knows that Eric and Nicole were still in love and that Rafe was just an escape for her. Just admit it, he demands.

rafe paces and yells days of our lives soapsspoilers recap

Nicole crumbles and admits that it’s true. She has been in love with Eric this whole time.

But she honestly thought that if she could be the best wife she could be, that her feelings for Eric would evaporate and it would be the beginning of a lifetime of loving Rafe.

“Come on,” Rafe says. “As if. Since when have wedding vows meant anything to you?”

Nicole is hurt but Rafe keeps going, bringing up all her disastrous marriages. 

He wants to know how long Nicole has been cheating on him with Eric, but she denies the accusation. She tells him that kissing Eric earlier was the first time it happened and just sort of happened.

Nicole takes off her diamond ring and gives it back to Rafe. She tells him that he deserves someone worthy of him and it’s not her.

nicole admits alwayas loved eric days of our lives soapsspoilers recap

She admits that she did everything wrong in this marriage and he did everything right.

“Except that I wasn’t Eric,” Rafe says dejectedly.

Nicole walks out and leaves a teary Rafe alone. 

Rafe looks at the ring and then leaves it on the table and leaves the room.

rafe sobs marriage is over days of our lives

Later in the DiMera living room, EJ calls Ava again. He leaves another voicemail encouraging her to not ignore him.

“Fine, I won’t,” Ava replies in person as she walks into the room. “You’re going to wish you just paid up, you miserable son of a bitch.”

Ava tells EJ that he lost his advantage when he kidnapped Tripp. Now Ava has as much on EJ as he had on her.

tony upset ej committed felony days of our lives soapsspoilers recap

EJ tries to blow her off, but Ava is delighted to see that she’s struck a nerve.

“You have met your match and it scares the hell out of you,” she says.

EJ scoffs at this and demands that she return Susan because she won’t be prepared for what happens if she doesn’t.

Ava counters that EJ should return Tripp first and then they can negotiate for Susan’s release.

EJ declares that he won’t be strung along by a “piece of trash” like Ava. He reminds her of her fraud and that she would be in prison if EJ had reported her.

Ava tells him that if he pisses her off, she’ll call her associate and tell him to put a bullet in his mother’s head.

ava met match in ej days of our lives

EJ lunges at Ava but Tony pulls him off.

“You’re lucky my brother was here,” EJ sneers at Ava. “Or you would have ended up in the crypt next to your fake husband!”

EJ angrily demands that Ava leave. Ava, still cool as a cucumber, tells him to start getting his money together because she’s running out of patience.

“If worse comes to worst, I can always send you a lock of Susan’s hair,” Ava tells him. “So you have something to remember her by.”

She walks out as EJ rages and throws a glass against the door.

Tony tells EJ to pay this unbalanced woman off before something happens that he can’t control.

tony pulls ej off of ava Days of our lives

Later at the Brady Pub, Xander has told Gwen what he did for Ava. 

Just then, Sarah walks into the pub and her claws are out. She didn’t expect to see Xander here.

“Or you,” she says pointedly to Gwen.

Xander makes up an excuse about why he’s at the pub and Gwen back him up with some sly digs.

Gwen says she was surprised and shocked to hear about the work Xander is doing.

He shoots her a look behind Sarah’s back and Sarah asks why Gwen was shocked.

Gwen answers that she didn’t know that Xander was even interested in pharmaceuticals, but she’s not surprised that anyone would hire Xander given his terrific work ethic.

She’s clearly enjoying toying with Xander at this moment. Sarah smugly replies that she’s very proud of her husband.

Sarah’s phone rings and she walks away to take the call.

Xander asks Gwen why she didn’t tell Sarah everything.

“Honor amongst thieves, I suppose,” she says. “And despite everything that’s happened, I still care about you, Xander.”

As much as Gwen would love to bust him and Sarah up, she says she just doesn’t have it in her to hurt him.

Gwen wishes him “best of British luck” with his plans. She moves her stuff to the bar.

Sarah comes back to the table and suggests that she and Xander go to Julie’s Place for a later dinner so he can tell her all about her first day and they can discuss a new living situation.

Xander agrees and they go to leave the pub.

“Call me,” Gwen calls out and then makes up a lie about doing a piece about Xander’s new employers for The Spectator.

Xander says thanks but no thanks. He and Sarah exit.

xander lies about startup gwen days of our lives soapsspoilers recap

Eric walks into the main waiting area of the hospital and finds Nicole alone and weepy.

They embrace and she tells him about ending things with Rafe.

Nicole asks about Jada and is stunned when Eric tells her that Jada is pregnant.

ericole embrace hospital days of our lives


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