Robert Drops Charges Against Esme, Ashby Feeds Victor Information, and Nina Worries to Phyllis About Her Future with Sonny

General Hospital recap for Friday, March 17, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Joss learns Dex has been shot again, Valentin thanks Laura for all she’s done, and Carly worries about Sonny’s latest battle.

We also have Thurday’s GH recap where Trina wanted charges against Esme dropped, Liesl was stricken with bad news while Esme got a cryptic message.

At the safe house, Lucy and Valentin play checkers.

She’s getting annoyed.

Laura arrives and Lucy is thrilled to see her.

lucy worries about what this could mean

She starts quizzing her, hoping this will be over soon.

Laura says that it will still take a while but they seem to be getting to Victor.

He confronted her last night, accusing her of robbing him of his dignity.

He’s lost control of his family and seems to be having a medical issue.

She’s sure they won’t have to be patient for much longer. Lucy’s not good at patience.

The topic quickly turns to the Nurses’ Ball. Laura explains it will be televised this year so she can watch it.

Lucy doesn’t want to watch it. She is the Ball and there is no substitute.

Laura assures her Maxie has everything under control.

When Valentin tells Coe she will have to accept the situation, she sticks out her tongue and sits down with her arms folded.

Sitting beside her, Laura hands her a letter from Martin.

Lucy is thrilled and rushes off to leap into the bath with some wine and the letter.

laura tries to perk up lucy

When Laura checks in with Valentin, he admits that being locked up with Lucy is a lot.

He asks her not to bring Charlotte back there again.

He appreciates the offer but doesn’t want to risk it while Victor is in an agitated state.

He’s grateful for everything she’s done for his daughter.

valentin asks laura not to bring charlotte

Knowing she’s there for his daughter means a lot to him.

She says that Charlotte’s future is a lot of what the fight against Victor is about.

Valentin asks after Nikolas. She assumes he’s on the run.

They worry about Victor focusing on Spencer and his baby brother.

He hopes things are really falling apart for his father.

In Robert’s office, Ashby worries to him that his plan could end up killing her.

Diane shows up and announces she’s there to make their day.

diane has some good news

Ashby exits, sending Victor a text to say they need to meet.

She flashes back to promising him Holly’s unredacted file.

ashby sends victor a text

Back inside, Diane explains that Trian came to her about the charges against Esme.

She explains how sympathetic Esme would present in court and how unlikely a conviction would be.

diane and robert discuss the case against esme

She suggests that he drop the charges against her.

If Martin can whip up enough sympathy, he’ll lose his only chance to bring Esme to justice.

Robert asks what she’s out for.

She explains that Joss, Cam, and Trina all think that this is the best thing they can do.

It would be better to try Esme when she can’t claim traumatic memory loss.

She admits that it galls her to make this offer given that she defended Trina.

Robert says she may be on to something.

This doesn’t mean they need to take their eyes off Esme for a second.

He’ll have to talk to the victims. They can always re-file charges later.

She suggests they work off their anger at the hatchet range later.

robert with diane in pink

Victor meets with his doctor at General Hospital.

He confirms Finn’s opinion that his condition is likely irreversible.

Victor flashes back to threatening Laura about this.

doctor consults with victor

He tells the doctor that his family is in crisis right now and he needs to focus.

The doctor suggests they can start with a prescription and walks out to arrange it.

Ashby shows up and informs Victor that Robert and Laura seem to know they are working together.

He doubts them meeting in public is helping.

She hands him a photos of the file. He can see it says the necklace made from the Ice Princess still exists and Robert has it.

victor gets file from ashby

He wonders what else is in the file. She doesn’t know but says the necklace is being stored at the PCPD.

She hopes this is the end of it for them. He tells her she will have to retrieve the necklace for him.

After he orders her not to fail, she exits.

Victor goes to the Metro Court. He calls someone to dig into how far along in her recovery Holly is.

Lucy shows up in disguise.

Lucy in disguise

Ashby returns to Robert and tells him that Victor seems to have taken the bait. He says it’s time to move on to the next phase.


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In her penthouse, Nina gets off her phone after reassuring Maxie about something.

Looking at a photo of herself and Sonny, she flashes back to their conversation about the dangers of his business.

Phyllis shows up. Nina is thrilled. They sit down and Nina shows her pictures of Amelia.

She admits that Willow is still keeping her at arm’s length.

nina catches up with phyllis

Phyllis is optimistic that Willow will soften when she gets better. As the topic turns to Sonny, Nina sighs.

She admits that she is re-evaluating her relationship with Sonny. She’s not sure she separates him from his work.

It felt like he really changed after what happened in Nixon Falls.

It turns out that peace was only momentary. Sonny has given her a bodyguard but it doesn’t make her feel better.

She’s realized there is no buffer between herself and Sonny’s organization.

Phyllis tells her to be honest about whether this is a relationship she can really sustain.

phyllis aks nina if she can sustain this relationship

A big part of Nina thinks that love is worth everything, but she can’t wrap her mind around bringing her whole family into the danger of Sonny’s world.

Her friend says not everyone is built for that.

Carly brings her daughter to Sonny’s penthouse, surprised that there is some much security by the door.

The little girl is surprised when Dex pops up. Sonny introduces them and Dex steps away.

Carly asks her ex what is going on.

dex meets donna at sonny's

After flashing back to the shooting in the warehouse, Sonny explains there was an incident.

He has a good team and she doesn’t need to worry.

Carly doesn’t think he can promise putting and end to whatever this is.

carly tells sonny he knows it's mot possible

He says he is doing all he can to protect the family.

She can’t handle having to tell Donna and Avery he might never come home again.

She reminds him that he can’t control everything. He repeats that he will find out what’s going on and stop it.

Nina shows up, not happy to see them together.

When Dex gets to his apartment, he senses someone is there and pulls his gun.

It’s Joss. He tells her that she can’t just show up without letting him know.

joss surprises dex

She demands to know what’s going on and how he was hurt. He explains that he was “creased” when he and Sonny were shot at and he’s staying with him.

Joss asks him to take off his shirt. After she checks his wound, she says Sonny’s doctor has better skills than she does.

He adds the doctor doesn’t have her bedside manner. After the kiss, he suggests she thank Sonny.

After he recaps what happened, she says it almost sounds like he admires his boss.

dex explains saving sonny to joss

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