After Kate Knocks Megan Unconscious, She Gets the Shock of Her Life When Bo Brady Turns up While Andrew Helps Steve and John Visits Paul

Days of our Lives recap for Thursday, March 16, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Roman extends an olive branch to Lucas, Marlena and Kayla worry when they realize Kate is missing.

In the last Days recap, which was on March 3. Since we have posted in our spoilers. On today’s Days, Kayla and Marlena are able to get out of the room they’re being held in while Kate sticks it to Megan and sees Bo Brady. 

In their cryogenic pods, Marlena, Kayla and Kate sleep. Megan arrives. It’s time to wake up. She introduces a syringe and says they have a lot to do.

kayla kate and marlena in the cryogenic pods

Later, the blondes wake up and Kate’s gone. They wonder where Kate is and how to get out of there.

Marlena checks a door that doesn’t open and then opens curtains that are hiding a standing cryo cylinder that’s empty.

Marlena asks who the hell was in there. Was it her? Kayla thinks it’s Stefano.

They wonder how that’d look since his memories were put into that microchip which was eventually burned.

They rule out Stefano and try to come up with a way out.

marlena and kayla kept by megan days recaps

Kate’s with Megan who tells her phase two is about to begin. She pulls off a gag from her mouth and Kate asks for her friends.

Megan tells her not to infuriate her. Kate didn’t know she was so fragile. Megan says her friends are fine. But they’re not going home.

They’re pawns in someone’s game. She produces the orchid and tells Kate that their families think they’re dead.

kate gagged by megan days recaps

But she used the orchid to prepare a second dose which is why she’s alive.

The healing power was taken because she needed to remedy her “own condition and that of someone who is very dear to me,” she says.

Kate gets snide, saying she looks terrible.

Megan blames the lighting. She plans on using Kate as a guinea pig. Someone made him a serum that could kill her. Kate gasps. 

megan with the orchid that saves lives days of our lives recaps

In San Francisco, Paul stops his workout when John appears at his door.

The men embrace and Paul jokes that he could have called. He’s sorry to just show up.

He’s tense and Paul assumes it’s hell to be without Marlena. John says nothing and Paul forgot how he keeps things close to the vest.

Paul says coaching AAA has been good. He asks his dad to stay and coach his coaching. They discuss Andrew and John learns that they aren’t talking.

John asks if there was no heat. Paul says the long-distance relationship involved a lot of dynamics.

John thinks it’s ridiculous he’s apart from someone who could actually make him happy.

He snarls, making Paul mock him. “Tell me how you really feel about it.”

John apologizes.

hot paul doing a work out in san francisco on days of our lives

At the ISA headquarters in Washington DC, Andrew gets a visit from his Uncle Steve who wants help looking for Megan Hathaway. 

washington on days of our lives at isa headquarters

Steve reminds him of when they spoke a few days ago and thinks he gave him the runaround.

Andrew says they don’t have clearance to know anything.

There was a concern that he and John were compromised. Steve’s pissed.

Andrew reminds him he and John were brainwashed.

Steve asks if he thinks they’re sleeper agents. Andrew doesn’t but others do.

andrew talks to steve at ISA office in washington Days recaps

He tells his uncle he pulled up Megan’s bio and offers to go get him a coffee.

It’ll take about four minutes. Steve grins and Andrew gives him the room, so Steve can do his research.

Steve does some reading and calls John, who picks up from Paul’s place. He tells his friend he may have a location on Megan. They need to get to the airport.

steve calls john from isa headquarters days recaps

Roman visits Lucas at Statesville to tell him they know Megan Hathaway stole the orchid.

Stefano’s daughter, who appeared to die 40 years ago at Larry Welch’s hands via electrocution in a hot tub.

He thinks “the bitch” was after Kayla and Marlena. He tells Lucas about Abe chatting with him about his loss.

Lucas says he’s as good as dead to Sami who won’t forgive her.

Roman visits lucas at statesvile to talk about megan hathaway days recaps

He blew that. Roman agrees. Lucas knows neither of them will forgive him so he is really appreciative that Roman comes and tells him what’s going on.

Roman says he’s Kate’s son. She forgave him, she loved him and Roman says this is a good way to honor his mom’s memory.

lucas in prison talks with roman days recaps

Back in San Francisco, Paul begs his dad to let him go with him to help him with Megan. John refuses.

They argue and Paul asks his dad to be careful.

Again, John’s sorry for how he just treated him. Paul says it’s fine. He understands.

paul wants to help john find megan and is upset days recaps

Paul asks him to call when he has a chance. He worries.

The men embrace and John heads to the airport.


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Later that evening, Paul stares at Andrew’s photo on his cell and remembers making out with him.

paul anad andrew kiss flashback days recaps

Andrew shows up on Paul’s door.

andrew finds paul in san Francisco days recaps

John and Steve find themselves in some corridor.

They complain that they’ve been searching the halls for an hour and haven’t seen Megan.

Neither has a lock pick.

steve and john finding megan days recaps

Back in the lab, Megan shows Kate the serum.

She heard Kate and Andre had a thing for martinis. “Shake, not injected,” Kate says.

Megan says she’s not recovered from being dead. Kate suggests she try something homeopathic.

kate and megan days recaps

Megan gets a syringe and admits it could have extraordinary effects, something Kate could thank her for.

kate belts megan who falls unconcious

Kate undoes her hands and gets up and belts Megan, who falls unconscious on the floor.

“Night night, Golden girl,” she says before letting herself out.

On the outside of the door, she gets a shock and gasps.

megan unconscious

Bo Brady’s standing there.

bo brady alive and kate roberts sees him days recaps

In the cryo room, Kayla finds a wire and says Steve taught her to pick a lock. She goes at the door and it opens.

They hear something from the other side and back up, worried.

Steve and John pick a lock and open the door, guns out.

kayla picks a lock

Back in Salem, Roman talks to Kate’s urn, missing her.

roman talks to kates urn


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