After Kate Ruins Megan’s Plans To Inject Her, She Orders Bo To Kill Her, While Shawn and Belle Lean on Each Other and Paul and Andrew Reunite

Days of our Lives recap for Friday, March 17, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Kate has a shocking encounter with Bo Brady and Steve and John’s search leads them to an old friend in Hope Brady!

In the last Days recap, Roman extended an olive branch to Lucas, Marlena and Kayla were worried when they realize Kate is missing, and Kate knocked Megan out and bumped into Bo Brady.

In San Francisco, Andrew arrives on Paul’s doorstep to see him. They have some beer and talk about John finding a lead on Megan Hathaway’s location.

Andrew doesn’t say anything about how he helped Steve. It’s not his case and he can’t talk about top-secret information.

Paul gets it but is exasperated. Andrew calls it personal for them both and he can assure him the ISA is doing all they can to get justice for these women.

Paul trusts in him.

Andrew admits he missed Paul, who feels the same. They recap how they met and start making out.

Paul stops things and worries they’re not being proactive. Andrew agrees.

paul and andrew making out in san francisco at paul's place on days recaps

They live so far apart. This probably won’t work.

But there’s a chance it could work out.

It’s a chance he wants to take.

They kiss some more and Paul and Andrew have sex.

Afterward, they gaze happily at each other and kiss again. 

paul and andrew agree to start over days

Kayla and Marlena are shocked when they open the door to the lab and see Dr. Rolf.

They argue about what kind of person Megan is and Rolf expresses how he’s working with her as he would have the legend Stefano DiMera.

He tells them about his new serum being life-changing and not just for Megan. They question him.

He tells them about the cylinder that he was able to keep someone in for a decade.

Kayla demands to know who. They don’t think it was Stefano. 

dr rolf stops kayla and kate from exiting the lab

John and Steve are shocked to see Hope Brady.

They’re all looking for Megan Hathaway.

They embrace. Hope’s happy to see them.

hope brady back to days of our lives

She refuses to tell them how she learned of this place and only says she has friends in high places.

The men are so happy to see a friendly face.

They update her on what’s been going on and she is in shock when she learns Kate, Kayla and Marlena are dead.

She gets emotional and is so sorry. She’s deranged. Hope tells them it started with Bo.

hope sorry kayla kate and marlena dead days recaps

Megan’s mother caused Bo and Megan to break up and when Megan found out, something broke inside her.

She became obsessed with Bo and desperate to get him back.


“Night night, Golden Girl,” Kate tells Megan after knocking her out and leaving the lab.

She runs into Bo Brady and gasps, asking if it’s him.

He nods, nonchalantly. “Yeah. It’s been a long time.” She comments he’s alive and asks how.

Was it Megan? Did she use the prisms to bring him back?

bo brady alive and with kate roberts

Bo shrugs. “She succeeded. Look at me.” She is thrilled to see him but sorry he’s imprisoned there.

She has Marlena and Bo’s sister. Bo says,  “Uh. Kayla.” Kate tells him that they need to find them, free them and leave.

Bo says they can’t do that. “Nope.” Kate says she could wake up and they need to get out of there.

kate shocked to see bo brady

Bo tells her they need to go back into the lab. There’s no choice. They need to get her keys.

They head inside and Bo tries to wake Megan up. Kate tells her to get the keys already. “Good job, she’s out cold,” Bo says. When he won’t look for the keys, Kate’s confused.

Bo tells Kate to shut up and stay where she is while he tries to gently wake Megan up.

bo wakes megan up days of our lives


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Megan wakes up and Bo says she got cold-cocked. Megan stares dreamily at Bo.

She’s okay no thanks to Kate. “I think she’s figuring out that she got played,” Bo tells Megan who giggles as Kate looks on worried.

She backs up and Bo takes out a gun and brandishes it. “Hold it. Hold it. You’re not going anywhere.”

Kate asks Bo to trust him. She’s on his side and wants to help him. He cocks the gun.

bo brandishes a gun against Kate DAYS recaps

Kate reminds him she was married to his father and Bo was married to her daughter.

Megan tries to get her to shut up but Kate begs Bo to see things her way. 

They discuss the drug that needs to be tested. Megan looks for the vial and Kate sees it. She grabs it and breaks it.

Megan thinks it was stupid and arrogant. The only reason she was keeping her alive was to ensure the serum worked. She tells Bo to kill her.

kate grabs the vial of serum days of our lives

Belle finds Shawn at SPD. It’s been a long night for her with the jury deliberating.

Shawn’s worried about his mama who hasn’t been responding to calls.

They recap what’s been happening and are glad her dad and Seve are out looking for “that murderous bitch.”

belle and shawn at SPD on days of our lives recaps

No matter if Megan pays, she won’t get her mother back. She cries a little.

He thinks of his father. They’re upset about all of the things Bo missed out on but Shawn made peace.

shawn and belle talk about missing bo and marlena

They get romantic and tell each other how much they love and need one another.

They remind themselves they’ve each other and an incredible daughter and a big family to lean on.

shawn and belle kiss shelle


Back in the warehouse, Hope realizes there’s someone who can help and makes a call to see if she can get in to see Harris (Steve Burton).

Steve reads about Harris who belongs to the ISA as she makes the call.

hope calls to find Harris


Back in San Francisco, Andrew gets a call that interrupts from Hope Brady who asks to see Harris.

paul and andrew after sex daays of our lives


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