Days of Our Lives Spoilers January 9 – 13: Leo And Gwen Search For Legal Advice And Eric Starts A Prayer Circle

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, January 9 to Friday, January 13, 2022.

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Lucas and Orpheus get rough, Li begs Gabi for forgiveness, Gabi pushes Stefan to get de-brainwashed, and Will fights with Leo.

Monday, January 9

Monday’s Days recap: Kayla dies

As Kayla takes a turn for the worse, Steve tries to keep her alive. 

Chad is eager to reach Stephanie.

Things get nasty between Lucas and Orpheus in Statesville. 

Lucas learns Kate’s dead.

Chad finds Steph and Alex in bed.

It’s too late for Stephanie and Alex’s actions cause her not to see her mother before she died.

Marlena has a serious conversation with Eric as her condition worsens.

steve cries as kayla dies days of our lives recaps

Tuesday, January 10

Tuesday’s Days recap: Eric threatens Kristen at gunpoint

Nicole learns Kate’s dead.

Johnny confesses to Stefan.

Brady confesses to Chloe.

Eric pulls a gun on Kristen.

Stefan is distraught after discovering that Johnny kept the truth from him.

Li begs Gabi to forgive him.

salem spectator days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

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Wednesday, January 11

Wednesday’s Days recap: Stefan agrees to be de-programmed

Nicole and Eric bicker about how he has been acting. 

Wendy apologizes to Gabi.

Li goes off the rails again, wanting his sister to help him get Gabi back.

Johnny goes to Wendy for comfort but Li interrupts.

Brady begs Chloe to reunite. 

Chloe’s not sure she wants to reunite.

Kristen threatens to expose EJ’s part in covering up Stefan’s brainwashing after he threatens to boot her from the mansion. 

Gabi pushes Stefan to get de-programmed.

kristen and ej days of our lives recaps

Thursday, January 12

Thursday’s Days recap: Lucas asks Rex to tell Philip Kate’s dead

Sonny pushes Alex to tell Stephanie the truth.

Lucas tells Rex a family secret.

Lucas asks Rex for a favor.

Stephanie gets some consolation from Chad. 

Steve goes into mourning.

Roman is numb.

Abe and Paulina, Jada and others give solace to family.

chad and stephanie eat food Days of our Lives recaps SoapsSpoilers

Friday, January 13

Friday’s Days recap: Will’s eavesdropping pays off

Stephanie demands some answers from Alex.

Alex comes clean to Steph.

Will and Leo bicker about his place in Sonny’s life. 

Leo and Gwen disagree.

Sloan corners Chanel.

Leo and Gwen go looking for legal advice. 

Julie starts a prayer circle.

julie prayers marlena Days recap

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