Kayla Dies, John Confronts Orpheus in Prison and Lucas Learns His Mom Is Dead, While Alex & Stephanie’s First Time Has a Heavy Price

Days of our Lives recap for Monday, January 9, 2023.

In today’s Days episode, Kayla dies in Steve’s arms before Stephanie could reach her, John visits Orpheus in prison to find the orchid, leading Lucas to learn Kate is dead, Marlena counsels Eric about his love life and Alex and Stephanie have sex for the first time.

In the last Days recap, Eric told John and Marlena about his kidnapping plot, Brady and Kristen discovered the life-saving orchid was stolen, Rex told Kayla her symptoms were getting worse before she passed out, and Kate died after collapsing at the pub.

Alex is alone in bed in his room at the Kiriakis mansion. 

Stephanie’s phone rings. Alex grabs it and sees its Chad.

Alex wonders why this guy can’t take a hint and sends the call to voicemail.

“Sorry, Chad, my man,” Alex says. “You’re not interrupting us this time.”

Chad leaves a message telling her to get to the hospital right away, saying to himself she doesn’t have much time.

He calls again and Alex powers off the phone just as Stephanie emerges from the bathroom in her unmentionables.

alex blocks chad's incoming call Days of our Lives recaps SoapsSpoilers

“Whoa,” Alex says.

She asks if it was worth the wait. Definitely, he answers.

Stephanie gets in bed, and they kiss, but he pulls away. She asks what’s wrong.

Alex looks at her phone on the bedside table.

“If you’re worried about protection, don’t be,” she says and reaches into her handbag.

She pulls out some condoms. He reaches into the bedside table drawer and pulls out more.

“If it’s not the protection, what’s the problem?” Stephanie asks.

He just wants to be sure she’s ready and she assures him she is. He tells her he’s been ready since the first moment he saw her in Horton Square.

They kiss again and begin making love.

alex and steph sex Days recaps SoapsSpoilers


Kayla is in her hospital bed and looking unwell.

Steve brings her a cup of water, which she barely has the strength to drink.

He asks his Sweetness how she’s doing.

“Like I just went ten rounds with Alia Ali,” she says.

Steve tells her she looks very beautiful to him, always.

Kayla says nothing should surprise them about Kristen, but she can’t believe Kristen withheld the life-saving orchid because of her obsession with Brady.

Steve tells her not to worry about Kristen and to focus her energy on getting better.

Kayla knows if they don’t get the orchid soon… but Steve interrupts and tells her to keep the faith.

Steve reminds her of all the times they overcame obstacles they didn’t think they could.

“Do I need to remind you of the power of our love?” he says and kisses her hand.

Kayla asks Steve to take that love to Roman and Kate, but Steve says he’s not going to leave her side.

Kayla reminds him Kate was in worse condition. She just wants him to check and make sure Kate and Roman are okay.

Steve gives in and says he won’t be long. He leaves the room.

kayla dying Days of our Lives recaps SoapsSpoilers


At the Black penthouse, John is tending to Marlena in bed. She looks like she’s fading fast.

Marlena asks if Brady is out looking for the orchid. John says his son is out with a couple of Black Patch investigators.

Marlena wonders if Kristen is lying about the orchid being stolen, but John thinks she’s being honest for once.

“Then I guess we have to find it before it’s too late,” Marlena struggles to say.

marlena dying at townhouse with john Days of our Lives recaps SoapsSpoilers

John has a theory about who could have taken the orchid. 

“Who?” Marlena asks.

“Who else but the maniac who put this whole thing in motion?” John replies.

As he says it, we see Orpheus in prison, reading The Art of War.

John reminds Marlena Orpheus’s reach goes far beyond prison bars.

She wonders if that means John is taking a trip to Statesville Prison, but he says he won’t leave her side.

Marlena tells him she’ll be fine, and Eric is there.

John relents and says he’ll take a quick trip up to the prison if Marlena thinks she’ll be okay.

“I’ll be fine,” she says. “Because I have you to live for. You give me strength. You give me hope.”

marlena and eric before she dies Days recaps


Kate has flatlined in her hospital bed. Roman is weeping inconsolably. Rex is holding him back and telling him there’s nothing to be done.

Kate is dead.

Roman sits at Kate’s bedside and touches her face.

roman grieves kate's death hospital Days of our Lives recaps SoapsSpoilers

”She looks like she’s sleeping,” he says as Rex looks on.

Roman says they just found their way back to each other and were going to get it right this time.

Rex says Kate told him many times about how happy Roman made her, then leaves the room.

Roman keeps talking to Kate’s lifeless body, regretting he wasted so much time longing for her from afar.

He apologizes for not being able to do more to protect her from Orpheus and declares his undying love for her.

Roman lays his head on Kate and cries.

rex grieves kate mom dead Days of our Lives recaps SoapsSpoilers


Lucas Horton enters the lounge at Statesville Prison where Orpheus is reading. When he sees the madman, he tells the guard he’ll come back later.

“Don’t leave on my account,” Orpheus says without turning. 

Lucas walks back in as Orpheus asks if was Kate he saw visiting Lucas earlier.

Lucas tells him to watch what he says about her.

Orpheus says he was going to pay her a compliment. She was looking well.

“No thanks to you,” Lucas says.

He tells Orpheus he knows all about the plan to kill Kate, Kayla and Marlena.

Orpheus counters even if that were true, Kate is still alive and looking well.

lucas sees orpheus prison Days recaps

Lucas tells him he better hope the serum is found and Orpheus asks what “the drunken black sheep of the Horton family” will do if it isn’t.

Lucas comes at him until the guard warns him off.

“Relax,” Orpheus says. “Just having a bit of fun with Bill Horton’s bastard.”

lucas in prison with orphehus Days recaps

John walks into the room and comes between the men as Orpheus goes on to call Lucas a boozehound and the village idiot.

Orpheus is flattered John has come to see him. John tells him to cut the crap.

John asks if Orpheus has the orchid, but he denies it. Lucas asks what’s going on.

john asks orpheus for the orchid Days of our lives recaps

John updates them about Kate, Kayla and Marlena getting sick again.

Lucas dashes from the room to find out what’s happening with his mom.

Orpheus recaps John’s “dim-witted son” played house with Kristen in exchange for the orchid and then she couldn’t find it.

lucas attacks orpheus days of our lives recaps

John accuses him of stealing the orchid from the DiMera mansion, just as Lucas runs back in and attacks Orpheus.

Lucas tells them Kate is dead and then lunges at Orpheus. The guard jumps in to break them up.

John consoles Lucas and tells him how much Kate loved Lucas.

John leaves to get back to Marlena, as Orpheus and Lucas stare each other down.

john stops lucas attacking orpheus days of our lives recaps

Chad sees Rex enter the hospital waiting room. He asks what’s going on.

Rex tells him Kate has died, just as Steve walks in and hears the news. Steve hugs him and has a worried look in his eyes.

Steve hugs a stunned Chad.

Rex says he needs to call his brothers and sisters before leaving the room.

rex steve hug kate dead Days of our lives recaps

Steve reminds Chad how much Kate loved him. He asks if Chad was able to reach Stephanie.

Chad says he hasn’t, but he’s going to go find her. He assures Steve he’ll get Stephanie to the hospital and leaves.

Steve enters Kate’s hospital room. Roman is still at her side, holding her hand.

Steve expresses his condolences and acknowledges his differences with Kate, but they both loved and respected Roman.

Roman asks how Kayla is doing, and Steve downplays his wife’s condition. They hug.

roman comforts kayla hospital Days recaps


Marlena is asleep in bed when there’s a knock at the door. Eric comes in with a bowl of chicken noodle soup from the Brady Pub.

He sits on the bed with his mom, who tells him she knows all about the kidnapping plot.

Marlena asks if Eric considered how volatile Kristen is when she’s provoked.

Eric admits he should have talked to Marlena since she “has more experience dealing with psychopaths than anyone in this town.”

They talk about John going to visit Orpheus and hope he finds out where the orchid is.

Marlena digs into the soup. Eric asks if she’s feeling better. She says she feels the same.

Marlena asks what’s going on with him. 

“Since the love of my life convinced the mother of my unborn child to have an abortion?” he asks sarcastically.

Eric acknowledges it’s not the truth, and Marlena can see he’s still blaming Nicole.

He wishes Nicole hadn’t gotten involved, and Marlena reminds him that he got involved in Brady’s problem and made it worse.

Marlena wishes Eric wouldn’t let what’s going on with Jada and Nicole harden “that beautiful, golden heart” of his.

marlena and eric before she dies Days of our lives recaps



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Lucas frantically makes a call on a public phone in prison. A tearful Rex answers his cell at the hospital.

Lucas asks for an update on Kate’s condition and Rex tells him their mother is dead. 

lucas in prison learns kate died Days of our lives recaps

Kayla is alone in her hospital room. 

Steve walks in and Kayla asks how Kate is. He doesn’t reply, but Kayla sees the answer on his face.

Kayla wonders how Roman and Kate’s children will handle this. She asks where Stephanie is.

Steve tells her Chad is out looking for her. Kayla tearfully cries she needs to see her children.

Roman comes in to see his little sister. Kayla tells him how sorry she is about Kate. 

Steve leaves to make calls to Joe and Tripp.

Roman and Kayla talk about Kate. Roman says he’s grateful Rex was there with them.

He encourages her to keep fighting.

“I just lost my wife,” he says. “I’ll be damned if I lose my baby sister, too.”

kayla on call DAYS recap

Steve walks back in and says he has Joe and Tripp on the phone. Roman leaves the room.

Kayla takes the phone and talks to the boys. She tells them she’s fine, just a bit woozy.

Kayla tells Joe how proud she is of the man he’s become and tells Tripp she loves him as her own.

She asks them to be good to each other and look out for their dad.

Kayla hangs up the phone and tells Steve she needs to sleep, but he tells her she needs to wait to see Stephanie.

“I can’t,” Kayla says. “I need to go to my mom. My mom and Bo.”

Steve begs her to hold on. Kayla says she needs to see her daughter.

Steve tells her Stephanie is on her way.

Kayla tells Steve she loves him and closes her eyes.

steve cries as kayla dies days of our lives recaps


Chad walks through Horton Square looking for Stephanie, who’s nowhere to be found. He takes out his phone and calls Stephanie again, which goes straight to voicemail.

He leaves her a message saying Kate is dead, Kayla is very sick, and Stephanie needs to get to the hospital right away.

chad calls stephanie from horton square days of our lives recaps

Alex and Stephanie are still in bed, basking in the afterglow.

He asks how she’s doing, and she replies she’s more relaxed than she’s been in a long time.

They start kissing again just as Chad bursts into the room.

Stephanie asks what could be so urgent that he’s shown up like this.

chad interrupts alex and stephanie sex days of our lives recaps

Chad updates them on the dire situation and Kate’s death.

Stephanie dashes into the bathroom to get dressed.

Alex tells Chad he’s sorry about Kate.

Chad leaves the room to wait for them downstairs.

Alex looks towards Stephanie’s phone with guilt on his face.

alex and steph in bed days of our lives recaps

John comes back into the bedroom, where Marlena is still talking to Eric.

He tells them Orpheus denied having the orchid.

Marlena says she hopes Kate and Kayla will make it through the night.

Marlena can see something is troubling John and asks what it is.

He tells her Kate died. Marlena is beside herself at the news of her friend’s death.

marlena learns kate died days of our lives recaps

Eric leaves the room to call Roman.

John and Marlena lie in bed together when there’s a knock at the door.

Eric comes back in. Marlena asks if there’s any news on Kayla.

He says nothing but Marlena can see the news is bad.

John holds her as she cries for Kayla.

marlena sobs learning kayla died days of our lives recaps

Alex, Chad and Stephanie come out of the elevator and into the hospital waiting room.

Chad directs her to Kayla’s room.

Stephanie walks into her mom’s room just as she’s flatlining.

Father and daughter tearfully embrace.

stephanie learns kayla died days of our lives recaps

Chad is alone in Kate’s room with her lifeless body.

He fights back the tears as he sits at her side.

He tells her he loves her and kisses her hand.

chad sees kate dead days of our lives recaps

Lucas is alone in the prison lounge when Orpheus walks back in.

Lucas is surprised when Orpheus apologizes for the way he behaved earlier, but angrily tells him to save his sympathy.

“I know what a monster you really are!” he says.

Orpheus takes a bottle of whiskey from his pocket and offers it to Lucas, to take the edge off.

“Consider it… a bereavement gift,” Orpheus says.

He sets the bottle on the table and leaves the lounge.

Lucas stares down the bottle.

orpheus gifts lucas booze days of our lives recaps

Stephanie sits at Kayla’s side and holds her hand.

“Dad, tell me this isn’t real,” she says. “Please tell me she’s not gone.”

Steve tells Stephanie Kayla tried so hard to hold on for her. 

She asks if Kayla was asking for her, but Steve avoids answering.

steve and steph sad kayla died days of our lives recaps

Stephanie cries she didn’t get to tell her mom how much she loved her.

Steve tells her Kayla knew.

A guilty Alex watches from the door.

He turns back to Chad and tells him Stephanie was too late.

kayla dead days of our lives recaps

“I can’t believe her phone got turned off,” Chad says.

“She never got to say goodbye.”

Chad walks away and leaves a guilt-ridden Alex.

alex feels bad kayla died and he caused her not to see her mama days of our lives recaps


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