Eric Threatens Kristen At Gunpoint, Li Attempts To Get Gabi To Forgive Him, And Johnny Confesses To Stefan

Days of our Lives recap for Tuesday, January 10, 2023.

In today’s Days episode, Eric holds Kristen at gunpoint and Li makes the case for Gabi to forgive him.

In the last Days recap, Kayla died in Steve’s arms before Stephanie could reach her, John visited Orpheus in prison to find the orchid, leading Lucas to learn Kate was dead, Marlena counseled Eric about his love life and Alex and Stephanie had sex for the first time.

Nicole comes from her bathroom at DiMera mansion, still in her dressing gown.

EJ knocks. It’s Harold’s day off and he has breakfast for her.

She jokingly notices there’s no newspaper. Harold always brings her the news.

EJ’s not smiling. He has something to share.

nicole learns kate dead days recap soapsspoilers

Downstairs, Johnny’s on a call with Gabi. He’s so sorry about Kate’s death.

He’ll meet her at the hospital and tells her he loves her, too. Stefan interrupts, back from Miami and happy.

Johnny disconnects as his uncle smiles about what a great time he and Chloe had, ringing in the new year on the dance floor at a club in Miami.

Johnny asks about Gabi. Stefan tells his nephew that Gabi showed up in Miami and told him everything. He shrugs it off.

Johny’s confused. How could he not be upset that Li had him brainwashed and pushed him away from the woman he loved?

Stefan doesn’t know what story to believe. Johnny breaks down and confesses that Rolf admitted to the brainwashing himself. Stefan realizes that’s why he was in Jakarta.

Johnny details the real reason for the trip to Jakarta, how Rolf confessed to everything and that he injected Gabi with a serum to make her forget. Stefan says that’s why Gabi was convinced Rolf was innocent.

She was drugged. Johnny says she blew up her own wedding when she remembered.

Stefan calls it enlightening but why is he just now hearing about it? Why did his nephew lie to his face? Johnny thinks about his father asking him to keep quiet. 

johnny and stefan dimera manse days recap soapsspoilers

Back in Nicole’s room, EJ’s told Nicole that Kate and Kayla died. Nicole sits down on her bed, morose. “Kate and Kayla?”

He tells her about the relapse from the rare disease they had months ago and that Marlena’s hanging on. “Poor Eric,” Nic says. She wants to be there for him.

EJ consoles her. She gives EJ a button that he dropped while in her bed. She knows it seems crazy that she’s not ready to move on from Eric.

EJ won’t press her on it. She sips her tea and thinks her new year’s resolution of quitting caffeine is stupid with what’s going on. Plus, she just ruined it. She just might give up men, instead.

nicole sad kate dead days recap soapsspoilers

EJ finds Stefan and Johnny downstairs. Johnny says he told Stefan about going to see Rolf and that he kept it secret because of Wendy. EJ nods and Stefan asks if that’s the whole story. Johnny nods. Stefan would have thought family loyalty would have trumped that but what’s done is down.

“Right, kid?” He goes to unpack. EJ thanks his son for keeping his secret. Johnny finds it weird that he didn’t care about what Rolf did.

Allie calls and Johnny barks out, “What?!” He disconnects and tells his dad that Allie talked to Brady and informs him about Kristen keeping an orchid there and that if they don’t find it, Grandma will die. EJ will call Dr. Rolf. Johnny needs to see Rafe.

ej at dimera mansion days of our lives recap soapsspoilers

At Rafe’s house, he gets coffee and sees Gabi’s back. She sobs in his arms. He’s so sorry it didn’t go well.

She details finding Stefan in bed with Chloe and that she told him about the brainwashing and he doesn’t care. “He threw me out,” she cries.

They need to find Rolf to undo what he did if Stefan will let him. Rafe’s trying to find the scientist to corroborate her story.

She’s upset that he had to release Kristen and Li from custody. He had no proof but vows he’ll find it. He tells her they’re going to become divorce buddies and takes off for work.

rafe hugs gabi days recap soapsspoilers

Li stares at Gabi’s number and tries to find words to text her as he sits at Horton Square. He sighs harshly. Chloe appears. She demands answers. He’s not sure what she knows. She tells him he played God with Stefan and Gabi’s lives.

“The woman you claim to love.” She says Gabi hates him now and he got her involved, too.

“Why did you drag me into this, Li?” She bitches at him for a while and he reminds her she works for him. She quits.

li at horton square days recap soapsspoilers

Kristen returns home and sees Rachel’s lunchbox. She knew they forgot something. Eric appears.

He slams the door behind him and says he just came from seeing his dad. “His wife just died and so did his sister. “My mother could be next, or maybe you’ll beat her to it,” he says, brandishing a gun at her.

She reminds him he was a priest. He tells her the bible says “an eye for an eye.” She says, “Isn’t that a metaphor?” He tells her to shut up.

eric holds gun to kristen head days recap soapsspoilers

She knows he won’t hurt her. He dares her to find out. She tells him she doesn’t have the orchid. He calls her a murdering rapist. He thinks she’d love it if his mother died. She denies it and he yells to shut up. He puts the gun against her forehead and Brady walks in. He tries to talk his brother down. She doesn’t have the orchid. Eric doesn’t believe it. Brady says his mother needs him. He pleads to give him the gun. Eric does so.

eric hates kristen days recap soapsspoilers

Eric tells them that if anything happens to his mother, “She dies.” He leaves and Kristen thanks Brady. He did it for his brother, not her.

He kicks her out of the townhouse. She asks how their kid will feel. Brady says she’s strong and will eventually understand.

He says Marlena’s in the ICU fighting for her life. He doesn’t want his father to come in here and see her face as a widower. She tears up. She has nowhere to go.

Later, he’s alone when he’s on a call with Theresa, telling her about Kayla and Kate’s deaths. He asks her not to tell Kate about how sick Marlena is just yet. Kristen appears with her bags packed. She begs him not to do this. Rachel will need her mother more than ever.

“Right, because she’ll lose a grandmother because of you.” Brady blames himself partially for not putting the screws to her earlier.

She says not to blame himself but he actually only blames her. She goes.

eric pulls a agun at kristen marlena's townhouse days recap soapsspoilers

Nicole visits Chloe at Salem Inn. She apologizes for telling Gabi where Stefan was.

Chloe’s glad she did. She says Gabi caught them in bed together. It was wonderful.

She worries the only way Stefan wanted her is because Rolf faked those feelings.

chloe and nicole salem inn days recap soapsspoilers

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Stefan says otherwise, but she’s not sure she can believe it. She asks how Nicole’s new year was.

She shares that she spent it with EJ and nothing really happened.

She says Eric’s sleeping with Sloan Peterson and they’re barely on speaking terms.

chloe and nicole talk about sex days of our lives recap soapsspoilers

She is about to tell her about Kate and Kayla when Brady turns up.

Nicole steps out and Brady tells her the truth about their break up, that Kristen blackmailed him.

brady tells Chloe kristen blackmailed him salem inn days of our lives recap soapsspoilers

Li goes to Gabi at Rafe’s house. She tries to get rid of him but he wants to explain.

She doesn’t want to hear him. He wants to put it in context, saying it has to do with business.

She says Rolf already explained it all. Li calls himself desperate, deeply in love with her.

He didn’t want to lose her. Gabi calls him a lying bastard with no integrity.

He’s lost her forever. Li reminds her she knows what it’s like and isn’t afraid to take drastic measures.

gabi and li at rafe's house days recaps soapsspoilers

Stefan gave up on her and Li never will. Gabi says he didn’t give up on her. He was brainwashed.

Li seems to think if Stefan loved her enough, he never would have been brainwashed. Li says they’re the same.

He reaches out for her and she seems confused. She says he tried to kill the man he loved and married her knowing what he did.

She tells him to get out. When he doesn’t, she throws food at him until he leaves.

gabi yells at li days recaps soapsspoilers

At SPD, Eric storms in and barks at Rafe to arrest Kristen. Rafe has no basis for it.

Eric knows he blames him for what happened with Nicole.

He’s sorry. He really is but he doesn’t want his mom to suffer for what he did.

Rafe feels terrible for what he’s going through but he’s wasting his time.

He tells him to go.

rafe and eric talk arresting kristen days of our lives recap soapsspoilers

Johnny appears and Rafe’s sorry.

He heard about Marlena.

Johnny knows where Rolf is.

rafe and johnny talk dr rolf at SPD days of our lives recap soapsspoilers

Kristen strolls into the DiMera mansion.

EJ asks what the hell she’s doing there.

She’s coming home.

kristen at dimera manse days recaps soapsspoilers

Eric runs into Nicole outside Salem Inn and glares at her.

eric glares at nicole days recaps soapsspoilers

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