Will Eavesdrops On Leo Admitting He’s Keeping Something From Sonny, Stephanie Breaks Up With Alex & Sloan Sues Chanel For Wrongful Death

Days of our Lives recap for Friday, January 13, 2023.

In today’s Days episode, Stephanie presses Alex for answers, Sloan ambushes Chanel, and Leo and Gwen seek legal advice from Sloan.

In the last Days recap, Lucas revealed a family secret to Rex that Philip’s alive and in a mental health facility, Chad consoled Stephanie after her loss, and Steve mourned his Sweetness.

From the Kiriakisi mansion, Leo calls Gwen to ask if she’ll betray Xander by sending him to prison.

Leo knows she loves that big sexy Scottish lug but she should always look out for number one.

Will walks in. “You sure as hell abide by that, don’t you?” Leo disconnects and greets Wilhelmina.

They trade insults. Will can’t stand the sight of him and thinks his husband is naive to let him stay.

Leo counters that he’s generous and forgiving. Will knows his husband is a good guy, which means he’s an easy target for guys like Leo.

Will tells him to let Sonny know he’s visiting his grandma in the hospital.

“A thank you would be nice, you rude little queen,” Leo calls after him as he leaves. 

will returns to see sonny Days recaps soapsspoilers

At their apartment, Allie puts Henry to bed and talks to Chanel about being unable to believe Kate and Kayla are gone. She can’t lose Marlena.

She just can’t! They embrace. Chanel wishes she could take the pain away. Allie’s grateful she’s by her side.

She goes to visit her grandma and Sloan drops by to taunt her by saying she’s still going to make her pay.

chanel at home with allie Days recaps soapsspoilers

She starts rooting around in her bag and Chanel gets nervous.

Sloan pulls out some papers.

chanel shocked at sloan Days recaps soapsspoilers

Chanel learns the lawyer is suing her for wrongful death and naming her mother as a codefendant in her role for covering up the crime of her mom’s accident.

Chanel calls it an accident but Sloan doesn’t see her as a victim.

She stomps off after a few insults are hurled. Chanel calls her mama and Paulina rushes over.

sloan taking chanel to court Days recaps soapsspoilers

Chanel shows her the documents Sloan gave her. She’s hell-bent on hurting them both.

Paulina is angry but knows that with her kind of money, people always want to try to take it from her.

She won’t let Sloan get away with this.

paulina at hospital Days recaps

In the Horton Square, Sonny reveals to Chad that Alex turned off Stephanie’s phone.

Chad flies off the handle and is angrier that he has to be the one to break her heart by telling her.

Sonny reveals Alex is with her now, telling her. He defends his brother, who is apologizing now but Chad doesn’t think any apology will help.

Sonny agrees but finds his friend a cynic. Chad brings up Leo.

He knows the man will bring him down because that’s what he does.

Sonny thinks everyone could use a little redemption sometimes.

Chad agrees but doesn’t think Stephanie will forgive Alex for depriving his cousin of a last goodbye to her mother.

chad angry Days recaps soapsspoilers


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At the Johnson’s condo, Steph asks if Alex turned off her phone. He admits he did. Chad kept calling. He didn’t know her mom was dying.

“How dare you police my phone calls?” She demands.

He says they had a beautiful night and he thought the call was about work or the kids.

alex feels bad for turning stephanie's phone off when chad tried to call days of our lives recaps

She tells him he robbed her of saying goodbye to her mother. She’ll never forgive her for that.

She’s disgusted that she was having sex with him instead of saying goodbye to her mom.

Alex would give anything to change what he did. She doesn’t want to see him again and kicks him out.

He tries to get her to listen to reason but she says he never would have told her the truth if she hadn’t figured it out.

Alex tears up and says he came to tell her and to apologize. If she doesn’t believe him, she can ask his brother.

She doesn’t need to. She knows what kind of man he is. Alex says he’s learned from his mistake and thinks he can make it up to her but there’s nothing he can do.

He begs for a chance to make it up to her. They go around in circles until he finally leaves.

stephanie dumps alex Days recaps soapsspoilers


At the hospital, Will greets Allie. They embrace and talk about praying together for their grandma.

They get snacks as Will tells her about Leo staying with Sonny. He hates it because Leo’s so devious.

Allie’s surprised Sonny wants anything to do with him after what Leo put them through. Will says he prides himself on giving people second chances.

Julie arrives and the twins tell her that Marlena’s in ICU but it’s not looking great. Julie starts to cry.

With Kate and Kayla too, she chokes up.

julie prayers marlena Days recap

She tells them Eric’s leading a prayer circle in the chapel and she brought them sandwiches.

She looks in her bag and realizes she forgot her rosary.

Will takes off to get it for her while Allie talks to Julie about what’s been going on with Sloan Peterson.

will and allie at hospital to see marlena Days recaps soapsspoilers

Leo arrives at the Horton house and apologizes for disconnecting on her.

Will walked in on him. She immediately panics but Leo covered his tracks.

“No way that nosey aging twink” heard anything.

If he did, he’d lose the only true friend he’s ever had. She balks at that.

gwen yells at leo Days recaps soapsspoilers

He quickly covers. “Aside from you, my darling Gwennie!” They argue over what to do about Xander.

Leo wants to throw him under the bus but Gwen can’t turn her back on him.

Leo wonders how she’ll feel if her father turns his back on her.

He convinces her to talk to a lawyer.

leo and gwen talk about xander Days recaps soapsspoilers

Later, Sloan turns up. She and Leo argue about him not paying his bill on time the last time she worked for him.

Sloan says that if Gwen wants to sweep another crime under the rug. If so, she wants a retainer.

After they’ve told Sloan everything, she starts laughing at them.

“You guys are pretty much screwed,” she says. They look crestfallen. Leo tries flattery.

She appreciates it but advises if she can cut a deal for them to testify against Xander in front of a grand jury.

Leo says Gwen won’t do that. She fancies herself as her Bonnie to his Clyde.

Sloan reminds her how that story turned out. Gwen takes off and Leo tries to get Sloan to help him out.

sloan lawyer to leo and gwen Days recaps soapsspoilers

Maybe he can testify anonymously so Sonny doesn’t find out.

Will arrives through the back door, unseen, as Leo tells her that Sonny is his friend and believed in him when nobody else did.

Sonny thinks he’s changed and he can’t let him know that he was “involved in something like this.”

will eavesdrops Days recaps

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