Salemites Grieve Over Kayla and Kate’s Death, Lucas Reveals To Rex Philip’s Alive & Stephanie Questions Alex About Turning Her Phone Off

Days of our Lives recap for Thursday, January 12, 2023.

In today’s Days episode, Lucas reveals a family secret to Rex, Chad consoles Stephanie after her loss, and Steve mourns his Sweetness.

In the last Days recap, Nicole and Eric argue about his recent behavior, and Brady asks Chloe to come back to him.

Roman sits at the pub and looks at the menu. He thinks it could use spicing up.

Maybe some gumbo. He thinks Katie had a good sense of what customers like and asks what she thinks.

He looks over at an urn. Abe and Paulina appear with hugs for Roman.

roman at the pub alone days of our lives recaps

They’re sorry and offer to help with arrangements. They learn Kate didn’t want a funeral and he had her cremated.

He says Steve’s taking care of Kayla’s.

He feels comforted having her around in the urn and admits he thought it was crazy that Anna had Tony’s urn with her all the time but now, he gets it. Roman feels numb.

It doesn’t feel real yet. Paulina knows he’s in denial, losing his wife and sister. It’s too much.

He agrees. “It’s way too much.” Paulina hugs him as he breaks down. She says she met a kindred spirit in Kate.

They made a connection and she was lucky to know her. They hug and Paulina goes to powder her nose while the men talk about how wonderful Paulina is.

Abe breaks down as he tells Roman he loved Kayla like a sister and he and Kate had issues over the years but they ended up good friends.

They laugh that she drove them crazy sometimes. “She was a force to be reckoned with.”

Abe says when she wanted something for her or someone else, she made sure she got it. Roman hugs Abe.

kate's  urn  days of our lives recaps

Lucas stares at the bottle of booze Orpheus left in Statesville l before Rex visits.

The men embrace and the guard barks not to touch. Lucas is already on thin ice. Lucas explains that he attacked Orpheus yesterday after hearing about their mother.

He gave him the booze to ease the pain. Rex tries to convince him to hand over the bottle.

For Mom. Lucas thanks him and hands it over.

Rex spoke with Austin who is trying to call Billie, who is on assignment.

rex hugs lucas statesville after kate dies days of our lives recaps

Rex spoke with Cassie and now everyone knows. Lucas whispers that his brother Philip is alive. He needs to tell him.

Rex is shocked to hear he’s in a mental institution. He says Philip framed Brady and had a breakdown.

He’d be in prison with him if anyone knew. Their mom didn’t think he’d handle prison.

She sent him away where he could get better. She offered to do that for him but he wouldn’t let her. “Vintage Mom, right?”

rex lucas sit prison statesvile days of our lives recaps

Lucas cries that even when the chips were down, she was always looking out for her kids.

He needs to go to the mental health facility. Rex agrees to break the news gently. They have to stick together.

The guard tells Rex time is up and Rex asks Lucas to take care of himself. Rex asks the guard to stop Orpheus from giving booze to his brother or he’ll have him fired.

“Kate Roberts’ kids stick together, right?” He goes.

lucas and rex prison days of our lives recaps

Stephanie sits on her parents’ sofa, crying. Chad visits to see how she is. She’s not sure how to answer and realizes he knows all too well what it’s like.

Can he help? She says no. Her dad’s taking care of the arrangements. He gives her a picture the kids drew for her.

He explained that their aunt went to heaven and that she was Stephanie’s mom.

They write a story about how their dad read them the Lemony Snicket books that made them less sad.

stephanie sobs mom dead days of our lives recaps

Thomas invited her to read them. Charlotte wrote that she was sorry her mommy died.

Hers did too, and she misses her. Stephanie cries into Chad’s shoulder and apologizes. He wants to help. It’ll heal his heart.

They smile at each other as he jokes it’s purely selfish. He calls Kayla a wonderful woman who lifted his spirits.

Abby loved her. “I loved her.” Everyone did. Stephanie wishes she could have seen her and told her she loved her one more time.

chad's kids drew for stephanie days of our lives recaps

Steph can’t believe she missed Chad’s calls. Chad’s sorry.

When she didn’t call, he went to the Bistro and took a gamble, and went to his place. Steph doesn’t get why she didn’t hear her phone ring.

She doesn’t remember turning off her phone. She ponders about this at great length until Chad tells her he gets it.

She’s looking for some control. When Abby died, he kept thinking that if they’d have gone to Boston that night, things would have been different.

It took time for him to realize it wasn’t his fault. Steph gets it but she hardly ever turns her phone off.

If she knew, she would have told her mom what a good mom she was. She sobs in Chad’s arms again.

stephanie sobs in chad's arms after kayla dies days of our lives recaps

At the Kiriakis manse, Sonny texts Will to call when he gets in.

Alex appears and they gripe about Kayla being gone. Sonny feels bad for her kids.

Sonny can’t imagine what Steve’s going through. They talk about Will missing saying goodbye to his grandma Kate and they hope Marlena pulls through.

Sonny asks if Steph said goodbye to her mom. Alex looks guilty. “She didn’t.” He blames himself. “Chad was trying to reach her and I turned her phone off.”

sonny talks about kayla days of our lives recaps

Sonny asks why the hell he’d do that. Alex didn’t want him interrupting again.

Chad interrupted them trying to have sex the first time and he didn’t want him to interrupt their lovemaking this time.

He whines that Chad’s always around and Sonny asks his brother to give the man a break. He’s lonely and just lost his wife in the worst way.

Alex knows and sympathizes but it’s just too much. He feels awful for turning Stephanie’s phone off.

His brother thinks he could tell her the truth about what happened since she feels guilty for not saying goodbye.

Alex thinks they’re done if he tells her but Alex argues that he’s lying.

alex feels bad for turning stephanie's phone off when chad tried to call days of our lives recaps

Steve arrives at Kayla’s office and sobs over Kayla’s photo. “Oh Sweetness,” he says. This isn’t real to him.

She was so tough and he thought she’d pull through. Jada arrives.

He shows her the vase that Stephanie made for her as a kid and her purple reading glasses.

steve sobs kayla dead days of our lives recaps

He sobs as he talks about his wife and Jada hugs him.

They talk about tracking down the orchid and searching the secret room for clues.

Steve hopes she finds it for Marlena’s sake. Jada says her dad spoke highly of Kayla.

She got to know her a little and calls her thoughtful and caring. Steve agrees.

jada hugs steve days of our lives recaps

Jada goes and Abe turns up for comfort. Kayla was one of his closest friends.

He tears up as he says she touched so many lives. Abe says he’ll take care of Steve.

The men embrace and weep together. Once he’s alone, Steve cries to himself after finding a yellow rose in between the pages of a book.

steve inconsolable kayla dead  Days recaps

Jada takes her lunch order from Roman at the pub and she tells him how sorry she is about Kayla and Kate.

He thanks her. It means a lot. She says Kate was kind to her.

Roman knows she liked her a lot and was a good person to have in her corner.

Roman was lucky to have her in his. He smiles.

roman and jada talk about how great kate was days of our lives recaps

When she’s gone, Rex arrives and says Lucas told him about Philip.

Roman thinks he’s the best person to tell him about Kate. 

rex and roman Rex days of  our lives recaps


Sonny catches up to Chad in Horton Square. He’s sorry about Kate. Chad’s sorry about his aunt Kayla.

He just saw Steph who is grieving and obsessing about not getting the call soon enough to say goodbye to her mom.

Sonny thinks it has to be tough. “She’s beating up herself for  turning off her phone.” Sonny winces.

Alex arrives at Stephanie’s to check on her. She’s glad because there’s something she needs to know. Did he turn off her phone when she went into the bathroom to change?

alex worried days recaps  soapsspoilers

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