Dr. Rolf Goes Missing As Stefan Agrees To Have His Brainwashing Reversed & Brady Learns Chloe Slept With Stefan

Days of our Lives recap for Wednesday, January 11, 2023.

In today’s Days episode, Nicole and Eric argue about his recent behavior, and Brady asks Chloe to come back to him.

In the last Days recap, Eric held Kristen at gunpoint and Li made the case for Gabi to forgive him, though she threw him out, as Brady tossed Kristen out of the townhouse.

At SPD, Johnny tells Rafe that Rolf’s in Jakarta in a secret lab that Li set up. They need to find Rolf in order to save Marlena’s life. Rafe will do all he can.

johnny and rafe at spd days of our lives recaps

Li bursts into Wendy’s place. His life is falling apart. He tried for another chance with Gabi, who says they’re done forever.

Wendy’s sorry. He wants her to change Gabi’s mind. Wendy calls it a lost cause.

He argues that Stefan has treated her poorly but Wendy snipes that it was all because of him.

He still thinks Chloe belongs with Stefan even though he put the wheels in motion and they argue until Johnny appears.

li upset about gabi hating him days of our lives recaps

They talk about Marlena’s sickness and Li doesn’t care. He wants her to go to Gabi. Wendy puts him off.

She explains that her brother wants her to talk to Gabi. Li begs his sister and she tells Johnny she’ll call later.

Li steps in front of Johnny to keep him there and they argue about hiding the truth about Stefan and Li complains that the DiMeras are sticking together but want to throw him under the bus.

Johnny calls him weak for sending his sister over to Gabi. Johnny hopes that she doesn’t take Li back because she loves Stefan. “She always will,” he says with a pat on Li’s back before he takes off.

wendy and li at allie's place days of our lives recaps

Stefan tells Gabi at Rafe’s house that in November, Johnny and Wendy found Rolf in Jakarta and he told them he brainwashed him to hate Gabi.

Gabi asks if that means she believes him now. He does. She’s relieved.

He fills her in on the rest and Gabi’s disheartened to know Wendy knew and let her marry Li. Stefan explains that she couldn’t bring herself to betray her brother. Gabi snorts. “So she betrayed me, instead.”

stefan is sorry he hurt gabi days of our lives recaps

Gabi will take care of her later but thinks this changes everything for them. He says it doesn’t.

She’s married to Li. Gabi will annul it. Stefan feels horrible for how much she’s been hurt.

He’s sorry for how he treated her. She admits she still loves him. He knows but he doesn’t love her.

His feelings for Chloe are real. He knows in his head that he used to love her but right now, he only feels terrible for how much she’s suffered.

gabi glad stefan believes her days of our lives recaps

He doesn’t feel attraction toward her. She says Rolf conditioned his brain.

Does he want to be with Chloe, whom someone else forced him to love or does he want to be with the person he chose to love?

Wendy arrives and apologizes.

wendy sorry days of our lives recaps

Gabi asks how she could do this. Wendy starts to talk about Li but Gabi stops her.

She hates Li for what he did and slams the door in her face.

Again, Stefan tells her he doesn’t want her. She’s not sure if he’ll want her again even if he gets his memory back, but she asks if he wants his free will back.

gabi worries days of our lives recaps


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At the DiMera mansion, Kristen tells EJ her baby daddy threw her out. He’s not surprised considering what she did to him.

He knows everything, which is why he doesn’t want her there. She tells him to stop clutching his pearls. He’d have done the same.

She says someone stole the orchid, otherwise she’d have given the women the serum. She doesn’t think the two deaths are her fault but EJ calls that debatable.

Kristen threatens to tell Stefan what he did to him if he kicks her out.

She bellyaches about Eric kidnapping Rachel and holding her at gunpoint, after.

kristen and ej days of our lives recaps

EJ remembers she voted against him to get Gabi into DiMera. Kristen laughs that he’s done some crazy stuff, like keeping Stefan’s brainwashing a secret.

The arguing continues and Susan’s name is brought up before they get back to talk about Stefan.

Kristen says he and Li did that for love but EJ did it for power. Power that he could lose if Stefan learns the truth.

EJ scowls and she says she’ll stay in the west wing. Or would he rather she tell everyone what she knows? Rafe saunters in, “Know about what?”

He asks if they’re discussing the orchid. She says it’s been stolen. EJ promises he’d tell Rafe where it was if he knew. Marlena’s his son’s grandmother. It’d break his heart to lose another grandmother. Rafe gloats that Rolf is about to be arrested.

ej talks to kristen about stefan brainwashing days of our lives recaps

EJ tells him that Li is the one who stashed the scientist there. Not them.

Rafe asks if they can search the secret room for leads. Kristen laughs that they keep calling it the secret room but it’s not much of a secret.

EJ agrees to let Rafe search. He’ll even offer the cops snacks. “What a guy,” Rafe says. Rafe tells him that Eric demanded that he arrest her.

He is sure when he gets his hands on Rolf, he can get him to flip on her involvement.

He takes off, smug. Later, EJ comes from the tunnels. The police are scoping the tunnels out. He agrees to let Kristen stay.

rafe lets himself into dimera mansion days of our lives recaps

At Salem Inn, Brady tells Chloe the whole story about Kristen’s extortion, how she had the orchid and forced him to break up with her and played God with Kayla, Kate and Marlena’s lives.

“Now two women are dead.” Chloe’s shocked.

chloe upset by brady story days of our lives recaps

Chloe asks why he didn’t tell her. She would have helped him but he says Kristen was threatening him, with the thought of not providing supplemental dosages for the women.

He tells her about working with Eric and that it was all out in the open.

Chloe’s upset. She wishes she would have known before she slept with Stefan.

chloe tells brady she had sex stefan days of our lives recaps

He was afraid that’s where they were headed. He put her in this position but at least he knows Stefan’s feelings for her aren’t real.

She understands but her feelings for Stefan are real. She cries.

Brady knows she can’t flip a switch but he’s in pain when he tells her she has a choice. She can’t make that choice in this moment.

chloe big reveal days of our lives recaps

Outside the hotel, Nicole heard about Kayla. She’s sorry. Eric thanks her and they discuss how Marlena’s not doing well in ICU.

She’s so sorry and wanted to reach out. He turns away, about to leave and she asks him to talk to her.

This is more important than what they’re going through. Eric tells her everything about the orchid and Kristen’s blackmail.

He reveals he kidnapped Rachel in order to force her hand. Nicole’s shocked. She calls Sloan a menace.

eric sees nicole and glares at horton square days of our lives recap soapsspoilers

“It’s not my place to judge her.” Nicole laughs. He has no problem judging her. Eric says, “Here we go.”

She reminds him Sloan tried to ruin Paulina and Chanel’s lives. Eric thinks this is about her being jealous that he’s sleeping with Sloan.

She says it’s about family. Abe, who she considers family.

Eric talks about her shaking up with EJ. Nicole says they agreed when they broke up that she’s too much of a sinner and he’s too much of a choir boy but now she doesn’t know who he is.

Eric did what he did to protect his family. She knows. He throws his thoughts of her “getting Jada to abort their baby” in her face.

Nicole yells at him to stop saying that. She never told Jada to get an abortion.

He acts like she dragged the woman there. Nicole doesn’t care anymore. “This sinner is going to pray for your mother and while I’m at it, I’m going to pray for you, too.”

She stomps off.

nicole yells eric brady outside salem inn days of our lives recaps

Wendy arrives home and Li freaks out when she tells him it’s over.

Gabi hates him.

He needs to accept that he never wants to be with him.

li yells at wendy to help him days of our lives recaps

Gabi and Stefan arrive at SPD. Stefan has agreed to be de-brainwashed.

“After that, we’ll see where that leaves us.” Where’s Rolf? Rafe tells them he’s sorry but the police in Jakarta raided his lab and he’s gone.

Disappeared, without a trace.

gabi and stefan want to find dr rolf days of our lives recaps



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