Days Spoilers Oct 9 – 13: Theresa and Brady Return with Tate, Susan Won’t Press Charges Against Ava, Chloe and Philip Say Goodbye

Full list of spoilers Monday, Oct 9 to Friday, Oct 13, 2023.

Days of our Lives spoilers for the next two weeks — October 2 – 6 spoilers.

What’s coming up on Days?

Xander and Sloan mull over how he can sue Sarah for full custody, Marlena confronts Harris about his feelings for Ava, and Justin is appalled when he hears that Alex pushed Maggie out as Titan’s CEO.

Monday, Oct 9

Theresa and Brady return with Tate.

Stephanie is about to inform Vivian she quits when she finds Alex at Titan.

Kate and Chad discuss marriage.

Justin is appalled when he hears that Alex pushed Maggie out as Titan’s CEO.

Bonnie tells Kayla that Alex is Victor’s son.

theresa sees brady before victor's funeral

Tuesday, Oct 10

Nicole reminds Abe of how close they once could be again.

Theresa tries convincing Alex to go out with her.

Stephanie stays silently disappointed that Chad is hesitant about marriage.

Tate bumps into Holly in the park, but neither remembers the other.

nicole abe talk with twins days of our lives

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More Days spoilers into October

Wednesday, Oct 11

Susan tells Rafe she doesn’t want to press charges against Ava.

Marlena confronts Harris about his feelings for Ava.

Nicole realizes Tate was flirting with Holly.

Johnny and Chanel’s date is crashed by an uninvited guest.

Brady gets Tate a job.

susan hallucination on days of our lives

Thursday, Oct 12

Philip tells Belle he and Chloe are moving. Nadia Bjorlin and John Paul Lavoisier are exiting Days.

Chloe says goodbye to Brady.

Kate reminds Philip that his obsession with Chloe nearly ruined his life.

Maggie is visited by Victor’s old friend, Konstantin.

Brady rails at Alex for bailing at Basic Black.

Shawn and Belle have a different view on their marriage.

Justin and Alex discuss the future of Titan.

maggie doesn't want sarah to marry rex

Friday, Oct 13

Sarah’s attitude to Xander softens after she learns Susan is alive.

Eric is not happy to discover that Sloan is Xander’s lawyer.

Xander and Sloan mull over how he can sue Sarah for full custody.

Tripp and Ava discuss their relationships.

EJ learns what happened to Susan.

Harris and Ava get closer.

tripp ava talk allie chanel days of our lives

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