Nicole Celebrates 25 Years, Marlena Wants Answers From Megan and John & Steve Get Help From Tony and Anna, Who Wonder if Stefano’s Alive

Days of our Lives recap for Monday, February 27, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Kate, Kayla and Marlena awakened in Megan’s secret laboratory and demanded answers, John and Steve told Anna and Tony that Megan is alive and a threat while Eric and Nicole remembered 25 years of their tortured love story.

In the last Days recap, Paulina’s heavenly conversation with Kate got cut short, John and Steve worked with Tony and Anna to figure out who the orchid thief is and after some convincing by Jake, Nick allowed Kate, Kayla and Marlena to leave Heaven, which led them to wake up in Megan’s secret laboratory.

As Eric walks out of his room at the Brady Pub sizzling noises from Rolf’s work on Stefan are heard. Roman passes him in the hall. 

Roman’s trying to figure out why the lights are flickering. Eric suggests they check the circuit breaker.

eric and roman hear sizzling Days of our lives recaps

Later, Eric and Roman come into the bar area of the Brady Pub, with Eric saying the circuit breaker is fine so the flickering lights must be a fluke.

Roman wonders if it’s a sign from Kate and tells Eric about hearing her voice through the urn.

Roman reminds a disbelieving Eric that he has performed exorcisms and that Paulina heard Kate’s voice, too. 

Roman says Kate was worried about him, John and Steve. Eric thinks that makes sense, given what they’ve all been through. 

Roman tells Eric about Orpheus telling them a DiMera stole the orchid but not which DiMera. Eric asks if there’s anything he can do to help.

Since Eric brought it up, Roman thinks Eric should talk to Nicole about anything she might have seen or heard since she’s been living at the DiMera mansion.

roman talks about orpheus to eric Days of our lives recaps

Eric says he and Nicole are not on the best of terms. Roman smiles a knowing smile and advises Eric to talk to Nicole. He reminds Eric what a big part of his life Nicole really is.

When Roman asks how long this push and pull with Nicole has been going on, Eric realizes it’s been 25 years since they first met.

eric returns to salem as priest with nicole  DAYS recaps

Eric tells Roman about his Valentine’s Day dinner with Sloan at The Bistro and seeing Nicole with EJ.

Roman is relieved when Eric says he and Sloan are finished.

“She insulted the chowder,” Roman says. “There’s no soul in a person like that. Nicole always has seconds.”

Roman encourages Eric to try and make things work so he doesn’t waste time being right instead of spending time with the woman he loves.

Eric says Nicole is with EJ now and it’s clear there’s something between them.

Roman wonders if that’s just what Nicole wanted him to think. Eric wonders when Roman became Team Nicole since he was always insisting Eric drop her.

Roman says he’s evolved and if Nicole makes Eric happy, he should fight for her. Roman doesn’t want his son wasting time like he did.


Paulina joins Abe at one of the tables in Horton Square. She tells him she stopped by the Pub to see Roman, who told her about John and Steve’s encounter with Orpheus the previous day.

Paulina tells Abe about Orpheus’s claim that a DiMera was the orchid thief but not which one. She asks Abe if he has any ideas, but just then Nicole walks through the square.

Abe calls out to Nicole, who joins them at the table. They chat about the funeral of Kate, Kayla and Marlena.

abe and paulina horton square Days of our lives recaps

Nicole lets slip that she won’t be missing Kate and has a flashback to years ago, with Kate calling her an ungrateful bitch and slapping her. Then Nicole slaps Kate back, who falls to the floor.

“Kate and I had a complicated relationship,” Nicole tells Paulina. “Always going at it, you know, but we ended things on decent terms.”

Nicole admits she’ll miss Kate. Abe and Paulina agree that Kate was what the French call a femme formidable, a formidable lady.

Paulina asks what started the trouble between Kate and Nicole. Abe thinks it was probably when Nicole stole Kate’s husband Victor.

nicole flashback Days of our lives recaps

Nicole goes on to remember how Kate paid her $5 million to marry Lucas so he could get custody of Will.

Paulina asks if she took the money and Nicole admits she did – and it was the worst mistake of her life. She was engaged to Eric and she gave him up for the money.

When Paulina asks how long ago it was, Nicole realizes it’s been 25 years since she and Eric first met.

Paulina asks how she and Eric met. Nicole has a flashback of waiting on Eric at the Java Café.

ari zucker as nicole 25 years ago DAYS recaps

“When I took his order, he took my heart,” she remembers.

Nicole says they were a lot younger back then, practically different people. She has more flashbacks and remembers how Eric hired her as a model and they fell in love.

Nicole remembers Eric left for a long time and has another flashback of them meeting again when Eric came back to Salem as a priest.

jensen ackles as  eric brady DAYS recaps

Paulina wants all the details. Nicole says she told herself she was happy for Eric, but she does lie to herself a lot.

Nicole says things got complicated when she and Eric started working together.

“Oh, yes,” Paulina says. “How very ‘Thorn Birds.’ How long was it before you have into the forbidden passion?”

Abe interrupts to remind her they invited Nicole to have breakfast, not an interrogation.

Nicole remembers how Kristen got Eric kicked out of the priesthood and then they worked out a few things before getting together again.

eric asks nicole marry him DAYS recaps

Paulina thinks they have too much of a connection not to end up together. Abe agrees.


Nicole says Eric is with Sloan now. Paulina asks how he likes it at the bottom of the barrel.

Nicole says Eric has moved on and so will she.

Later, after Nicole leaves, Paulina says that Eric and Nicole have quite a love story. Abe hopes it’s not over yet and Paulina agrees.

Abe reminds Paulina that in two days, it will be their own first meeting anniversary.

Abe wishes they could celebrate 25 years together. Paulina says they will, and Abe says they’ll still be in love.


John and Steve are with Anna and Tony in the DiMera living room. Tony can’t believe Megan could be the orchid thief since she died in an electrocuted hot tub in 1985.

John breaks the news: Megan Hathaway is very much alive. Tony still doesn’t believe it but Anna thinks it could be true.

“That does sound like Megan,” Anna says. “To come back from the dead and not even drop you a note – you, her own brother.”

anna and tony dimera mansion DAYS recaps

Tony recalls that Megan was murdered by Larry Welch, but Steve says that’s just what it looked like. 

John tells them Stefano intervened and kept his daughter Megan in a cryogenic state until Rolf could fix her and bring her back to life.

John says Megan is the DiMera who took the orchid, but Tony thinks they’ve made up their minds based on nothing but “another oracle from Orpheus.”

John says they know Megan is alive because they saw her last summer. Tony is upset no one told him. Steve says they had their reasons.

Anna asks where they saw Megan. Steve says it took place “beyond Salem.”

john steve tony and anna try to figure out who took the orchid days recaps

They sit down so John and Steve can give them the abridged version of their adventure that included brainwashing in Megan’s lab in Caracas. 

“Dear God,” Anna says. “She’s Stefano all over again.”

John recounts how he and Steve were ordered to retrieve the final prism for Megan before she got away. She’s still out there somewhere and has all three prisms.

Tony asks why no one told him and Steve says the ISA swore them to secrecy since it is still an ongoing investigation.

John says they’re not staying quiet anymore now they think Megan is the orchid thief. Tony doesn’t understand why Megan would do it.

John says they don’t know. Maybe she’s just striking back at Stefano’s enemies.

john and steve want answers from anna tony days of our lives recaps

John says if Megan is the orchid thief and essentially killed Kate, Kayla, and Marlena, she won’t get away with it.

Steve says finding Megan won’t be easy. The ISA has been conducting an international manhunt since last summer and hasn’t found her.

Steve tells them Hope has been looking for Megan, too, since Megan tried to have Hope killed.

“Some things never change,” Anna says. “Megan was always jealous of Bo’s love for Hope.”

John asks Tony if there’s anything he remembers from the past that might help them figure out where Megan is.

Tony says he didn’t even know Megan was his sister until after she died, but Anna remembers Stefano kept a box of Megan’s things around the house somewhere.

John asks them to retrieve the box while he calls Andrew Donovan, who’s heading up the search for Megan.

John figures Megan had to come out of hiding to steal the orchid and might have left a trail of her movements.

anna and tony talk about megan henchmen Days of our lives recaps

Megan enters one of the rooms of her secret laboratory in South America, where Kate, Kayla, and Marlena are alive by unconscious in cryogenic chambers.

As Megan looks at each woman, they open their eyes.

“Well, finally,” Megan says. “The three sleeping beauties are awake.”

megan hathaway days of our lives recaps

Megan goes on to say she hopes they’ve enjoyed their naps because they’ve got a lot of work to do.

She wonders how they all had a spike in brain activity and then opened their eyes at the same time. Quite a coincidence, she thinks.

Megan says now they’re awake, her plans can finally proceed. She presses a button on the wall and the cryogenic chambers slide open.

marlena evans cryogenic chamber Days of our lives recaps

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Taking a hypodermic needle from a cupboard, Megan injects each woman with it. She says it should perk them right up.

Just then, Marlena sits up in her chamber and looks at Megan. It’s Megan, right, she asks.

“That’s right, Marlena,” Megan says with a smile. “Megan Hathaway is back… again!”

kate kayla marlena in megan's chambers Days of our lives recaps

Marlena is confused and asks Megan what she’s doing here. Megan tells her to relax and asks what the last thing is Marlena remembers.

Marlena remembers being on the roof with John, and so does Megan. She recounts John and Marlena’s romantic last moments together, ending with Marlena’s death.

“Or so they thought,” Megan says with a giggle. 

Megan admits she injected Marlena’s IV with something that made it appear she died with John on the rooftop, then did the body switcheroo that the DiMeras are famous for and whisked Marlena away.

Marlena asks if her family thinks she’s dead. Megan says she doubts they would have had a funeral if they didn’t.

Marlena asks who was buried and Megan tells her it was one of Stefano’s old Marlena clones.

marlena wakes up in cryochamber Days of our lives recaps

“That’s why I never throw anything away,” Megan says. “You never know when it’s going to come in handy.”

Megan says that enabled her to bring Marlena to the laboratory, but Marlena knows Megan was not acting out of altruism.

Just then, Kayla sits up in her chamber and asks where she is. Does everyone think she’s dead?

kate wakes up DAYS recaps

“By Jove!” Megan says in a cheeky English accent. “I think she’s got it!”

Megan admits she had to make do when she switched out Kayla’s body since she didn’t have a Kayla clone handy.

Kayla demands Megan tell their families they’re alive. She can’t let them suffer.

Why not, Megan asks. John and Steve spent years thwarting her father’s plans, so this is payback.

Megan says John and Steve, “two arrogant little nobodies,” tried to bring down Stefano, who she thinks was a great man, a visionary.

Marlena thinks this is about retribution for Stefano. Megan says it’s partly true but their so-called deaths are vital to her own plans.

Just then, Kate sits up in her chamber. After Kayla and Marlena bring him up to speed, Kate asks if Megan is Stefano’s daughter. They make faces and nod a yes.

“And you’re the whore who married him,” Megan says.

kate wakes up  in cryo chamber DAYS recaps

“Well, I won’t ever take your mommy’s place, but I hope we can be good friends,” is Kate’s witty reply.

Kate notes that Megan has inherited her father’s penchant for intricate machinations.

Marlena tells Kate that Megan switched their bodies for the funeral. Megan says Kate was the easiest. Since Kate wanted to be cremated, all Megan had to do was come up with an urn full of ashes.

“And now your husband is talking to the remains of a goat,” Megan says with a laugh.

Kate asks what Megan is going to do to them, but Megan doesn’t want to answer any more questions. She suggests the women take time to acclimate to their new home.

Marlena asks if this is about the three prisms and Kate realizes she’s the only one who didn’t know Megan was alive.

“Don’t feel too left out,” Megan says. “Apparently, Hope Williams Brady and the ISA didn’t want anyone to know of my comeback tour.”

Kayla says eventually they’ll find Megan and the women will be rescued, but Megan tells her not to count on that.

Megan says she’s kept ahead of the ISA and by the time they find her, it will be too late for Kate, Kayla, and Marlena. She pulls out another syringe and announces it’s time for them to have another nap.

When the women once again lose consciousness, Marlena asks Megan to stop her plan. Megan tells her to get some rest. She’ll need it for what comes next.

“Phase 2 will begin very shortly,” Megan says as Marlena drifts off to sleep. 

miranda a s megan DAYS recaps


Eric sits at the Pub bar alone when he gets a text from Brady. Rolf is taking a break from deprogramming Stefan.

Roman comes back in and says the flickering lights seem to have settled.

Eric says he’s going for a run. Roman tells him to think about what he said about Nicole.

Eric leaves the Pub.

“I hope he takes my advice and doesn’t take too long to follow his heart,” Roman says to the urn full of goat ashes.

eric gets a text days of our lives recap

Anna and Tony are alone in the DiMera living room, looking through a box of Megan’s old things.

Tony pulls out a photo of her and says he can’t believe Stefano’s golden girl is still alive.

“Even dead, Stefano is still full of surprises,” Anna says.

Tony wonders if Megan will come back to take her shares of DiMera Enterprises and shake up the balance of power.

Anna thinks there must be a law against an international fugitive being active in the company, but Tony reminds her it didn’t stop Kristen.

Anna says they have something more important to consider. Is it possible Megan gathered the prisms to complete Stefano’s ultimate mission, to cure his own brain tumor?

“What if she’s trying to bring Stefano back from the dead?” Anna asks. “Or worse, what if she already has?”

anna and tony look through megan's things DAYS recaps

Anna reminds Tony that Stefano had terminal cancer. Is it possible Megan put her father on ice, collected the prisms and cured Stefano?

Tony says they’re letting their imaginations run wild. Stefano would be in his 90s now and wouldn’t have been able to survive the trauma of being kept in a cryogenic state.

Tony says Rolf said Stefano was dead, but Anna scoffs at trusting the mad doctor.

Tony doesn’t think Rolf would have put Stefano’s memories on a microchip and put it in Steve if Stefano were still alive.

Anna wonders if it’s not Stefano, who is Megan trying to cure.

tony says it doesn't add up days recaps

Nicole sits down on a park bench by herself. She has a flashback to her wedding in the Brady Pub with Eric, telling him he forgave her for some unforgivable things.

“No matter what life throws at us in the future, I know we will get through it,” Nicole says to Eric in the flashback.

Just then, Eric passes by on his run. The former lovers lock eyes.


John and Steve enter the Brady Pub. Roman asks if they had any luck at the DiMera mansion.

Steve says they’ve got a theory and are waiting to hear back from the ISA. Roman asks what the ISA has to do with it.

John tells him they think Megan Hathaway is behind their wives’ deaths.

steve and john pub days recaps


Alone in another part of her secret compound, Megan caresses another cryogenic chamber, which is assumed to be Bo Brady’s chamber since Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso will be returning to Days of our Lives soon.

megan with bo's cryo chamber days recaps

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