Gwen Gets Confirmation That She’s Pregnant and Decides to Keep Her Baby

Tuesday, April 20, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Paulina is crushed to learn about what criminal activities Xander has gotten up to, Jack goes to Steve for advice, and Abigail lets Chad know she can’t move on with him if Gwen keeps her kid.

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At Steve’s, Jack asks for advice about his daughters. Neither knows what to do. It’s a mess. Steve’s sorry. Jack says Abigail resents him for being fair to Gwen and he understands it. But he feels guilty for not being there for Gwen. “If she’s going to be a parent, she’ll need me more than ever.”

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At the hospital, Gwen tells Kayla she thinks she’s pregnant and needs to be sure. Kayla asks why she’d come to her. She needs to convince Abigail. Kayla says, “Oh right. You slept with Chad.” Gwen hasn’t had sex with anyone else. The test is run and sent to the lab. Gwen explains what happened when she figured out she might be pregnant and that Abigail wants her to abort. Moments later, Kayla gets a call that confirms Gwen’s pregnancy. They decide to do an ultrasound. Kayla does the ultrasound and moves the screen at Gwen’s behest. She’s probably not going to keep the baby anyway. Gwen asks if it’s a girl or boy. Kayla says the baby’s modest. Gwen changes her mind and looks at the screen.

At the mansion, Chad tells Abigail they need to talk. She dropped a bomb on him last night and walked out. Abigail says she’s not sure if Gwen’s actually pregnant but she waved a pregnancy test in her face “after she threw up on me.” Gwen’s seeing Aunt Kayla today for a  blood test. Chad assumes it’s yet another one of her schemes. Abigail mentions that she told Gwen to get an abortion. Chad’s shocked. He finds that “harsh.” She reminds him of how he treated her when he thought she was pregnant with Stefan’s baby. He apologizes. She asks if he wants this baby. That’s the last thing he wants. Abigail can’t watch the two of them raise a child together. If she has his baby, “It will destroy us.” Chad swears he won’t let her come between them. Abigail doubts that. She reminds him of what she missed with the children when she was in the hospital because Gwen drugged her. Chad cries as she says she missed Thomas learning to ride a bike. Abigail asks if he’ll turn her down when she asks him to come to help their child learn to ride a bike. Chad says nothing but reaches out for her. She walks away.

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At home, Eli and Lani snuggle their babies and make them promise not to do anything as stupid as their Aunt Chanel did today. They put the kids down and discuss Chanel. “When I was over there, they could barely remember each other’s names.” Eli fills Lani in about what exactly went down when he found Chanel with Xander. Eli admits Paulina still doesn’t know Xandy’s a criminal. Lani admits the babies rolled over today. They imagine what it’ll be like when they’re sitting up and walking, getting into everything. They profess their love and kiss.

Paulina visits Chanel at Salem Inn. Chanel gives her the boot and Xander walks out just in a towel. He’s disappointed she’s still there. He heard the door slam and thought she left. She’s not leaving her husband. “Your new missus is here to stay.” Xander says it’s time to go home to her mum. He’s not a millionaire CEO. Chanel’s pissed when she hears he quit. Xander explains why and that he’d never ask “that old man for anything ever again.” Chanel trashes him for quitting because of his pride. Xander reminds her that she’s never worked for anything in her life. She shrugs and tells him to get another CEO job. He looks at her as if she’s dense. “Spruce up your resume. Call a headhunter.” He tells her about how poor he is and that he hasn’t paid this bill in months. He charmed the desk clerk. Chanel is pissed, thinking he lead her on. He scoffs at that. He asks why she doesn’t use headhunters to get a job herself. She’s not cut out for working. Her mom is a real estate mogul and cut her off. Chanel confesses their wedding was her idea, not his. “My hat’s off to you,” he admits. She went about this underhanded and got what she wanted. Chanel sniffs. She married a loser and wants a quickie divorce. Chanel starts to search for a divorce lawyer. “You’re not gonna unload me that easily.”

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In the square, Abe tells Paulina he was able to get the zoning appeals for the square. She just needs to sign it and they’re in business. “That’s nice,” she says. Paulina’s too distressed and apologizes. She admits her little girl up and married a man she barely knows. She asks how to get her out of this mess. “Count your blessings. It could have been Theo she latched on to.” Abe didn’t know Chanel was her daughter. Abe’s shocked to hear she married Xander Kiriakis. He calls him a criminal. Paulina wants to know everything. She learns he used to sell blood diamonds and broke out of prison and then went on a crime spree. “He hunted his cousin Brady Black and then shot him.” He goes on to tell Paulina that he kidnapped Nicole and her baby and held her in a cage. “Cage? What he just happened to have one sitting around?” She’s rocked by all of this information. Abe mentions him blackmailing Nicole into marrying him and letting everyone believe Nicole was dead. She stops him. “It sounds like my Chanel is married to the devil.” Abe says that Xander changed after he met Sarah Horton, who left him for her ex-husband. Abe reveals that Xander swapped Sarah’s dead child with a live one that was born that night. Paulina looks as if she’ll throw up. She blames herself. She should have helped her to be independent. “That girl is the best thing that ever happened to me and I threw her to the wolves? I totally failed as a mother,” she sobs. Abe holds her hand. She signs the business papers and thanks him for his advice. Abe’s there for her.

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Paulina stops by Lani’s. She needs her help with her cousin.

Abby drops by the hospital to ask Kayla if Gwen is pregnant and keeping her baby.

Gwen arrives at the mansion and tells Chad she had the blood test to confirm she’s pregnant — with his child. Chad digests it. Gwen thought about abortion but she can’t do it. “I’m keeping my baby.”

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