DA Trask Forces Rafe to Arrest Belle For Murdering Charlie Dale, But the Real Killer is Jan Spears

Monday, April 19, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, the real killer is revealed.

At the pub, Tripp and Allie share a moment when their hands touch after reaching for Henry’s pacifier.

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At the hospital, Claire is shocked that Belle let Jan walk after kidnapping her. Jan shows her the documentation she signed as proof. Jan invites her out for burgers but Claire isn’t interested. She’s not her friend. Jan calls herself a new woman. Should she put it in skywriting? Claire takes off. Meanwhile, in Marlena’s office, John remembers a person in a red coat shooting Charlie. He assumes it’s Belle though he doesn’t see her face. He gets a headache and Marlena takes him out of the hypnosis. John can’t believe it. He saw the shooting. He was in the doorway when Charlie was killed — by Belle. He admits he didn’t see her face. He only saw the red coat Shawn got her for Valentine’s Day. They remember how angry Belle was the night Charlie almost attacked Belle. She was wearing the red coat. They need to call Belle and get answers. Just then, Jan arrives. “Answers about what?” They ask why she’s there. They know about the deal. She thinks it’s wonderful and asks why they’re not happy. Jan tells them she’s no threat to Belle and considers Claire a dear friend. Jan hears about Charlie and says she feels awful that she encouraged her to date him. She’s sure that whoever took him out did them a huge favor. Jan goes on and on about setting them up but John didn’t ask for her opinion on Charlie Dale. They’re also not happy about the deal Belle made with her. Jan goes and Marlena makes a big show of locking her desk. Later, Jan returns and stares at the desk. She unlocks it with a letter opener and takes out a voice recording. “Let’s see what you ingrates were chatting about.” She listens and learns that John thinks Belle killed Charlie. Jan grins, then recalls shooting Charlie herself.

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At SPD, Rafe says he found a red button at Charlie’s apartment after the murder. Rafe asks what she was doing there. Belle says this doesn’t make sense. She’s never been there in her life. Trask appears and notices the red button matches her coat. “Well done. I’ll go call the mayor.” Rafe hasn’t finished questioning her. The button looks the same but it’s not matched yet. Still, Trask wants Belle arrested. Rafe and Shawn disagree. Trask wants Abe off her back. “It’s not about justice. It’s about the DA trying to keep her job.” Trask thinks Belle believed Charlie was still a threat to her daughter, which is why she killed her. Belle denies it and Shawn calls it insane. Belle was home the entire night. Trask doesn’t care. “Make the arrest,” she tells Rafe, who says, “There is not enough arrest.” Trask tells them they’ll do their duty. Failure to do their duty…”I think you know where that leads.” Trask refuses to leave until Belle is arrested. Shawn can’t let Rafe do that. “This is not your call,” Melinda says.

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Tripp arrives home with clam chowdah and in a singsong voice, Kayla says, “Aha,” and takes it into the kitchen to get it prepared. The menfolk belly up to the kitchen. “I’m practicing my wait skills,” she jokes. They talk about Tripp starting rounds tomorrow. Tripp talks about Allie and how amazing she is. Steve thinks he’s smitten with her. Later, Kayla gives him a lab coat. He tries it on and smiles at how good it feels. Kayla hands over his official Salem University Hospital ID patch. Tripp can’t wear it since he changed his last name to Johnson. He remembers how difficult he made things for Steve and Kayla when he first came to Salem. He calls them understanding and accepting. His past was awful, “And that jerk was never my father,” he says, recalling his abuse. It’s why he changed his name. Neither Steve nor Kayla smile. Steve says he’s speechless. Kayla smiles. Steve is honored. It means everything to him. The men embrace. Kayla kisses her step-son and they share a group embrace.

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At home, Claire tries to get a hold of her mother. Allie appears and Claire fills her in about Belle and Jan’s agreement. Allie fills her in on looking for a job. She asks Claire to babysit. Claire’s in. Allie talks about how amazing Tripp is but he’s busy with rounds tomorrow. She’s inspired by him. Claire asks, “So when did this happen? When did you start being into Tripp?” Allie shrugs the accusation off. Henry gurgles so she tends to him and then talks about ruining Tripp’s life by accusing him of rape. Claire says that clearly, he’s over that. John and Marlena let themselves in and Claire leaves with the kid. “Is Belle here?” She isn’t so Marlena calls Belle. She doesn’t answer and Marlena calls Shawn. He shares that she’s being arrested for Charlie’s murder.

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