General Hospital Spoilers April 19 – 23 Maxie Visits Nathan’s Grave — & May Sweeps

Soaps Spoilers is back with all-new General Hospital spoilers! The week of April 19 – 23.

Last week refresher!

Sonny became suspicious of Elijah, Willow found Chase passed out on the floor, and Jax tried to get Michael to agree to let Nina be a part of Wiley’s life. Dante offered Brook Lynn any backup she needed, Peter confirmed he was behind Chase’s illness, and Portia and Jordan discussed Jordan and Curtis getting a divorce. Meanwhile, Valentin warned Brook Lynn that people in his past could want to hurt him and those close to him. He asked her to do what her guard Yuri told her to do. Michael and Willow had sex, Dante told Michael he wasn’t sure if he wanted to go back to being a cop, and Joss told Carly that she got into PCU and has a spot on the volleyball team.

General Hospital spoilers for the week of April April 19 – 23.

Monday, April 19

Laura is disappointed by Nikolas’ actions.
Anna visits Jason in jail.
Cameron attempts to reconnect with Joss.
Jordan confides in Taggert.
Cyrus antagonizes Curtis.

Tuesday, April 20

Tensions between Sonny and Elijah build.
Phyllis is taken by surprise.
Jason is less than enthusiastic about Carly’s latest plan.
Scott tries to put Cameron on the right path.
Chase is uncertain about his future with Willow.

Wednesday, April 21

Nina plays it cool.
Finn loses his temper.
Carly presses Jordan.
Maxie visits Nathan’s grave.
Brook Lynn runs into Olivia.

Thursday, April 22

Jax finds himself at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Molly and TJ discuss her next career move.
Carly is waylaid by Cyrus.
Martin and Laura get to know each other better.
Valentin looks to Curtis for information about Nina.

Friday, April 23

Anna comes clean with Maxie.
Finn feels helpless.
Chase looks forward to a bright future with Willow.
Olivia confides in Dante.
Brook Lynn asks for help.

Blind tips!

Soaps Spoilers is hearing these little tidbits…

Nikolas and Ava will be paired up for a long time to come.
Upon Roger Howarth’s return, he’ll possibly be playing Ava’s brother John Ryan, and he’ll be paired up with either Alexis or Liz again.
Spencer will return but he’ll be recast.
Spencer and Ava will mend fences.
The person sending Ava those gifts isn’t her brother. It’s someone from her past.
Sam is getting her own story this summer.
Hayden may return.

May Sweeps

Shawn makes a connection to someone in his past.
The Quartermaines will face several shake-ups in the months coming.
Brando and Sasha will grow closer, but Cyrus’s jealousy could complicate things between these two.
Joss and Cam’s relationship issues have a way to go to repair things between them.
Chase’s health crisis could force the family to put aside their difference, which could shed some light on Chase’s paternity.
Alexis searches for a way to rediscover herself in prison.
Ava and Nikolas plan on renewing their vows but someone isn’t happy about the direction their relationship is taking.
Nina will scramble to keep Sonny being alive to herself.
Roger Howarth returns, making “an extremely memorable debut; he will bare his face and perhaps more when he returns in May.”

May Sweeps courtesy Soap Opera Digest.

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