Days Recap: Stefan Remembers Loving Gabi, While Li’s Sister Wendy Turns up in Salem Wanting a Job

Days of our Lives Peacock recap for Tuesday, October 11, 2022.

In today’s Days episode, EJ lets Gabi know that Ava ratted her out, while Paulina reveals to Chad and Stephaine that she’s being blackmailed, and Alex worries that Chad’s with Stephanie.

In Monday’s Days recap, Sloane confronted Paulina with evidence that Chanel did something wrong, EJ kicked Ava out of his house and out of Salem, while Alex, Allie and Chanel had a threesome.

paulina big problem days


Alex wakes up in bed with Stephanie beside him. He’s happy as she smiles up at him.

They think each other is irresistible. He tells her he saw her with Chad and asks if she’s into him. “Who says I’m not?”

Chad appears next to Alex and touches Steph’s hair.

alex steph dream days

He tells her, “that was some night.”

Alex isn’t into it and stares from one to the other.

He wakes up in the arms of Allie and Chanel.

chad bed steph and alex days

They wake up and he tells them that he dreamed he was having a threesome. He kisses each of their cheeks.

Lucky for him, it came true, he says. He jumps up and asks to shower.

Once he’s gone, Allie laughs as Chanel thinks that he’s in love with them.

alex bed challie days

Alex has no human emotions. Chanel thinks they were “so hot that he like totally fell in love with us.”

When Alex is back from showering, Chanel tells Alex that this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. He knows.

He tells them about his dream about Chad, then says he cares about them a lot but he has to leave.

alex leaves after threesome days

They kiss his cheeks and he goes. Allie asks what Chanel’s thoughts are on the threesome. They agree they think it made them closer. It was hot but they call just the two of them.

“Sometimes three’s a crowd,” Allie says. They make out.

chanel kisses girlfriend days

At home, Stephanie pops some Aspirin as she talks on a call with one of her brothers she got a 911 call from Paulina and is headed to her office.

She asks him to tell their mom she’ll be in later. She runs into Chad on the way out.

He apologizes for last night. She says there’s no need. They were drinking. They agree to forget it ever happened. She explains Paulina needs them and they take off.

chad steph talk last night days

In his suite, Li talks in one big run-on sentence in a message to Rolf that he’d better not lose Gabi to that bastard Stefan.

He leaves and runs right into Wendy. She’s there about the dream job her brother promised her. He gave her one. “Yeah, in Fairbanks.”

She calls their dad a misogynistic dinosaur who won’t help, which is why she needs Li’s help in getting her the dream job in Salem, “The center of all things DiMera.”

She lets him know she overheard him on a call having a meltdown about Gabi’s ex-husband. He denies it as he melts down again.

wendy wants what promised her days

Johnny heads into the morning room where Stefan’s helping himself to a coffee. Stefan heard he moved in.

Johnny isn’t sure how long it’ll last. He’s glad to hear that his uncle is not dead.

“Me too,” says Stefan. They talk about what Ava did.

Johnny thinks it’s hilarious that his father is indignant since he’d have done what Ava did in a heartbeat.

Stefan says this is about that “scheming swine Gabi gets what she deserves.”

stefan hates gabi to nephew Days


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Johnny’s shocked. That’s his wife! He heard they were crazy about each other. He asks what Dr. Rolf did to his uncle. Stefan denies anything happened to him but everyone’s been chiming in about this.

“You know what kid? It’s getting old.”

Besides, what would Rolf have to gain by making him hate Gabi. Johnny says it wouldn’t be the first time a DiMera hired him to do something that can’t be done.

They look at Stefano’s portrait and Johnny suggests EJ, who wants Gabi’s shares.

johnny blames EJ DAYS

Outside her office, Gabi rants to security that they’d better find Rolf before noon.

She heads inside to EJ sitting in her chair.

gabi wants security days of our lives

She threatens to call security. EJ tells her he knows Ava’s marriage to Jake is a fraud. She tells him he’s whistling in the dark.

He knows about the forged signature and drones on about all the corporate filings, paychecks and dividends checks cashed that are also fraud.

gabi in green days

Gabi raises an eyebrow. He reveals that Ava confessed to everything and sold her down the river.

Gabi denies any wrongdoing. EJ says the shares default to Vivian, but since she’s incarcerated, she can assign a proxy to her vote.

An emissary is at Statesville getting it now. Gabi doesn’t look happy. He tells her she’s out of moves. It’s checkmate. He goes.

gabi pissed ej DAYS

Stephanie and Chad arrive at Paulina’s office. She’s tense with Chad there so Steph offers to get him to sign an NDA.

Paulina is good with that. Chad signs and Paulina reveals everything that Sloan said to her.

She’d pay the blackmailer but Chad agrees, there would be no end to it. What should she do?

chad signs nda DAYS

Later, Paulina’s alone when Chanel turns up after getting her mama’s message.

chanel visit mama DAYS

Back at Li’s suite, he gets a call from Gabi and takes off to see her, leaving Wendy in alone to do some sleuthing on her brother’s laptop.

All she finds are photos of Li and Gabi doing superhero cosplay. She takes off.

wendy cracks li laptop DAYS

Li arrives at Gabi’s office and she’s a mess.

She shares what happened with EJ and that she’s been calling Ava to no avail.

She hugs Li, telling him he’s the only one she can trust.

gabi trusts li days

EJ walks in on Johnny telling his uncle not to trust his father. EJ’s glad Johnny met his uncle. Johnny and EJ argue about “that Vitali woman,” who EJ calls bad news.

He insists his son find someone more age-appropriate next time.

stefan, johnny and EJ DAYS

He asks if Stefan feels like giving Gabi Hernandez a peek at her dismal future. The men leave Johnny looking confused. Moments later, as Johnny’s mumbling to himself about his father asking him to find someone more age-appropriate, he answers the door to Wendy.

johnny meets wendy days

Stefan and EJ turn up at DiMera to gloat. EJ shows her Vivian’s proxy shares that are granted to Stefan.

He advises them not to wait for the vote to start looking for another job.

He thinks Stefan could give Gabi a reference to Burger Barn.

stefan memory returning days

Stefan is snide and Gabi starts to freak out. Why is Stefan being so cruel to her after what they shared?

She gets in his face, thinking there must be something inside him that remembers how in love they were. She asks him to look into her eyes.

gabi surprised days

Stefan remembers telling Gabi that he cares for her and that he’s done pretending he doesn’t. He seems confused as Gabi looks at him with pleading eyes.

stefan memory returning days

At the Kiriakis manse, Alex becomes upset while reading about Chad in the news.

alex reads about chad news days

Back at the Johnson condo, Chad offers to take the Sloan case off her hands while she goes to see her mom.

Alex turns up and calls Stephanie the biggest hypocrite he’s ever met.

alex at condo days


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