Ciara Tries to Remember Ben’s Love, EJ Confronts Sami for Cheating, — & Claire and Allie are Arrested


In the Monday, August 9, 2021, full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Rafe learns Nicole slept with Xander, Claire and Allie are arrested, and EJ has a hairy canary over Sami cheating on him. In case you missed out, on The last Days of our Lives episode before the Olympic hiatus, Ben kidnapped Ciara before she could marry Theo, and EJ learned Sami cheated on him.

At the pub, Philip confesses to Lucas that he removed Kristen’s letter from the trash. “I took care of it for you. I gave it to Nicole,” he confesses. Lucas is rocked. Philip says he was sure she wanted to return the favor since Sami outed her affair with Xander. Lucas tries to leave to get the letter back but Philip says it’s too late. Nicole will do his dirty work and Lucas can be the one to pick up the pieces. Lucas doesn’t like this.

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philip confesses lucas days of our lives

At the mansion, Sami touts her successful, incredible husband and how she’s the luckiest woman in the world. Lucas toasts to her. She’s beautiful, strong, and smart, “She’s also a lying adulteress.” She tries to lie but EJ knows she slept with Lucas. Nicole told him. He snipes and Sami says she can’t believe what Nicole said. She’s a liar. “It’s a matter of trust,” EJ says. Sami remains him of all the good things she’s done for him. “We’ve survived the darkest, roughest time in our marriage.” EJ acknowledges he failed her and he believed they recommitted to each other. “We did,” she insists. He demands she tell him what happened before he returned. “I slept with Lucas.” She apologizes and says she was in the dungeon with him. She thought they were going to die. “Lucas comforted me and it happened. I didn’t mean for it to happen and the second it was over I knew it was the biggest mistake of my life.” EJ asks if it was just one time. “She says she was fearful for her life,” then flashes to sex with Lucas before that, in her bed at the townhouse. She lies, “It only happened once.” EJ says they could have gotten through this if she hadn’t lied just now. He knows it happened more than once from the letter from Kristen. Sami cries. He takes out the letter and says it was burned as though someone tried to get rid of it and failed. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Sami lies. He reads the letter to her where Kristen reveals Sami cheated on him with Lucas. EJ knows it happened in his mother’s guest room and probably elsewhere. Sami says, “No.” EJ yells that he bared his soul to her and she lied through her teeth. Sami lies some more and acts as though she’s shocked he would believe his sister. EJ screams at her that he told her he’d wait until she was ready to make love but she was already getting her needs taken care of by Lucas. He gives her one more chance to tell him the entire truth. She cries and admits the first time was in her mother’s house, and then in the dungeon. It never happened again and never will. He asks why it happened in the first place. She confesses it happened when she was cleared for the Charlie Dale murder. Lucas was coming to say goodbye since he assumed she was going home to Italy. Everything I’d been holding inside me started pouring out.” She told him everything she was dealing with and that she didn’t know if she had a marriage to go back to. “I didn’t want to admit it to you,” she sobs and said she was alone and lonely and that she was afraid EJ would never touch her again. EJ closes his eyes. He can’t believe this. “You’re saying this is my fault.” She insists she isn’t. “I didn’t cheat on you,” he says quietly. She says, “Well there was Abby,” reminding him he did cheat on her at one point and they worked through it. She asks if they can work through it. EJ reminds her they weren’t married when he had an affair with Abby. Marriage is sacred, he says, “An oath taken before God and man.” Sami didn’t realize she was on trial, “Reverend DiMera.” EJ asks how he’ll know if she’s not still carrying on with him?

ej knows sami cheated days of our lives

At home, Nicole can’t wait to see how Sami likes her marriage ruined. Rafe drops by and learned she took the day off. “Spending quality time with Duke, are ya?” She reveals her marriage is over. “I cheated on him.” Rafe says that doesn’t sound like her. She says she tried to call him that night. He remembers seeing her outside Salem Inn. She starts to weep and admits she slept with someone else. Rafe has been there. Lucas shows up. He begs her to talk so she goes outside with him, reluctantly. He wants Kristen’s letter back. Nic can’t show EJ the letter. Nic already gave it to him. Lucas takes off and Rafe asks if Lucas was her lover. She reveals she had sex with Xander, not Lucas. Rafe’s surprised. He asks why Lucas called her into the hall. Nic admits Sami’s been sleeping with Lucas. He’s surprised. “I thought that flame flickered out years ago.” Rafe’s in shock. “So is her husband,” Nicole says. She knows since she told him.

nicole confesses to rafe days of our lives

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At the church, Theo and everyone else is shocked when the bride raises her veil to reveal it’s Claire. Shawn tells Claire that Ben can’t take Ciara against her will. “She doesn’t know what she wants,” Claire insists. Theo learns Allie was in on this. Allie explains she worried Theo would be hurt by Ciara. Theo argues that this is his life – his choice. Lani tells the girls, “You two are aiding and abetting a kidnapping.” They’d better tell her where they are or they’ll take this to SPD. Claire asks Shawn, “You are Ciara’s brother. Don’t you want her to be happy?” She tells Theo that Ciara will be happy once Ben gets done with her. Lani finally arrests the girls and they smirk. Everyone leaves Theo and Abe. Theo worries if she remembers Ben, he’ll lose her.

theo upset bride not ciara days of our lives

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In the back of the limo, Ciara realizes Ben has kidnapped her. She calls him a psychopath and he says he hates to be the one to tell her that the wedding is off. She tries to open the door but it’s locked. She can’t find her phone and he smiles and winks.

ben kidnaps ciara days of our lives

Ben takes Ciara to the burned-out cabin. He has somehow renovated the entire thing and set it to look exactly how it did when he rescued her on her bike fall. He’s been coming up there and wanted her to see it when it was finished, to remember this is where they fell in love. She’s caustic toward him but he doesn’t care. He asks her to look around and try to remember. She is aggravated but agrees to it, on the condition he takes her back to Salem once she’s done. She looks around and he watches, hopeful. She seems to possibly be remembering something. She takes a few breaths in and he asks if she’s remembering. She goes to him and gets close enough to kiss and then shoves him. “Go to hell.” He falls, hurting his leg. She tries to leave and he asks her to help him. He thinks he broke his ankle. She argues that she has a wedding to get to. “Fine, I give up,” he says. He tells her to go and she takes the keys and goes. She gets into the car and then later returns. “Ciara, you came back,” Ben says, shocked.

ciara close to kiss ben days of our lives

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At SPD, Shawn demands Claire and Allie tell them where Ben took Ciara. Clarie thinks she and Allie will have to lawyer up. “Mom,” she says, looking at Belle, “Will you please represent us?”

claire allie arrested spd days of our lives

Later, Sami’s gone when Lucas rushes into the mansion calling her name. “Looking for your mistress? She’s not here.”

ej pissed lucas days of our lives

Sami turns up on Nicole’s doorstep. “You better get out of here. The bitch and I need to talk,” Sami tells Rafe.

Lani returns to the church to see how Theo is. “I’m not okay at all,” he says.